Signing of the season?

It was announced that, that Roberto Di Matteo had signed a two year contract to become the Chelsea manager. This comes after much speculation over the manager’s position ever since the Champions League last month. There’s been mention of Pep Guardiola maybe coming out of his sabbatical and becoming the manager, although it now appears that he couldn’t be persuaded to postpone his year in New York. Many still fancy Guardiola to take over the hotseat next summer, with many stating that Roman wants the attacking style of football which Barcelona are so famous for, and that RDM is simply holding down the fort until he becomes available. I for one, am delighted with the news of RDM’s appointment, and really hope that this isn’t the case, and that he can build on his legacy which has already made, following the FA Cup and Champions League win last month.

A quick word on Guardiola to start with. In my eyes, I think that hiring him would have been a massive gamble, if he was available. Yes, he’s won numerous amounts of trophies at Barcelona, including 2 Champions Leagues and 3 La Liga’s and his records been very impressive. But in terms of getting another team to play that brand of football, I think that’s a task that Pep would struggle with. Let’s face it, he was lucky enough to inherit the team he did, with world class players such as Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol and Pique, plus of course a young Lionel Messi who was well on his way to becoming the player he is today. But Pep hasn’t experienced the task of rebuilding a team, and that’s what’s the issue with Chelsea. The foundations for the type of football that Barcelona, were laid down by Rijkaard before him, and he’s simply benefited from the improvement in the players he’s had at his disposal. I’ll give him the fact that he’s been impressive in the transfer market. David Villa, Alexis Sanchez and Javier Mascherano have been his 3 main signings whilst being in the hotseat, and all 3 of these have been great successes, in comparisons to the money spent from their rivals Real Madrid, on the ‘galacticos’, with many of them not living up too their price tags.

I think there’s a massive chance that Guardiola is just waiting in the wings for his date at the Bridge, but I do help that Robbie shows next year that this doesn’t need to be an option for Roman. I mean, let’s face it, every single Chelsea fan in the world already loves RDM so much, and he’s put himself firmly in the hearts of Chelsea fans, along with the special one of course. But there’s a real chance that RDM could exceed even the special ones’ achievements at the Bridge, if he’s given the time. I mean, so far he’s already delivered the one trophy that Roman really wanted, the holy grail, and he added our 7th FA Cup to the trophy cabinet also. With 7 cups up for grabs next season potentially, he could even exceed Jose’s trophy count at the Bridge in the matter of 12 months. Now that would make him the VERY special one in my eyes!

Roberto Di Matteo will always have the status of ‘legend’ at Chelsea football club, no matter how things turn out over the next 2 years (if he sees out this contract), and so in that way he can’t lose with the fans, and with the players. There will be many additions next season, who will be hungry to win things, along with the old guard who will hopefully continue to have a high level of performance when required to play. RDM weathered a really rocky ship when AVB left, and he pulled off the impossible. What’s to say he can’t pull off even more miracles next season, and perhaps win us our 4th premier league title? That awaits to be seen.

The important thing with RDM, is that he’ll have what AVB could never gain, and that’s the respect and support from all the players. They’ll respect him so much now after what he’s done for this club, and have faith in his ability next season. There’s been lots of snide comments from opposing fans and from some journalists, stating that even though we won 2 of the biggest cups in European football, he wouldn’t be up to the job due to our league form. Right, let’s touch on that. I think RDM lost 3 times as Chelsea boss in the league, with two of these being the Liverpool away game, and the Newcastle home game. The Newcastle game was a few days before the FA Cup final, with a makeshift team, and no doubt one eye on that final. Plus, the Liverpool game was after that successful final, with another makeshift team, who were obviously suffering a hangover from FA Cup celebrations. Take those two games out of the equation, and RDM’s league form was impressive. Add into the mix also the fact that we managed to get a draw away at Arsenal with a second-XI, against their full strength side. That in itself is an impressive achievement. The fact is, if we weren’t involved with the 2 cup competitions, we would quite easily have got a top 4 place. You can”t have it all.

Next season, with a fresh squad, a jubilant squad, and one that’s hopefully eager to win even more trophies, who knows what RDM can achieve. I think that a challenge for the title, semi-finals and upwards in the FA Cup and at least quarter-finals in Champions League wouldn’t be a bad first year at all. Throw into the mixer the potential to win the UEFA Super Club, Club World Championships and maybe even the Community Shield, there should definitely be at least some silverware coming back to the bridge next year. Here’s hoping that RDM gets all the time he needs to create a real force of a team, and that he isn’t simply an interim but with a different name. We’re all right behind you Robbie. You’ll never be forgotten for Munich 19/05.

Now let’s make even more history next season. Bring it on!

#Will Talbut

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  1. Anonymous says

    the chelsea fraternity has not made any problem in signing that man,i only support him to use his own tactics to win more trophies for us, may the Lord be on his side

  2. Anonymous says

    the chelsea fraternity has not made any problem in signing that man,i only support him to use his own tactics to win more trophies for us, may the Lord be on his side

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