Jose's post match reaction: 'We didn't kill the game'


Jose Mourinho has voiced out his opinion on what went wrong as a Back Line, Misjudgment was enough for Victor Anichebe to head in an Equaliser, for West Brom.

The Blues had a bulk of the Chances to win the Game but during the Late Minutes Of The Game, Something Went wrong!

We Allowed West Brom Back Into The Game and this gave the Albions The Momentum to Press on For Goal, as we rely on City and Arsenal to drop points, when they take on Sunderland who have been brilliant under Guys Poyet and David Moyes Manchester United.

The draw keeps us top and adds another point to our total, but Mourinho couldn’t hide his disappointment at our inability to close the game out.

‘For 60 minutes there was only one team in the game but that team couldn’t kill the game, especially in the first 15 minutes of the second half,’ said our manager.

‘For 10 minutes the game was poor and for the last 20 minutes there was only one team in the game, and that team fought a lot to get the goal and the point. In the end they deserved it because of their effort. Their goal gives some truth to their reaction.

‘We were not strong enough to kill the game. They had a reaction and we couldn’t cope with the reaction. The team started being too deep, I was feeling that even if I put some attacking players it wouldn’t help because the team in that moment was under pressure. It looked like it was impossible for my defenders to get out of the first third of the pitch. They fought for it and they deserved it.’

Mourinho explained why he thought there was such a shift in momentum

‘The attacking players stopped to play and gave the chance to the opposition to feel more comfortable and feel no fear and to come up the pitch. At the same time my defensive line started playing too deep.

‘We gave them the ball and we just waited for them to put the ball in the box and try to fight against it. That’s not our game, it’s not the way we feel comfortable. I think there was a little bit of a lack of personality. We must have that personality to get out and not accept that pressure and to play for so long in the last third.

‘A ready team, a complete team, kills this game.’

We failed to close out the victory, unlike at the Etihad last week

‘Against City we had lots of chances to kill the game and we didn’t. City could have equalised. The difference was we didn’t make one defensive mistake in that game.

‘Today we made a couple of defensive mistakes. We have to kill games and when we don’t kill games we can’t make defensive mistakes and we did.

‘At the end of the day it’s one more point, we have today one more point than yesterday.’

West Brom coach Pepe Mel was understandably thrilled with the point his struggling side earned…

‘I’m proud of my players,’ he enthused. ‘There were two different halves. We defended well in the first half, Chelsea only had two chances. In the second half we were good in defence and attack.

‘Chelsea are a good team but if we had scored before we did I’m sure we would have won the match.’

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