Player Ratings: Chelsea 3-0 Newcastle


Since we beat Newcastle, Liverpool thrashed Arsenal and Man City drew away to Norwich, Chelsea is first in the Premier League for the first time since August. In all honesty, the boys did not play their best football though they still dominated Newcastle. We had 18 attempts at goal to Newcastle’s 12 and we had 59% possession. A master class by Eden Hazard proved to be the difference between the 2 sides as he scored his first ever Premier League. hat trick.

Here are the player ratings for this match:

Petr Cech- 7.5/10 Petr had a quiet game today though in fairness he made a couple saves.

Branislav Ivanovic- 8/10 Branislav played well in attack this match. He kept Ameobi defending for Newcastle, leading to them having when less attacker on the counter attack. He played this assist for Hazard to score his first goal.

Gary Cahill- 8/10 Gary broke up the attacks Newcastle had with ease. His interceptions and tackles were great, and his passing to the midfield was very strong. He had a good game.

David Luiz- 7.5/10  Gary Cahill outshined David Luiz in this match though in fairness he didn’t do much wrong. His passing was good though his last ditch tackles were not as effective as Cahill’s.

Cesar Azpilicueta- 7.5/10 Cesar had an average game against Newcastle. He wasn’t tested defensively, which allowed him to sit a little further forward in this match. He wasn’t effective in attack either though.

Nemanja Matic- 7.5/10 Matic had a solid first half in this match, though he died out in the second half. His passing was great in the first half, as well as his ability to break down the opposing attack.

Frank Lampard- 7.5/10 Frank had a good game against Newcastle. It was clear that he isn’t at the same level he was a few years ago, and he clearly is set to retire. His passing was decent against Newcastle and due to their lack of threat on the counter attack; Frank was given a free roaming licence in attack. He made a great interception in defence though which surely saved us a goal.

Willian- 8/10(Subbed off 78th minute for Salah) Hazard clearly out-shone the other Chelsea attackers against Newcaste. In fairness though, Willian played well. His distribution was top notch and his work rate was second to none. He could have been more clinical though with a couple of wayward shots.

Oscar – 8/10 Oscar is another player who was outshone by Hazard. He defended well and his attack was great. He played a great chip pass to Shurrle who couldn’t capitalise on the chance. He often found himself dropping deep to collect the ball and to start our attack.

Eden Hazard- 9.5/10 (Subbed off 84th minute for Schurrle)

Eden Hazard take a bow son! Eden had a wonderful game against Newcastle. His wonderful first touch and pass set his first goal up, a great counter attack, started by Hazard himself set his second, and his third, a penalty was calmly taken for a wonderful hat-trick. A clear man of the match, Eden will be one of the worlds best in coming years.

Samuel Eto’o- 8/10(subbed off 70th minute for Ba)

Eto’o was a handful for Newcastle, as he often was running behind their defence, taking players out of position. He played a wonderful flick pass to Hazard for his second goal and earned the penalty for Hazard’s third.

Used Subs:

Demba Ba – 6.5/10 Ba played 20 minutes in this match, and in my opinion did absolutely nothing. He had one shot, which went closer to the corner post than it did to the goals.

Mohammed Salah 7.5/10 Salah stirred up some excitement in the 15 minutes he played. His blistering pace decimated Newcastle and he was unlucky that he missed 2 one on one’s. He will be a player to watch in the future.

Andre Shurrle -7.5/10 Shurrle has been unlucky to be kept out of the Chelsea squad lately due to Willian’s great form. He was clearly craving a goal when Oscar played a lovely lofted pass to him as he could of passed to an open Ba, but instead he skyed his shot.

Our boys are first! KTBFFH!

  1. Anonymous says

    Other than these points mentioned above I’d like to say something else which shows class amongst our players…
    1.lamps gives the ball to hazard to take the penalty…. Kept his own records at bay and encouraged this kid….
    2.usually cech used to kick the ball from the goal kick either to the left flank (to hazard) or to the centre (eto & will) but rarely to the right… But when salah made his debut cech encouraged him by passing the ball directly to him…
    So as a Chelsea family member “humanity and class” are the added points which “we learned ” yesterday…hail blue

  2. Anonymous says

    Ba was not given any service at all.. It is unfair to criticize him..

  3. tich zan says

    givin willian an 8 is unfair… He was just good defensively….. He lost passes…. Makin poor decisions of shooting than passing….. Luiz had a better game than willian…. It wasnt a good day in office for him….. Though he wasnt bad…..

  4. Martin, Norway. says

    We are top of the league now its been a while. Hazard was man of the match no doubt.

  5. Thankgod Angelboy says

    Eden Hazard is the man of the match

  6. uchman ekems says

    Chelsea fc has all it take to bring it on, up chelsea,

  7. Zane says

    Hazard deserves a full 10/10. Forget about the little details..what he did against Newcastle was sublime. These are flashes of the big sleeping star. Mourinho says he is consistant,now if Eden continue like this and improve more for next season,we’re looking at a beast of a 14/15 football year.

    Players like Eden and Oscar will stun the world in the near future. If rumours are to believed,Mourinho is apparently looking at Suarez. That would be brilliant if Liverpool stay out of the top four and activate the release clause which states that the player will be allowed to leave for Champions League football. The manager himself said we’ll see a marque signing in the next window so it has to be a big impact player.

    Enjoy the ride. The mentality is back and it’s sweet #TheSpecialOne

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