Portuguese Newspaper O Jogo: Chelsea agree €35m deal for Nemanja Matic

According to reports from Portugal newspaper O Jogo Chelsea have agreed a deal for Nemanja Matic.
According to reports from Portugal newspaper O Jogo Chelsea have agreed a deal for Nemanja Matic.

Chelsea have agreed a deal in the region of €35m to snatch Benfica’s highly rated central midfielder Nemanja Matic, according to reports from Portugal newspaper O Jogo.

The 26-year-old, who was also a target of Manchester United, is expected to be in London tomorrow to conclude the deal.

Portuguese journalist Goncalo Lopez also tweeted:


Matic, a 25-year-old Serbia international, left Stamford Bridge in January 2011 as a makeweight in the £25 million deal to acquire David Luiz from the Portuguese club when Carlo Ancelotti was Chelsea manager. Matic, who was named player of the year in the Portuguese league last season, is understood to have a buy-out clause in his contract that is around £37 million.

Chelsea are close to agreeing a deal to sell Kevin De Bruyne to Wolfsburg for around £18 million. The Belgium international is keen to quit Chelsea to improve his first-team opportunities, as is Ghanaian midfielder Michael Essien.

Do let us know what you guys think about Matic signing for Chelsea Football Club in the comments below.


  1. wambua says

    we made a mistake leting him go…the same mistake we are making against KDB…

    1. xtian says

      Could be a mistake but I think its the best logical choice we can make. We just need to make sure we include a buy back clause on these players we cannot loan out anymore or develop ourselves. Not sure Matic would have developed on the bench or do you?

  2. Melford says

    Good 1 but wat chelsea realy need is a clinical striker.

  3. Calvin.. says

    I love the guy.. Kinda like Xabi Alonso..
    But what’s gonna happen to Van Ginkel???

    1. Robben16 says

      VG out for the whole season. So, Chelsea need to replace him.

      1. Nino says

        By next season there won’t be Lamps and Essien, so that leaves us with Mikel, Ramires and MvG. So having him won’t hurt any of them, plus he’s 26 by the time Lewis Baker, McEachran and co are ready for the first team, he’s over 30, and can function like Lamps atm.

      2. Kim Hubert says

        We got David Luiz, so what?

  4. miles says

    Pleas can someone tell me what type of player matic is? I don’t know his style of football. Defensive or box to box?

    1. Anonymous says

      can play both. Very good wit his passing,taackling and can score goals

  5. akinwumi steven says

    Waste of money and waste of time.We don’t even need this guy in the first place!What we need is a clinical striker not a midfielder or defender!

    1. Joseph says

      No your wrong we are poor for deapth in the pivot. Lamps in 35 mvg is out for the season, unfortnately essien is crap now so that leaves us with mikel,ramires and david luiz. He is our answer to yaya toure. A mobile tank to dominate midfield. He has fantastic vision, decisionmaking and passing to fit in at chelsea. He is preety much everything mikel is but a bit more box to box better passing, more mobile and better in the air

      1. xtian says

        Well I would like to see a good holding midfielder at chelsea to know if accelerated distribution from the middle of the park can improve our scoring rate. Especially since this transfer window is not offering the kind of strikers we want.

  6. Anonymous says

    Matic is a box to box player nd a veri gud player buh he is an unnecessary buy..we shud save d money nd buy a very gud nd proven striker..rememba financial fair play is on

  7. a gain midfielder !!poof!…i think chelsea need striker!

    1. Robben16 says

      In JM we trust. KTBFFH!

  8. Robben16 says

    key pass, ball on air winner, composure.
    Chelsea release him and now will buy him about 35m.

  9. Zane says

    If Matic can pass like Alonso,Schweinsteiger or Scholes then I’m seeing my wish come true. I’ve been crying out since last season that we need a specialist passer from deep midfield so if he can do it,I’m happy.

  10. Johnson says

    some plastic fans are on it again. when we bought willian , they where shouting “we don’t need him” but after “he is a good signing” . now we are going for matic and they are saying we don’t need him. #muppets

    1. Matt says

      But we dont need him our prioritiy should a striker and Costa buyout clause is £32m.
      We are buying just so other clubs can’t and not because he is what we need.

      1. Joseph says

        Costa is unrealistic no way he would be sold in january

    2. Lightning says

      I’m with you. I was very unsure of Willan when we got him, we had just signed Schuerlle, and I knew how talented Willian was, and I especially disliked him because he and Vidal knocked us out of the Champions League. But I was most concerned with the fact that everyone who wasn’t named Oscar was getting less playing time.I still welcomed though, because he was now a Chelsea player, He’s settled well, and is proving all the plastic fans wrong. Matic is that kind of player, he’s a very good player who will really help to flesh out the midfield.

      It’s not really that we need a striker, as much as we need the team to perform at the top level on a consistent basis. Chelsea isn’t the team that relies on a striker because it isn’t built like that at the moment. If our midfielders only played to support the striker, and never bothered to go for goal, we’d have a 50+ goals a season striker, but we aren’t Barcelona. We don’t rely on a Xavi and Iniesta to supply a Messi with goals,instead we have midfielders who will score more, get more assists, and create more chances,and not a team that will get destroyed 7-0 by Bayern.

      It’s really just the chicken or the egg: do our strikers score less because they aren’t up to par and the mids make up for it by scoring more, or do the mids score more because they’re taking the chances themselves and minimizing the chances for the strikers? If it is the second choice, then it doesn’t matter who the striker leading the attack is, they’ll still be ineffective if they aren’t getting the ball passed to them every time we have possession. We have a very strong team, it’s just that they need a maturation season under Mourinho, and Matic will only make it stronger. It’s all part of Mou’s plan, shut down offenses with the Great Wall, and win 1-0. Matic could very well help us to a couple of trophies this season.

  11. Vaakmeisster says

    I don’t care how good he is. We do not need him. If we aren’t signing a striker, out next priority is at left back. Besides £35 mill is too much for a bench warmer

    1. Joseph says

      Your such a plastic fan. You ever seen him play? He was a brick wall agaisnt us last year. He has shown all that talent he showed with us. Strong, mobile, great tackler, tall, great passer, dominant in the air. This is exactly what we need. Do we really need a striker???????? The form torrres is in right now he looks his own dangerous self. If eto and ba dont work out we can always switch to a strikerless formation with schurlle up front

  12. Anonymous says

    matic a bench warmer? Nobody can bech him in cfc except in-form mikel and ramires. Lampard, essien,will probably go, ginkel is injured for a season. We need solidity in d pivot to free our attacking trio to cause more harm. World class striker is not available in this transfer window. As for josh,ake,romeu,chalobah,etc, they need to keep developing. We need instant result right now to compete at higher level,no room for experiment. As for ffp, there ll be no problem, there re suplus dat we can get money out of them. We cant let man utd get matic, it ll lead to our detriment, imagine if spur had get willian, only God knw where we ll be now. Just calm down

    1. adam says

      good post. let this plastics fans. the heart of Chelsea is a good defensive mildfielder like makelele. abramovich is not ready to buy a good striker as for him it must be torres. what mou can do?

  13. Pedro Fonseca says

    First of all as a Chelsea and Mourinho fan, u guys need a deep lying playmaker that’s my humble opinion… Lampard its not the man he used to and ur midfield lacks creativity and GOOD decisions or someone that uses his brain. And matic it’s very very good trust me. He’s very balanced and by far the best player in Benfica. And for those who doubt that u should watch any Benfica game to realize that he’s a monster in midfield. Watch Benfica vs Chelsea in the UEFA europe league and look how easily matic OWNED all your midfielders. Ramires David Luiz lampard, all the 3 in that game. If u cant see that game take a look at this video u’ll probably like it

  14. xtian says

    I actually think we do. Right now Ramires is like the only starting midfielder we have.

  15. Ntiense Sunday says

    It would be a good signning hope we officially sign him today..

  16. Zyte says

    matic is good,but 35mil is too much.we need him bcos he wil giv jose good optionr.we can play mikelmatic,maticrami,mikelrami or even lampmatic against teams dat pack d bus.i just wish he has good shootn range cos we lack it 4 now lamp is the best but hes getin old.

  17. Zyte says

    we should learn from matic & sale de bruyne with a buy back clause like barca did wit fabrigace.

  18. Alex Ade Adefemi says

    I will like our boss morniho 2 buy d player, if he will be helpin dos player

  19. Chris says

    Well matic to cfc is basically official sky sports Matic :- “Yes, the game against FC Porto was my last game for Benfica. I want to improve, I want to play in a better league and I want to go to Chelsea, a club I also love. I insisted on leaving because I think this is the right moment”

  20. Anonymous says

    Hi, I’m from Benfica and i just got to tell you that this is a tremendous lost for my club. You might not be aware of it now, but you just bought one of the best midfielders playing nowadays, not only as a true #6, but as a box-to-box as well. The guy does it all! Mourinho know’s what he’s doing, trust him. He could have bought a slightly better player for his position, but he would have spent twice the amount. Why not buy him while he is still not that established?
    Still hate ivanovic fot that goal. BENFICA

    1. Lightning says

      Napoli hate him as well, but you guys played a hell of a game. Really sorry too, but we needed that win, we had already lost out on 7 other trophies last season. Good luck this year, You’re already in a good position to win the league, and there are some massive teams in the Europa league this season, but I wouldn’t be surprised to at least see you guys reach the Semis. I’d like to see an Ajax-Benfica final.

  21. James says

    I agree with this story.
    I support Nemanja Matic
    Thank you for information sharing

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