Player Ratings: UEFA Super Cup defeat vs FC Bayern

Hazard and Lamps

Although all our players performed right up to their maximum potential and ability, Chelsea failed to win the Super Cup. As Jose said in his post match comments, The better team clearly lost last night. But, now let’s analyze and see how our players performed through out the 120+ minutes including penalties.

Chelsea FC: 

Petr Cech: 9.0 

Made one excellent save to deny Ribery, but a combination of poor Bayern finishing and disciplined Chelsea defending made his workload very manageable. Beaten at his near post by a superb Ribery strike. Made some crucial stops in extra time — including a stupendous one from a Ribery free-kick — but could do nothing to stop Martinez sending the match to penalties.

Branslav Ivanovic: 8.0

Bested Ribery in the air, troubled by him constantly on the ground. His technical limitations are also still a worry at times, even if his work rate is beyond rebuke.

Ashley Cole: 8.5

His personal duel with Robben was a source of constant fascination. One slip almost allowed Muller to level the scores, but overall the flying Dutchman didn’t get much past him.

Gary Cahill: 9.0

Marshaled the defensive line with impressive authority in the absence of Terry, and made one last-ditch block to deflect a Muller shot wide that was world-class.

David Luiz: 9.0

Made a couple of rash decisions to try and intercept passes he had no chance of making, but defended his penalty area superbly in his first appearance of the season. The Brazilian didn’t look completely like he was back from injury as took off right where he left of from his brilliant performances he had at Confederations Cup in Summer!

Ramires: 7.0

Not a factor on the ball as Chelsea willingly ceded possession, but did his bit to hassle Bayern whenever he could. His unfair sent off at the 84th minute kind of made another stumbling on a way of the Blues’ even though we managed to score and get closer to sealing a victory against the Champions Of Europe last season.

Frank Lampard(C): 8.0

Got precious little time on the ball and played high-risk passes when he got it, but held his position admirably and calmed his teammates. His set pieces were a threat too, provided he wasn’t shooting.

Eden Hazard: 9.5

Immense in the first half, turning Rafinha in the buildup to Torres’ goal and committing Bayern defenders almost at will. His influence waned a little after Martinez’s introduction, though he still had enough in the tank to score a brilliant goal in extra time.

Oscar: 9.0

Harried Kroos and Lahm relentlessly and used the ball intelligently when it fell to him. Missed a glorious chance to give Chelsea back the lead when Schurrle played him in.

Andre Schurrle: 8.0

Had the edge on Alaba at both ends of the pitch early on and picked out Torres brilliantly for the opening goal. Gradually found himself pinned back by waves of Bayern attacks, but defended doggedly until he was withdrawn.

Fernando Torres: 9.0

Took his goal with such calmness and poise that one wonders what has been going on for the past two years. Rarely threatened the goal after that though. Looks as if the Instinctiveness and desire has got back to Torres as he is now battling it out for a starting place against three other strikers in Jose’s team. Well done El Nino!


 John Obi Mikel: 7.5

Replaced Schurrle when Ramires was dismissed, and provided a solid partner in the defensive midfield shield for Lampard.

Romelu Lukaku: 6.0

Replaced Torres in extra time and injected pace power and freshness into the Chelsea front line. Hit a poor spot kick and was punished in a high-quality shootout.

John Terry:  6.0 

Replaced Hazard with seven minutes left in extra time, denying his haters the chance to mock him for being in his full kit at the final whistle. Could have prevented Bayern from scoring as he was fresh and introduced to cover up the defensive line of Chelsea well against the Bavarians.

FC Bayern Munich

Manuel Neuer: 7.0

Did not have much to do in truth. Was powerless to prevent Torres’ opener, and held his nerve brilliantly to deny Oscar as the Brazilian bore down on goal after the break. Should have done better with Hazard’s strike.

David Alaba: 7.0

His battle with Schurrle was one of two halves. The Chelsea man took the first, he took the second. Really didn’t make much against the speedy wingers of Chelsea as Jose’s tactics were astute to stop them.

Dante: 7.5

Made an early error of judgement when he lost Torres in the buildup to Chelsea’s opener, but was his usual unruffled self otherwise.

Jerome Boateng: 7.0

His long, floated passes stretched Chelsea early on, but his influence waned as Oscar pressed him more vigorously. Did his primary defensive duties reasonably well, though Hazard breezed past him to put Chelsea back in front.

Phillip Lahm: 6.0

Deployed in midfield at the start, he used the ball well — but he is no Schweinsteiger. Quietened Hazard a little once he shifted to his favored right back slot, but sold himself far too easily at the crucial moment.

Rafinha: 5.0

Turned by Hazard for Torres’ opener, he never got to grips with the classy Belgian and was replaced by Martinez with more than half an hour of normal time to play. Almost as if Bayern were playing with 10 players. Non existent

Arjen Robben: 6.5

Not at his brilliant best, but then perhaps Cole didn’t allow him to be. His shots, dribbles and passes were mostly foiled, though he did create one excellent chance for Muller.

Thomas Muller: 7.0

His off-the-ball movement was excellent but his finishing touch deserted him. Replaced by Gotze in the 71st minute.

Toni Kroos: 8.0

Didn’t work as the deepest-lying midfielder early on. Far more comfortable once Martinez was introduced, and recycled possession well without being too incisive.

Frank Ribery: 9.0

The newly crowned UEFA player of the year, and his performance lived up to the billing. The one Bayern player who succeeded in ruffling Chelsea’s massed defensive ranks, his brilliantly taken goal shifted the momentum.

Mario Manduzukic: 7.0

Led the line selflessly and worked his socks off, but didn’t force Cech into a save until extra time, and the big man was equal to it.


Javi Martinez: 8.5

Quite simply, his introduction changed the game. Bayern was no longer porous through the middle, many of Chelsea’s key outlets disappeared and Hazard’s influence waned — until he scored a superb goal in extra time. But the Spaniard wasn’t done, and leveled the match with a composed finish in the dying seconds.

Mario Goetze: 6.0

Didn’t look totally sharp when he replaced Kroos, but drew the foul that saw Ramires dismissed. Otherwise, he was poor and we saw nothing from his hyped introduction to Bayern this past summer. Poor performance!

Xherdan Shaqiri: 7.5

Played 25 minutes of extra time but did not make the decisive difference. Looked kind of threatening with his dribbling skills and incredible pace.

Man Of The Match: Eden Hazard – Clearly a star of the night despite his team not coming out on top. He was all over the pitch as he worked tirelessly and he scored our 2nd Goal at Extra Time to what would have been a winner if it was not for a late equalizer from Martinez.

Flop Of The Match: Rafinha – It was a poor performance by the Brazilian as he failed to handle both Andre Schurrle and Eden Hazard on the wings. Poor display and was not even involved in his team’s possession play despite Bayern maintaining over 60% of the possession. Poor through out!

Thanks for reading and please let us know what you think of the ratings done by 360. You can follow me on twitter @FahmiCFC for more! KTBFFH

  1. Conor says

    Coming from a Chelsea fan I think some of the ratings you gave to our players are out of proportion and quite bias to be fair

  2. Anonymous says

    Park-the-Bus type of football is back! I cry for my beloved Chelsea. The ratings are misrepresentation of performance on individual players. What criteria did you use?

  3. Anonymous says

    Mouriho is a fool

    1. harun says

      bayern vs chelsea

    2. Anonymous says


      1. Anonymous says


  4. Aditya Dimri says

    Dude don’t lie but you have copied all this from

  5. Oguntola Niyi says

    Mou played a perfect game, ds team ar beta dan us on d counter atack, nd der is ntin else dan 2 play park de bus typ of footbal afta Ramires red card. 9ce game 4 our young lad

  6. Ström says

    Unfair red card? (2nd yellow) don’t think so. Could have broken the guys leg. Dangerous and a good call by the ref.
    Im a chelsea fan but that kind of tackle is not okay.

  7. Oguntola Niyi says

    Anonymous dat cried 4 hs beloved team. If u we’re 2 b d coach u wil atack afta d red card sey? Nonsense!

  8. Anonymous says

    Chelsea performed. I never expected such performance from those young just acquired lads, especialy Oscar, that lad for me is the best midfielder in EPL considering his age. But one question am still asking is ”why bench Mata”?

    1. Ann says

      Its going to take a literal army to rmovee them from power. It will take an army to protect our borders while we do so also, because if we start kicking them out en mass we will have dozens of countries lined up and ready for war against us. There really is only one solution, and that is to fight like the dickens, but most people are afraid to even openly stand up against them, let alone risk their lives to make it better. A lot of people around the world will say its up to you Americans to win this, but thats wrong also. Its going to take a coordinated GLOBAL effort to rmovee them from EVERYWHERE at the same time. Its going to take SHUTTING DOWN the monetary/banking system for a while. SHUTTING DOWN and regaining control of the media and standing up ready for WAR.

    2. says

      Information is power and now I’m a !@#$ing dictator.

  9. Anonymous says

    the blues were clearly the better team last night but we lost for something we like doing- the bus crap we have always sort whenever we lead in a match. the last goal by munich would not have come were it not for the crowding we did at our own area. this kind of situation opens way for fumbling blindly with opponents left with all the easy task of tapping simple balls into our net! chelsea will be my team always but it hurts me to see us lose matches we are clearly in control of. as for the ratings, you may be right. most of them are credible. but surely, ramires must be tought some discipline, cole is good but loses his temper unnecessarily, oscar needs to make decisions without taking too much time. ivanovich opens up to opponents too often… blues truly wonderful.

  10. Anonymous says

    One Cup slipped away! Count down has started…

  11. Akees says

    Jose always find one excuse or the other, we have Mikel, Essien, Mata, why keeping them on the bench. He should stop experimenting. THE FOOLISH AND STUPID ONE.

  12. Akees says

    Lampard lost two consecutive super cup as a captain. What a bad luck! John Terry is our real Legend and Leader.

    1. Dozman says

      the same lampard won champions league as a captain

  13. oyedeleoriyomi says

    The best team truly lost.I luv d blues

  14. cardozo says

    If barca ‘packd d bus’ last season,they wouldn’t hav shipd in 7 goals.

  15. Nour says

    Except from the penalty kick, can some1 tell me a meaningful contribution frank lampz made ? (we have mikel & Essien on bench) Mourinho kept mata on bench so what do u expect?……….we will continue 2 lose as long as we keep our best player on bench……”i agree Mourinho is fool”

  16. tayemn says so upset wiz the late goal,the best team lost BIG right!!!..i didnt expect such form from chelsea.anywys a bitter and unfair defeat…i disagrea with the rating esp..neur(even if hazard’s rapid shoot??? he was the best ..ivonavic and luiz heading,oscar and extratime save in the field..deserv 9) ,schurle was better than lampard cant rate with him 8….was no ramires(flop)

  17. Ken says

    It was a good game last night owing to the fact we played with ten men for most part of the game’s duration but is time mourinho changed this ”park the bus” approach against big teams cos the best form of defense is to attack.
    secondly, I can’t still fathom why he ain’t using mata and keeps playing lamps in every game. we need our amigo back cos’ is really getting clearer mourinho doesn’t like mata
    thirdly, if I were mourinho, I would’ve replaced rami with mikel or essien since pep already subed rafinha for matinez who generally stablised their midfiel..well, we live to fight another day

  18. Onyeka Emokam says

    For me,man of the match is Petr Cech

  19. 705 says

    lol ‘Mata has never performed in big matches’ lmao wat have u been smoking? Stop it clearly it messes about with your brain, Mata single handedly killed Arsenal in both EPL matches last season, killed Spurs at the lane, he alwayss fucks Manure, do u think Mata got player of the season two seasons in a row for performing agaisnt small teams? Don’t confuse him with Torres!

  20. Anonymous says

    y have u copied all analysis from, atleast have some originality

  21. Tito Nnaa says

    Thank u Jose, ur players ‘ve shown dat they were prepared to repeat history but loosed gallantly. Up chelsea, Blue still remain the colour.

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