Player Ratings- Chelsea vs Arsenal 6-0!

In his 1000th match in charge, Arsene Wenger and his Arsenal side head to Chelsea to face Jose Mourinho, a man who Wenger had never beat in 10 matches (5 wins and 5 draws for Mourinho). From the outset of this match, it was clear that Arsenal’s tactics could not match the counter attacking brilliance in which our Chelsea team poses. The referee did make a ridiculous call when he wrongly sent of Gibbs for a handball, which Oxlade Chamberlin committed on the goal line, but this call eventually did not affect the one-sidedness of this match. We had 55% possession and had 11 shots on target to Arsenal’s 5. The match eventually ended 6-0!


Here are my player ratings:

Petr Cech- 7.5/10

Petr Cech made only a handful of saves throughout the match, however I feel that he should be considered the catalyst for our bright start, as he made a wonderful save of Giroud’s shot which started our counter attack for our first goal.

Branislav Ivanovic- 7.5/10

Due to Gibbs’ sending off, Arsenal’s left hand attack was severely weakened during the early stages of the match. This led to Brana having a quiet game in defense. What he did, he did without a mistake in attack and defense. He was essentially given a free roaming pass up and down that flank as he carved up Arsenal’s already depleted left hand

Gary Cahill- 7/10

Not much to say about either one of our center halves in this match, due to the severe one-sidedness of this affair.

John Terry- 7/10

Same as Gary Cahill basically

Cesar Azpilicueta- 7.5/10

Dave attacked and defended very well for the Blues in this derby. Kept Rosicky busy in defense and offered another outlet for Hazard on many occasions.

Nemanja Matic-7.5/10

Although Matic played well, he clearly did not play his best due to the lack of attacking threat from Arsenal. He often found himself playing much higher up on the pitch compared to where he normally plays, and he was taking shots more often than usual.

David Luiz- (subbed off 71st minute for Mikel) 8/10

For the 70 odd minutes in which David played, he played very, very well. He made key interceptions in defense and his distribution to our wide players was world class

Andre Shurrle- 8/10

Andre had a wonderful start to this match, assisting in the first goal while scoring the second. As the match progressed he did become sloppy, like the rest of our team though

Oscar- 9/10(Subbed off 66th minute for Salah)

My man of the Match, Oscar had a superb game. He won the ball back on many occasions for the blues as he scored 2 goals. He distribution and breaking power was superb in this game, as he made Arsenal’s defense look second rate.Image

Eden Hazard- 8/10

You know you are winning comfortably when you can say that Eden Hazard did not have his best game but still caused many problems for the Gunner’s defense. He composedly converted his penalty however.

Samuel Eto’o- (subbed of 9 minutes in for Torres) 7.5/10

Eto’o had a wonderful start to this match scoring the first goal of the match with a wonderful finish off a counter attack. Unfortunately he came off injured within 10 minutes due to an injury

Used Subs:

Fernando Torres: 8/10

The high defensive line, which Arsenal implemented, played right into Chelsea’s hands, especially Torres’. Torres excelled when he was runninh into space causing havoc for the Gunner’s defense. He deserved a goal, however he only managed to assist Oscar’s second goal.

Mohammed Salah: 8/10

Salah used his blistering pace to break through the high Arsenal defense and managed to convert his chance. Salah was consistently making forward runs however he also took part in our defensive set up and proved he is a player who should play more often.

John Obi Mikel: 7.5/10

Mikel was brought on to give Luiz a rest as well as to solidify our defense. The Gunner’s didn’t offer anything in attack so Mikel had a quiet game.


  1. Adam says

    “David played, he played very, very well.”

    When Matic play with David Luiz, it allows Matic to go forward most of time and support the attack. I already say it with Matic – David, I dont see who can beat us. Even City knows better!

    “if we play Matic-Luz as pivot against arsenal, we will win. I dont see how we can lose with: Cech – iva.terry.cahill.cesar – Matic.luiz – Hazard.Oscar.schruule – Etoo”.

    The thruth is that Ramires is tired, he doesnt bring nothing since 4 matches and yet Mou keep play him. Too stubborn.

  2. Zyte says

    Great line up perfect win.schurl showd willian how 2 do it in the final third.luiz showd better passing range than rami.with this starting 11 we can beat teams that pack the bus.kudos 2 all cfc faithfuls.jose up u.ktbffh.

    1. Adam says

      “with this starting 11 we can beat teams that pack the bus”

      Why mou doesnt understand that? If rami was not suspended, he will continue to play him. It is very shame from him, really shame. Luiz played very very well from DM as pivot and yet Mou continue to put him as a defender. Luiz is NOT a defender but as double pivot DM.

      Against teams that pack the bus, we need a player like him because ramires passing range is so so so awful in the last 5 matches.
      So far, chelsea win ALL his matches when David Luiz play as Midfield Defender: against liverpool, against city,….

      It makes me sick to see the stubbornness of Mou. it really annoys me.

      1. Zyte says

        @ adam spot on.lets hope jose sticks with this startn 11.

  3. Anonymous says

    Sell Mikel…buy rasmus elm….sell ba ,Marin ,romeu,torres and kakuta…. Buy Costa mandzukic… Keep lukaku and eto as fourth choice striker

  4. Martin, Norway. says

    Good game, great entertainment. The midfield was good Matic, Luiz i hope we stick to that. Shurrle and Oscar both were exceptional its difficult to pick the man of the match between those two for me. We buried Arsenals with our counter attack.

  5. Zyte says

    @ matin u are just on point.willian can be used against teams that play 2 win against us b/cos of his work rate,but it seems schurrle is more decisive in the attacking third.hopefully all of them can play their part in our push 4 the epl title & ucl includn sallah.

  6. Shiloh says

    Matic deserve a better rating 8.0 he had two assists in the game.

  7. Anonymous says

    up blue ooooooooo

  8. GABBY says

    I hv miss MIKEL aah i wish he was playing Al the games.he good in defensive wrk

    1. Zyte says

      @ gabby are u sure u mis mikel?i know u are not a mikel fan.or ar u just joking.

      1. GABBY says

        Hmmmmm some people are saying every manager we had used Mikel.buh the truth of it is that, he was the only option at that tym, nd also a very brilliant manager will see how Mikel was disorganising our midfield, even though he was among some winning teams. This is a manager who sees where the fault is and solved it. Only cowards will deny this,those who dnt hv eyes has now seen a real defensive midfieder, MATIC WOOW, I said it here that mikels role was in jeopardy,som1 said letz wait nd frnd @zyte they will never support this coach bcoz thier player is not playing, u see wen we are prasing the coach u will see only honest people comenting nd also criticize him at his wrong, buh som others only see the wrong and criticized,not the good side.

  9. ush says

    U rate matic 7.5/10 n give torres 8/10,geeeez can’t believe dis…the 7 minutes etoo played was better off dan d 80 minutes torres was on d pitch..stop inflating torres’s ratings he won’t stay next season..

    1. GABBY says

      Spot on ush

    2. Adam says

      Agree. It makes me sick to see him at chelsea. So lazy!

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