Player Focus: Oriol Romeu

What the new season hold for Romeu?

When Oriol Romeu signed for us as a 19 year old in the summer of 2011, very little was known of him. He was introduced to the press along with the signing of Romelu Lukaku. At the time, people thought Lukaku would make a bigger impact and would feature more for the first team. However, Romeu quickly showed promise which got him starts in the team, even in the Champions League. He made his CL debut in a 5-0 drubbing of Genk at the Bridge. AVB became found found of him and preferred to him to the more experienced Mikel.

When AVB was sacked in March, Romeu became less used and in most occasions even failed to make the subs bench. But hopefully this season, Romeu gets more chances under RDM but it’ll be hard considering the strength in depth we have in that position. He played 22 times last season but we can expect him play quite a bit more this season. His height is an advantage of his and he has been previously deployed as a late substitute to help with set pieces.

There has been speculations recently linking Romeu to a move back to Barcelona but coach Tito Vilanova has denied the rumours but the player himself has said in the past he would welcome a move back to his childhood club. Us Chelsea shouldn’t be too worried about his leaving, Barcelona currently have a few players in his position better than him so I don’t expect them to make a move any time soon.

Being a product of Barcelona, he is an excellent passer and very composed for his age (20 now). Last season, he had a pass success rate of 89.38% which was one of the best in the team. Romeu also had one of the best tackle success rate in the team with 78.38%, he was only dribbled on 27 occasions. These stats point him out as a good defensive midfielder, the more experience he earns, the better he will get in my opinion. He is one for the future.

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  1. duyvuleo says

    Robbie is at a situation which does not allow him to develop deeply in youngsters. He needs to succeed immediately according to club's policy and Abramovic as well. McEachran is a typical example. If he is at Barca or Arsenal, he will turn out to be a star (like Wilshere) very early.

  2. Kruno says

    Yeah Romeu is between a rock and a hardplace ATM. He will definitely play less dis season being essien is back and won't to prove him self. Mikel is at d age where he can boss our defence and keep d tempo of the game,just like he did against manc away last season and in the CLfinal. Ther is also Mirelles and mcecran coming throw.. Will he stick around I don't know but he won't get much play time that's for sure.

  3. Anonymous says

    We should encourage our youngsters cfc.

  4. @NumanCFC says

    yes, I agree. Roman needs to show belief in RDM so he plans for the future

  5. Zane says

    Mikel slows the tempo down with his lack of advanced passes. It's always side ways or back to the centre backs. Romeu needs alot of game time and you'll see,he will play Mikel to the bench. We're talking about a Barca product here..master passers. Let's say in two season's time,Romeu a regular starter with Maybe Oscar next to him in the pivot. Romeu bosses the midfield with good solid tackling combined with his excellent passing..Oscar doing the link up play with his brilliant agility,ball control and vision to set up players in advanced positions. Now isn't that a dream pivot?

  6. Tessie says

    That’s a sensible answer to a chnalelging question

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