Plans for the Next Season


The season 2012-13 will always be counted as a hit and miss season for Chelsea, unless ofcourse we manage to do the double by lifting the FA Cup as well as the Europa cup, along with a top 4 finish, and it is very well possible too. However, we need to look at the season that comes next to ensure that we don’t do the same mistakes again.

First of all, let us look at our major mistakes this season:

1)      No Permanent Manager.

2)      Inconsistency of form.

3)      Thin Squad.

Now, we will look at what can be done to ensure we don’t make the same mistakes again.

1) Manager: Simple enough, bring in a quality manager and for hecks sake, keep him, regardless of whether he is able to adjust at first. And if it goes as planned and we get Jose Mourinho, it is all good and great for the club. Jose goes in the same class as of Alex Ferguson, who will not allow their team to endure a dip in form for a long period of time. Ofcourse Jose Mourinho had a somewhat shallow season with Real Madrid this season, but then, Jose Mourinho and Chelsea FC is something different. A match made in the heavens.

Jose knows exactly what the owner expects of him, and is also known to be the ‘perfect’ manager, as he blends in the older, experienced players with the young ones.

The other option is Jorgen Klopp, but he already rejected our advances. If it is not Jose Mourinho, Jorgen is the best option. He will surely make our team not only brilliant, but also young and delightful to watch.

2) Inconsistency of form: Well, this again goes onto the manager, to ensure that the team is motivated at all times and that if they are not, do something about it. A consistent team has more chances of reaching a higher level than a hit and miss type of team. That means, the Chelsea team of the 2009-10 could reach a position that would be better than the current inconsistent squad has achieved, as of yet.

3) Squad: This is the actual problem that has hit us, and hit us hard. Benitez has moaned too many times about the less number of players he has at his disposal, still he didn’t want to recall any of the players that were out on loan or buy a few new ones. The next manager actually has a squad that is balanced and rich in depth, if ofcourse we utilize the actual depth of our team. All we need is an understudy goalkeeper to support Petr Cech, and also Thibaut Courtois whenever he is called back for the club. Let us look at a projected team that is available to the next manager. It is all according to my own perspective ofcourse, and oh yes, I am really sorry if I missed any one out, I have tried my best not to.


Petr Cech,

*Understudy Goalkeeper*,

Jamal Blackman,

Right Backs:

Cesar Azpilicuetta,

Branislav Ivanovic,

Paulo Ferierra/Billy Clifford,

Centre Backs:

John Terry,

Gary Cahill,

David Luiz,

Tomas Kalas/Jeffrey Bruma,

Left Backs:

Ashley Cole,

Ryan Bertrand/Patrick Van Aanholt/ Luke Shaw,

Central Midfielders:


John Obi Mikel,

Oriol Romeu,

Frank Lampard,


Joshua McEachran/George Saville,

Nathan Chalobah/Nathan Ake,

Attacking Midfielders:

Oscar dos Santos,

Eden Hazard,

Victor Moses,

Juan Mata,

Kevin De Bruyne,

Marko Marin/Lucas Piazon,


Fernando Torres/Romelu Lukaku,

Demba Ba,

Patrick Bamford/Islam Feruz/Ulises Davila

These are 37 good players, with a blend of talent, youth, experience and real quality. The manager can easily pick out a squad that he is comfortable working with, and maybe leave a few out on loan.

Oh yes, we will have to buy Luke Shaw too, he is an excellent talent and the best part? He is already a big fan of the club, which means he will bring in passion into his performances.

The surprise inclusions would be Patrick Bamford, Tomas Kalas and Michael Woods I guess, but I can assure you that these three are real quality players. Michael Woods is a strong central midfielder, a fighter in the middle of the park, and Bamford is a keen striker with a lot of potential while Tomas Kalas is destined for great heights as a centre back.

Thank You for taking your time to go through this article. Do leave me your views and thoughts in the comments section below. Cheers!

  1. brynknight says

    Michael Woods? He used to play for Chelsea but he was released in the summer of 2011! At the moment he’s playing for Harrogate Town in the Conference North (6th division)! Please keep up, he hasn’t been on Chelsea’s books for nearly 2 years now.
    Lampard and Ferreira are out of contract at the end of the season and it’s unlikely that either of them will be retained. Jose MIGHT want to keep Frankie but it’s unlikely that he’ll stay.
    Ulises Davila and Billy Clifford are creative central midfielders, not a RB and a ST.
    Also you missed out Michael Essien, Gael Kakuta and Kenneth Omeruo. Although Kakuta is likely to leave Chelsea at the end of the season.
    Rant over.

    1. san marine says

      well said mate. that included everything i wanted to say……

    2. tushar07 says

      so sorry, i was talking about George Saville…i dont know quite well how Woods came into my head…
      Michael Essien I missed out on and Kakuta is going to be sold for sure and Omeruo is going to have another season on loan.
      Billy Clifford is quite versatile and has played at RB too, while Ulises is El Sharaawy type player, striker/attacking midfielder.

    3. alexcfc8 says

      Ulises Davila can play attacking midfield or as a Striker played as striker for most of the season, Billy Clifford can play as either Holding midfielder or Right back

  2. shiloh says

    I must say this is a good write up, we really need to look into the academy some lads there need to be intigrated into the senoir team as of next season or we risk losing them.

  3. Neri says

    I believe Marin Should be off loaded. Ake, Chalobah, Clifford, Saville, Bamford, and Kalas should all be loaned out to Premiership Teams.

    Bruma Should be brought back because of Terry’s susceptibility to injuries. Kalas and Omeruo should be loaned to Prem teams.

    With Piazon, Feruz, De Bruyne, and Lukaku back next season, I believe we don’t need another attacking midfielder. Davila should be loaned to a Prem team.

    Josh, Oriol, Ramires and Mikel are good enough to do well in the pivot.

  4. Anonymous says

    West brom are interested in a loan deal for kalas. He should be loaned out and chelsea should buy a consistent cb this summer (shawcross, Papadopolos, or hummels) then when JT gets older kalas can return to chelsea with league experience. Turnbull can be kept as a third string goalie while Blackman should be loaned out. Or backup goalie should be Forester from celtics or Begovic. our midfield should still be solid with McEachran and possibly Essien coming back(if mourinho returns). My opinion for summer buys: Shaw, Forester, Hummels/ Shawcross, and maybe Joao Mountinho(if Lampard does leave. Hopefully not) we should have a good squad with all of our loaned players coming back!

  5. Michael58 says

    No 3 is the fault of Emenalo not Benitez ,Benitez asked Emenalo for new players or to recall players on loan and Emenalo refused on the basis he is an interim manager . It was Emenalo who sent 23 players on loan and hired Benitez ,Emenalo got his job because Avram Grant gave him the nod and he is a “yes man “,his prior experience was managing a girls team in Nigeria .

    Do not be to sure on Jose returning ,he seems to be on steadier ground at Madrid these days and the major stumbling block to his return is he wants Emenalo removed which our board and Roman seem reluctant to do .
    I see Emenalo as the root of our problems ,he is not a Frank Arnessen and if he is still in the picture next season than we can expect more of the same .

  6. CFC4life says

    Patrick Bamford/Islam Feruz/Ulises Davila these three players have no quality for CFC jet,and Davila is not playing in his club in 2.league so we don´t need him,Feruz is 17,i would like Shaw,but i heard there is one more talent on Chelsea wishlist,Digne from Lille,we should keep Paulo Ferreira because maybe two CB will be out,and Azpi out for yellow cards and next season we get Wallace from Fluminense,Chalobah and Ake are still too young,Saville is not player for Chelsea team

    for Managers i would like Mou but if he stay at Madrid then i would like Conte from Juve or Pelegrini from Malaga

  7. Viqta says

    Uve nailed it!!….touched every part i needed 2 knw.

  8. AnthonyG says

    the team looks good and there is a lot of young talent. we need another cb who still has room to grow but is still good enough to play against teams like man u and city. we also need a striker as torres is VERY inconsistent and we wont be able to compete with other clubs like united with rooney, rvp, welbeck and hernandez and city with aguero, tevez and dzeko. and of course we need a permanent manager who might stay for a good 3 years at least.

  9. Anonymous says

    We should not get carried away or mix things up. The first thing is the manager to b employed bcos his style n philosphy of play coupled wit his preferred kind of players is why we always put a squaare peg in a round hole. We should get a long term coach that has d ability to develop our academy players that we have nutured for years while spending money and resources. Its hightime we become a self subsisting and competing club as mourinho’s appointment will dash our hopes of developing our academy boys. We should also undstand there is time to build and a minimum of 3yrs shuld b allowed to build a world class formidable team from our academy ranks
    anks wit a world class coach in d frame of coaches like AVB, di matteo or pellegrini who believe in young talented players. If we are to b successful in integrating our young players, we have to b patient as some of dem will need time to aclamatize n blend wit d philosophy n system of play of d club b4 we start expecting to win titles as we need to sacrifice time for long term success.

  10. Mason Cole says

    Obviously, the main things we need to do this summer is get rid or Benitez and Emenalo. Bring in a permanent manager, hopefully Mourinho, and let him have total control over transfers and player contracts to make him feel wanted. Next, we need to conduct a summer shake up of the squad. When the loaned players return, a select few are ready to cut it for Chelsea, others need Premier League experience. We should sell the likes of Essien and Kakuta, keep McEachran, and the likes of Courtois and Kalas are ready to be loaned out to premier league clubs before returning for the 2014/15 season. I would also loan out the new young signing Wallace to a Premier League club. In terms of selling squad players, I would let go of:
    Ferreira (as much as I like him, he is past it)
    Torres (in part-exchange for Falcao)
    And then those I would bring in include:
    Clyne (RB – Southampton)
    Okore (CB – FC Nordsjaellend)
    Shaw (LB – Southampton)
    Maher (CM – AZ Alkmaar)
    Wilian (CAM – Anzhi Mackackala)
    Falcao (ST – Athletico Madrid)
    Of these, I would loan out Maher to a Premier League team for some top flight experience. If the Falcao deal looks unlikely, or if he moves elsewhere, I would consider signing Javier Hernandez of Manchester Ynited, as he is a very similar to Falcao and would suit our potential system for next year.
    If you disagree with anything let me know.

  11. jowey says

    please get mourinho chelseaa… Please!!!

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