Player Ratings: Chelsea 1-1 West Brom


Chelsea had a chance to go 4 points clear at the top of the Premier League table if we were to win against West Brom. The form table as well as this season’s league table would suggest an easy win for Chelsea but it was not to be. Unfortunately, the Baggies earned a draw by scoring late in the second half, against a Chelsea side who hadn’t conceded a goal in 7.5 hours of football. Chelsea had 60% possession and 15 attempts to West Brom’s 11. Nonetheless, here are the player ratings:

Petr Cech-8/10

Petr played well but could not help to concede a late goal

Branislav Ivanovic-7.5/10

Brana had a top first half against West Brom. He scored our goal and was defensively very sound. His second half wasn’t as strong though as the pressure mounted.

Gary Cahill-7/10    

Gary had a quiet game but as usual made some wonderful tackles and interceptions and played well for the first 86 minutes of the game. Although he was injured, he could of made a better attempt to block Anichebe from scoring his header.

David Luiz-7.5/10

David was as defensively sound as Gary but earns a better rating as he assisted Ivanovic with his first half goal from a flicked header of a corner. David didn’t mark Anichebe properly and should of blocked Victor from scoring.

Cesar Azpilicueta-7/10

Dave had a sound first half, but drifted out of the game in the second half.

Ramires-7.5/10 (Subbed off for Salah 88th minute)

Ramires had a decent game while he played in the double pivot. He was sloppy with possession on a couple of occasions and was rather quiet when he moved to a wide attacking midfielder.

Nemanja Matic-8/10

Matic had a good game, and he helped our transition from defence to attack.


Willian again has to be applauded for his work ethic, but he wasn’t very effective in attack. He did have to solid shots against the Baggies but the keeper saved them.

Oscar-7.5/10 (Subbed off 78th minute for Mikel)

Like Willian, Oscar’s work rate has to be applauded but he was sloppy in attack. He skewed a glorious chance wide in the second which would of sent Chelsea 2-0 up.

Eden Hazard-8/10

Hazard was our best attacker even though West Brom made it quite clear that they would target him in defence, and double-team him. Hazard played some lovely flicks and had a couple chances where he should of scored.

Samuel Eto’o-7/10 (Subbed off 66th minute for Torres)

Eto’o put in a defensive shift though his attack wasn’t the best. He often drifted wide and wasn’t offering anything in attack.

Used Subs:

Fernando Torres- 6.5/10

Torres played his first half an hour since he received that injury against Man Utd. He earned a few fouls and made 1 or 2 stifling runs which didn’t eventuate into anything.

John Obi Mikel- 7/10

Mikel was brought on to be a midfield enforcer and he did his job to an extent. He can’t be blamed for the goal though.

Mohommed Salah-NA

Salah came on late and couldn’t really help the Chelsea cause.

A poor result from the boys, but we still have to KTBFFH!

  1. Gbasha.bitto says

    Mikel is too slow OSCAR sub was for SALAH not mikel moreover try to maintain possession of the game throughout boyssss. The race is still on

  2. Shiloh says

    Ramiers should have a rating of 5.5, Luiz 6.

  3. Denise Ong says

    Not impressed by Chelsea’s game play with West Brom. They can do better than that and they are already on the top spot, I hope they realized that and cherish until the championship.

  4. Balow says

    Ramires should be rated 4.5 and luiz 5

  5. Zsolt János says

    Cech was fault at the goal, not just Luiz.
    Hazard had a pretty bad game compared to his level and current form.
    Ramires was awful. Never better then a 6.
    Oscar’s performance was the worst i’ve seen him play for a time now, 5 i would say.

  6. Zyte says

    jose is the reason why we lost this match.sentiments made him 2 alow rami & oscar 2 continue playn wen they should be subed.i hav never seen a player as slopy in pasin lik rami.lamp & mikel are their.jose should watch his lov 4 rami & oscar b4 they ruin our season.very bad dislay from start 2 finish.only matic,hazard,iva,luiz & cahil impresd me.

  7. Zyte says

    @ ghasha mikel has no hand in this draw.the match was already drawn when rami & oscar wer invitin unecesary presure 2 d team.the faild 2 keep the balanc in our midfield & jose faild 2 do sometin until deir confidenc ur eyes rami is just runnin up & down witout being abl 2 complet a pass.dis is footbal & not track & field.

  8. K DHEERAJ says

    One draw match will not make our team a bad one! Hazard was the prime target yesterday for the defenders,marked throughout the match hasn’t at all given space. Hope so he will learn from this tough circumstances and can become world’s best player only if he learns and overcome such situations. We cannot blame jose for team selection or substitutions because we know nothing compared to him,there is a dip in willian’s performance and oscar is not upto mark. Peter cech cannot give 100 percent in every match ofcourse any player couldn’t. Win or lose or draw CHELSEA for life. And keep blue flag flying high!

  9. Zyte says

    @ k.dheeraj jose has 2 be blamed.rami & oscar were poor,so why allow dem 2 continue wen so many stars are waiting 4 game time on the as much as we prais him,we must also spot his weak is bcos i want him 2 be more sincer,so dat come may we shal be epl champs.tanks gunners drew their match.

    1. adam says

      I really don’t know why mou doesn’t sub rami with schrulle. It is almost 2 months that this player doesn’t play. Rami is so tired that he cannot make a decent pass since more than 7 matches. He doesn’t bring anything at all.

      The truth is that mou is so stubborn. David Luiz was awful as he was too slow behind. he suppose to have space that is why he plays when we face DEFENSIVE TEAM. But I don’t understand why he so slow behind?? Matic was the best palyer on the pitch.

  10. Luis says

    I’m an Arsenal fan, but if United can manage to get 51k into their staduim with ticket prices at 40-50 pounds, surely we could have managed more than 56k with tickets at 10 pounds? Put into perspective, 51k -56k not a massive difference. Not exactly something we can boast about.

  11. Vlora says

    Dude, right on there brthoer.

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