Outstanding Oscar

Outstanding Oscar
After scoring twice on his full Chelsea debut, Oscar admitted that he is now living the dream in west London.

The Brazilian attacker showed a great performance against Juventus and proved that he deserves to start every match.
Roberto Di Matteo praised him on his mighty performance on his first start for Chelsea & also the 1st match for Oscar in the Champions League , But RDM admitted that he is disappointed that his side ended the match 2-2 and gave the Juventus side the chance to ruin the 2 Oscar’s Goal lead.

“I think it was a great debut for Oscar,” said the Chelsea boss.

“We feel disappointed and a little bit deflated,” he said. “We found ourselves in a fantastic position to win this game and came away only with a draw. They are always dangerous and have a lot of quality, but we should have closed the game out.

“I think we should have dealt with their second goal a little bit better. There was no pressure on the ball. We lost possession just before hand and we should have reacted much quicker to losing the ball than we did.”

Talking about Oscar so we must talk about the 2nd goal that was a piece of art that all Chelsea fans would love to watch it more and more, Oscar sent the ball into the top corner doubling Chelsea’s lead and had the fans comparing it to Gianfraco Zole’s stylish FA Cup semi-final goal against Wimbledon 15 years ago.

“I thought it was the right game to start him and he did a perfect job tactically and scored two goals. The second one was a wonderful goal” said Roberto Di Matteo.

“I am very happy with the two goals but I would be much happier if the team had won the game. I hope that I can keep going and keep scoring goals like that.” Said Oscar.

Despite the high pressure from the Italian side, He completed 90 percent of his passes, which was fourth-best on the team.

Petr Cech also commented on Oscar : “Everyone wants to know why Chelsea paid so much money for such a young player. And he gave an answer to everyone. “

And the his team mate David Luiz stated : “He has a great future, not only in the Chelsea team but in the national team as well. Tonight he showed who he is.”

Oscar will boast Chelsea forward and  his passion & contributions throughout the game were much more impressive. After such a great performance like that it’s crystal clear that Oscar is already capable of playing big matches, despite his youth.

Mohamed Yahya(@BonMido92) 

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  1. Arthur Osadebe says

    He is a very BIG addition for us. I see him becoming the new bride of Stamford Bridge. RDM should pls play him in his favourite position anytime he plays him. NO.10 role or behind the front man. Or give him free role, then you ll see his best. Could dis be our new Drog?.

  2. Hsolimans says

    He is exactly the new star we need in our midfield . He is young… talented… creative ,,, with all those new faces Chelsea will thrill the begets name in Europe not in England only

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