Jose Mourinho hits back at Manuel Pellegrini’s criticism of Chelsea’s tactics


Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini has criticised Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho’s tactics in the 1-1 draw between the two sides on Sunday, saying Chelsea played like a ‘small team’. City boss compared the match to City’s recent home defeat by Stoke City.

As Quoted on ESPN website, he said: I think we played a very small team trying to defend, trying to keep 10 players in front of their goal and [City were] a team that wanted to win from the beginning.

“We had two or three clear chances to score at the start of the second half and after with 10 players, we continued trying to win. I am satisfied with the performance of my team but “I am not satisfied with the score line”.

“I think we played against exactly the same team we played against Stoke here. It will be very difficult for us to score. Finally we could score.”

Jose Mourinho responded angrily to those comments.

The Chelsea manager told reporters: “Many times he says he doesn’t speak about me or my team but he continues to do so. If Man city won the match he won’t be saying this. Don’t ask me about these words.”
The two sides are expected to be the main contenders for this year’s league title, and the draw leaves Chelsea three points clear at the top of the table after five games.

What do you think about what Pellegrini said on Mourinho’s tactics?

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  1. Makalambey Sagno says

    I think u’re making a great mistake pellegrini, u dont know that every team has his fucking way of playing

    1. stephen dike says

      Let him say what ever he wants,a point at there backyard!! I believe is a good result.

  2. Akinwumi Steven says

    A small team that has never relegated from EPL since its inception in 1992?A small team that has never finished below 6th position in the EPL?A small that has won all the major trophies in Europe?That’s our beloved Chelsea!
    Pellegrini ure a disgrace to entire football community for making that comment!
    A manager who has spent close to 20years in Europe and has only 1 trophy to show for it!A mediocre coach!!!

    1. Adham Hesham says

      True enough

  3. coded says

    I am not happy with Pellegrini calling Chelsea FC Stoke City, I wont blame him, Mourinho, is the one that i will put the blame on because I was expecting him to make changes that would continue to punish and hurt Man City after our first goal but he didnt only for him to make changes that made my almighty Chelsea FC defend against 10 men instead of attack. I wasn’t happy about it at all.

    1. MDB says

      It wasn’t Mou’s fault that Schurrle was out of position defensively. No changes were needed if they had just seen the game out by paying attention defensively. As far as Pellegrini’s assertions, they are just nonsensical. What is wrong with being organized while playing on the road against the defending champs, who incidentally put out a huge lineup bent on punishing Costa and Hazard at every turn (no blame there – with Kompany and Mangala, Zabaletta, Toure, Dzeko et al being more than a physical handful for anyone)?

  4. Anonymous says

    tacicts of wining games

  5. Zyte says

    pellegrini or pellegrino is entitld 2 his opinion.i tink is a sham 2 him dat a smal team is leadn him in d epl race wit a real sham 4 his player zabaleta 2 be sent of against a smal a biger sham 4 him 2 be managin a big team dat has never played in ucl semi’s while our smal team has played in many ucl semi’s & final.i tink 2 pelegrino suces means failur & greatnes means smal.i tink cfc is a model & an exampl 4 & pelegrino 2 folow.ktbffh

  6. Ian Bringz says

    What’s this Panty-Green tranna say here? This moron with only a single trophy to show in his entire life in Europe..stupid old moron

    1. Shimelis says

      well said, really pellegrini is a stupid, arrogant old moron. You should learn tactics from Mou. you will be fired at the end of this season

  7. TRK says

    let him say what ever he want Chelsea will remain the best team in EPL he dont know what he is saying he is out of his mind how can he expect the mighty Blues to play the way he want as if he is their coach

  8. Anonymous says

    stupid pelegrini

  9. chrisypela says

    2 me pellegrini is d most stupid coach in d whole of epl….imagine d old man calling chelsea a small club……d guy is just obsessed with chelsea…I luv d way mou reacted to d idiot

  10. Anonymous says

    pelegrini is a jer………………………….k

  11. Ok Pascal says

    pellegrini suppose to have a plan B, but… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  12. imagine says

    when we beat liverpool end of last season this pellegrin did not comment on our tactics instead he felt relieved because he was back on the title track get away pellegrin.

    1. nyasha says

      you can say that again

  13. Anonymous says

    i think if chelsea played like they did against Swansea they would have won with a big margin

  14. Anonymous says

    de manager is a fool 4 him 2 be taking dat as a excuse is not an issue @all,a good manager we not cum out and be saying all sort of rubbish 2 de median

  15. 8ii8in says

    Thank you
    Blog fantastic
    Good luck.

  16. nyasha says

    if you dont have ball defend if you have attack,simple as that

  17. miles says

    Pellegrini is just silly. He is a sore loser. Same thing with BR when we beat liverpool at anfield last season. What they want is for chelsea to play carelessly and be thrashed 3-1 like city did liverpool. pellegrini has been bad mouthing Mou aand chelsea since last season but the media wld not pick it up, but IF Mou responds fire for fire, the whole world will hear it. It was plain disrespectful.

  18. stephen dike says

    Let him say what ever he wants,a point at there backyard!! I believe is a good result.

  19. Ben Frimpong Oduro says

    Pellegrini is confused of what a “team” means. i think he has forgotten the various tactics in football. every team has its own way of winning a match and why didnt he won if Chelsea plays like a small team. Pellegrini has to think of his team.

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