Potential top transfer targets for Jose Mourinho this summer


Jose Mourinho has taken a squad that hugely under performed under two managers in the previous 2012/13 season into making it one of the top contenders from the premier league trophy come at the end of May. And in doing so, he has taken some bold transfer choices such as selling Juan Mata for a record transfer to rivals Man Utd and bringing in a player that we let go of in part to bring David Luiz, Nemanja Matic from Benifica.

Whether the Blues will go on to win the premier league at the end of this season is another topic but, we can all hope and think it’s Jose Mourinho’s team that will triumph over the other challengers. But, in this article, I will list the top players that in my opinion might be targeted this summer as the Special One plans to build an all conquering team for the next 10 years or so.

Let’s take a look at their profiles and the description of the qualities they offer to strengthen the squad.

Edinson Cavani – Striker

CavaniAge: 27

Club: Paris Saint-Germain

Potential sum: £52m pounds

Jose Mourinho’s top transfer target in the summer will surely be a top striker as he has tried and failed in his last summer’s pursuit of Wayne Rooney. Cavani was also a target last summer but, was instead snapped up by high spenders Paris Saint-Germain. Within a year, the Uruguayan superstar might be on the move as he is reportedly unhappy with playing a secondary role to Zlatan Ibrahimovic up top the formation. He was being played out of position a lot under Laurent Blanc and a move to Chelsea will give him the starting role as CF that he was accustomed to in his previous club Napoli.

Radamel Falcao – Striker

Radamel-FALCAOAge: 28

Club: Athletico Madrid

Potential sum: £50m pounds

The Colombian superstar has in the past week been rumored to being targeted by Jose Mourinho who said,

“I have a team, but no striker. Falcao does not have a team. A player like him can’t play in front of 3,000 people. Monaco is a club to end [your career with].”

Falcao is currently trying to be back fit for the world cup after his club season came to an end with a torn ACL in a game for AS Monaco. Reports have claimed previously that the player and his agents have put a clause in his contract at the principality club that if one of Chelsea, Real Madrid or Manchester United bid to sign him and trigger his release clause, the club may not stop him from making the move to one of the three European giants.

Diego Costa – Striker


Age: 25

Club: Atletico Madrid

Potential sum: £32m pounds

The Brazilian born Spanish international has been rumored to be targeted by the Blues for a transfer and even a report has claimed a verbal agreement has been reached as Chelsea are looking to trigger the striker’s release clause and make him the starting striker of Jose’s team. Costa has shined this season by carrying the goals burden following Falcao’s departure from the club last summer. Despite his troubling behaviors, Jose Mourinho might be a fan of his determination and his attitude of winning at any cost as displayed specially in games against Real Madrid were he constantly clashed with Ramos and Pepe.

Luke Shaw – Left back

Luke-Shaw-1863058Age: 18

Club: Southampton

Potential sum: £25m pounds

Shifting the focus from strikers to left backs, we have Luke Shaw of Southampton who is a very talented left back that might inherit Ashley Cole’s place at Chelsea and the three lions squad. The left back is well known to be a huge Chelsea fans as we have known from his twitter and earned his first England national team call up for friendlies next week. Shaw is a rumored target not only for Chelsea, but also for Manchester United and Manchester City who are both in need of an established player for the future in that position as we are. Securing his signature will allow Mourinho to field Azpilicueta in his natural right back position while Shaw can replace Cole as the future LB of Jose Mourinho’s team.

Eliaquim Mangala – Defender

Porto-Eliaquim-MangalaAge: 23

Club: FC Porto

Potential sum: £30m pounds

The defender has been rumored to be wanted by Jose Mourinho last summer as doubts were lingering over Luiz’s transfer saga with Barcelona and Bayern Munich. With Gary Cahill and John Terry being the two main CBs for Mourinho’s team this term, David Luiz might leave if Barcelona or Bayern Munich offer a substantial sum. Jose might then look to replace him with a typical Mourinho center back Eliaquim Mangala who is also a rumored target for Manchester United.

These choices reflect my own opinion. Let me know what you guys think and who in your opinion should be Jose’s number one priority come summer.

  1. fahmicfc360 says

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  2. ND AGWUNCHA says

    Diego Costa may not be the most prolific striker among the above mentioned and to me he is the most “viable”.If Chelsea target “finished-age” is 32 then he is the type of striker that can last 6yrs minimum considering his tender age of 25yrs.Drogba lasted 8yrs at Stamford Bridge.We need a striker that will grow and blend well with the likes of Oscar and Hazard.One who will arrive Stamford Bridge without huge price,no pressure,play his normal game and enjoy the game with winning mentality just like Drogba did.I won’t mind if Chelsea add player plus cash for Diego Costa.

  3. hassassin says

    What about benteke?mandzukic? Costa can’t be relaid upon….falcao injury as I’ve already commented in another article might face similar Torres situation… Injury before world cup… Comes to us …final flop… Cavani is k for me but his age and transfer fee is questionable… Benteke and mandzukic is available cheap and more reliable…With benteke played with lukaku already that can possibly form a good striking partnership..Younger and cheap and already proved himself in EPL…But no Costa… Atl Madrid is a foolish team and will ask for courtois in return….mou has already said that courtois is gonna return…Keeping that in mind that they’re not getting what they want they might not sell costa to us (atl mad)…so mandzukic or benteke is my choice which you missed in this article..

    1. alexcfc8 says

      Not sure what games you watch if you think Costa is not good but the games i watch of him he is amazing. If it wasn’t for him Athletico Madrid would be a lot worse off. Mandzukic is 28 so there is no point in a striker like him for 4 years, Benteke and Mandzukic aren’t Mourinho type players

  4. hassassin says

    Also why mangala???? This is foolish… We’ve Cahill at prime. Zouma ake chalobah Christiasen coming up… Luiz to add fuel to the fire… Ivanovich and terry added to this list… Tomas kalas has a bright future and we Chelsea can’t afford 30 million for a defender…

    1. Shaurya CFC says

      The writer said that Mangala should and might be considered if David Luiz is sold to either Bayern Munich or Barcelona in the summer. As we’ve all seen in the past, one transfer can lead to a chain of other transfers.

      1. hassassin says

        Sorry mate didn’t notice it…. But luiz will become world best box to box cdm… He ain’t cb anymore… If we’re selling him we’ll surely loose a world class cdm as well as a third choice back up defender… Both.., so I don’t think we’ll sell him..,

    2. Mason Cole says

      I think if we are to buy a defender, it would have to be a young, promising one such as Schar

  5. Shaurya CFC says

    Jose’s main target this summer in my opinion should be getting a strong & clinical target man upfront. Someone with great areal presence, someone strong and someone who finishes everything in the box.

  6. prince adekunle simeon adesina says

    I think Diego costa and Luke shaw will ok.

  7. Tim Andy says

    BUy’n shaw alnt bad but hv we consldered we hve yoUng LB’s on loan?? PVA ls there! We can even brlng WaLace to help lva on da RB whlLE PVA and bertrand help Azpl on Lb. We dnt need mangala, we hv a lot of Cb on loan

  8. Shingie Samu says

    We don’t need to be buying players anymore lets mould the people we have in our academy.

    Samu Shingirai———- Sent via Nokia Email

  9. sumantra says

    P.S Falcao plays for Monaco not Atleti 😛

    1. hassassin says

      Super… Almost no one noticed it

  10. peter gachiri says

    luke shaw assist cole,cavani or falcao

  11. Zyte says

    we must stop buyn.lets try 2 find a way 2 harnes our own talent.sir alex did it 4 united by bring up a formidabl team dat won the treble.lukaku & piazon are good & these guys arent better dan them.cavani & co didnt fal from the sky,but a club gav them an opportunity 2 become a star.costa himself was playing as a point man 4 atletico 4 the 1st time dis season.sturridg is a good example.shaw isnt better than pva & bertrand.mangala isnt needed even if we sel luiz bcos we hav zoama,kallas & omerou etc.ktbffh.

  12. Zyte says

    good article,but this shouldnt be what cfc should be discussing now.pls write about cfc players on loan especially
    machecran.tell us how many goals,assist,clean sheets,sucessful tackles,crosses,passes & dribles they hav completed.i hate wat happend wit sturridge & matic.they were sold,& they showd us that we really dont appreciate the qualities we’v got.

    1. alexcfc8 says

      Before you say anymore about sturridge you need to know he wasn’t sold by choice he was asked to be sold as he didn’t like the fact he had the rule book thrown at him by RDM as he wasn’t being a team player, he handed in a transfer request just before RDM was sacked.

  13. Zyte says

    player fans should be separatd from club fans.fans of falcao & cavani should leav cfc alone.real club fans have the future of their club at heart.please write on how far we have gone in adjusting 2 the F.F.P rules.i know jose & roman has this in mind too going by the shrewd busines they did this past january.

  14. Madhup says

    Buy Costa,Shaw,Varane and Kroos/Khedira &Sell Luiz,Bertrand,Mikel,Moses,Marin,Ba& Torres

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  16. Fik says

    My first choice Falcao if we fulfill FFP rule, if not Costa. As I hv looked this yr game equivalent to striker blue need talented physically powerful #10 player. A lot chances not created for strikers like other teams. Lukaku score for Everton b/c their midfielders create good chances to him to score. He is not better scorer than z strikers we have this yr. If he was here this yr, he might score one or two goals. Look Bayer, Arsenal, City & Barca their attacking midfielders cover their weakness in defence and attacking. But in our case lack of best #10 AM unstable z team as a whole & make worse hving missfiring strikers. Look how addition of a single Ozil change Arsenal team. Blue can’t play with 2 strikers unlike other team as we don’t slove z #10 like other team. To me Costa + Schurrle starting together with best chance creater behind is z feared striking in Euro. LB is not burning issue now comparing #10 AM & FW players.

  17. Anonymous says

    We need player like alvaro morata.

  18. Martin, Norway. says

    It will be very interesting who comes in and out this summer especially with the striking depatment. My Choice is Costa, instead of wasting 52m pounds why don’t we buy Costa. He is younger and affordable.

  19. Fik says

    A player who is clinicial, holds ball and pass timely to z striker as well as to other players in a position to score goal is z first priority of blue to buy this summer. Look our strikers, LF, CD and wingers are better than Arsenal’s. But gunner has better 2 or more #10 clinician players that make them to compete for title. Their best midfield cover their whole weakness in striking, defending. But in our case lacking that make our better team worse. Cole is better than Arsenal’s LB & Torres, Eto & Ba also much better than Arsenal strikers but lack of clinician midfielders [like what Hazard do against Fulham] make our team in all positions worse. If we correct this position like other team our old players, misfiring strikers can serve for 2 or 3 yrs. The worset thing need first correction in summer is #10 player.

  20. CEO@ chelseafcgist.com says

    Diego costa and Luke shaw are okay by me .

  21. alexcfc8 says

    Diego Costa and Luke Shaw are all we need, mangala will only be brought if we sell Luiz and Zouma doesn’t get loaned out.

  22. Fik says

    As Shaw is Chelsea fan I want he is included in z team but £25 mil s very costy for full back and 18 yrs old. I also doubt his talent is better than what we hv. It is better decided by Jose. I think we also look other cheap options … For full back blue should not expend more than £15m.

  23. Mason Cole says

    My Summer Shopping List would be:

  24. Pedro Fonseca says

    Chelsea FC needs 1 striker (costa would be my favorite choice) and 1 left back. I don’t watch many southampton games to say affirmatively that luke shaw has quality to be a chelsea player. But if Mourinho needs a world class winger he should aim for Alex Sandro from FC Porto. The big problem doing that is the price… But i guess luke shaw it will be his target lets w8 and see what happens… But alex sandro would be a very valuable choice trust me.

  25. Ian Bringz says

    I personally think Costa is what we need in the summer, age, Money and Talent, he’s all what we missing & one for the future, great combo with Hazard,Oscar,Willian,Salah & schürrle.

    I don’t regret selling “sturridge” nor do I miss him NOPE. he was useless for us, never played for the team dan his self glory, Never Passed always opted to shoot..he’s good where he is. Atleast he bringz out competition for us & others.

    We already have Zouma so why waste money with Mangala?

    We want future here so I see Costa & Shaw as future(Max of 8yrz to run) not dose 27+ & 28+ old players nope, yes they good for today not tomorow(4 to 5yrz running).

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