Punto Pelota: Falcao has 'Real Madrid, Chelsea, Man Utd' clause in Monaco contract

resizedimage626349-Bordeaux-Monaco-AVM-1273-3Radamel Falcao has a big club escape clause in his AS Monaco contract, it has been revealed.

Punto Pelota says Falcao could leave ASM as early as January if the right offer – from the right club – arrives.

It’s claimed from January 2014, a clause in the Colombian’s mega bucks deal means ASM would have to accept an offer “from a team like Real Madrid, Chelsea or Manchester United” should it be made.

Falcao was linked with Real just weeks after signing for ASM after the club entered a war of words with French League authorities over their finances.

  1. sarfo says

    chelsea do not need falcao servic anymore.he chose money over honour

  2. Shiloh says

    Forget Falcao and focus on the ones we have and could develope to be better, get a hungry younger striker with great quality.

  3. Anonymous says

    falcao chose money rather then the greater challenge of the premier league. NO BOTTLE..

  4. BigChill says

    Who needs Fall-Cow Plssss!!!?????

  5. Lightning47 says

    Ehh, it’s just Punto Pelota, They’re the worst of the Spanish Media, which is saying something.

    It does hurt a lot being snubbed though. Our former defender Richardo Carvalho is the only person who I can see having any reasoning to go for the money. He’s near retirement and proven himself over the years. A last payday is fine for him.

  6. Nelson says

    Who knows you dis fail-cao. A disgrace to player transfer, choose money over honour.

  7. Nelson says

    I know dat eto’o, willian, hazard, mata, oscar and schurrle would be a threat to any opposition in the world this season.

  8. ceo chelseafcgist.com says

    wit the ones we have, we are okay wit dem..

  9. Ola says

    We dont need him

  10. Dingo says

    Hey dummies do you think Falcao want to go to that piece of crap team, don’t forget he score you 3 times in one half and left you SHIT-SEA team CRYING, Now you don’t want him hahaha, and he dint went to England because your league doesn’t allow purchasing players from a 3rd party, so before you open you shit holes, learn then talk.

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