RDM finally set to get the Chelsea job on a full time basis.

Roberto Di Matteo is set to be rewarded with a new and improved deal to takover the reigns at SW6 on a permanent basis CFC360 can confirm from reports from over 4 sources including BBC UK have reported.The interim coach who became 42 last month is close to being named the Blues full-time manager as in a remuneration for delivering the club’s first European Cup, having agreed a contract in principle at Stamford Bridge that could amount to more than a one-year deal.

A statement on BBC UK’s website read-
“Di Matteo’s case was strengthened by the willingness of the senior players to see him handed the chance to build on last season’s triumphs.One issue that remains unresolved, however, is the length of the contract.Di Matteo had expressed a reluctance to accept a short-term deal, fearing it would affect his authority at the club and his ability to make long-term decisions.

It is now thought the most likely scenario will see both parties agree to a longer contract with a clause that would allow either to break it after 12 months”

Mr. Abramovich is said to be cagey about exhibiting a two year deal and may only give him a year-long deal, as he keeps his eye on Pep Guardiola. The former Barça boss is on a furlough in order to recharge his exauhsted Catalan batteries and has been linked with returning to Chelsea in 12 months, which is the same time that the Russian opulent wants to offer to Robbie as a full time manager.

Roman has got to put his full faith in Robbie with the latter achieving something 8 previous managers could not and all were big names…
Robbie is being apprehended to sign an initial one-year deal with an option for a further season, with all parties confident agreement is close and a formal announcement is anticipated in the week to follow. Di Matteo has been on holiday in the United States for the past fortnight but, with Guardiola not an option and interest having cooled in the likes of  Redknapp and Laurent Blanc, he will return eager to build upon the momentum gained at the end of last season and take the club to even further heights.

Technical director Michael Emenalo and his team are working constantly to sign 2-3 more top-quality players along with Hazard to help RDM’s cause and the Belgium international suggested in an interview he had spoken to Di Matteo before completing his move to London with further additions anticipated over the closed season.

Abramovich also considered a raft of other candidates such as Marseille coach Didier Deschamps, France’s Laurent Blanc and others such as former Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez and Fabio Capello before reasoning that if he could not get Guardiola then he would keep Di Matteo.
The Italian will have to adapt the style of play of the team away from the defensive counter-attacking approach which proved successful at the end of the season but is not what Abramovich has demanded.
Chelsea looking to add the Dortmund star?
Meanwhile Mr. Abramovich is set to make a personal check on Poland forward Robert Lewandowski during Russia’s Euro 2012 clash with the co-hosts in Warsaw.
Lewandowski, top scorer in the Bundesliga with Borussia Dortmund last season, was watched repeatedly by Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal last term.Bayern Munich are also interested in the striker.

In my opinion there will be a sense of shamefacedness if anyone except RDM is appointed. RDM who lost just 3 matches in his 21 matches as the interim coach needs to get a comeuppance and should be given all the powers and resources to refu
rbish and recondition the ageing Chelsea squad. RDM being a fans favorite and a major character in the dressing room is the correct man to bring the much needed stability and to manage the much hyped player power player.

The players love him and so do the fans which is evident by the chants “There’s only one Di-Matteo”
Frank Lampard, who captained Chelsea to Champions League glory, said in the causatum of the Munich finale: ‘I can’t speak highly enough of him. Look at our record: what he has done is no coincidence. He has created an atmosphere and got players playing.

‘The camp’s very happy and you can see that in the results. Those results don’t lie.
The players were here anyway but what he has done by bringing them together and getting results like at Barça, and others before, has been amazing.
RDM also got the best out every player in his squad from the young Ryan Bertrand to the old Drog.Everyone gave their 100% under RDM and were fighting for their clubs as they wrote their name into the history books.

RDM perhaps is getting a unsubstantial deal but he could yet prove his doubters wrong with winning more silverware out of the 6 major competitions the Blues will compete in and starting a new-era with new players both at the grassroots and the top most level at the club.

Till then KTBFFH ,the CFC360 team will keep you updated as always…

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  1. Jonathan says

    Considering we gave up on the league in April

    It’s hard to judge Di Matteo on his league record, since the call was made to go all in on the FA Cup and Champions League (both of which we won). I wonder how much input he has had on this summer’s transfers, and worry that they were made regardless of his say.
    I’m interested to see what personality comes out of Di Matteo in the coming season. He was ever the pragmatist last season which stood in stark contrast to AVB’s stubborn adherence to his vision despite the lack of results.

    I applaud Abramovich for finally showing a little (emphasis on little) patience when it comes to his manager.

  2. Sammy says

    Good choice

    Even if you forget about the trophies, the man deserves the spot solely for what he did to Obi Mikel and Lampard. In Lampard’s case, a perfect position switch that no one has thought of before. In Mikel’s case, well, I got no idea what, but under Robbie it’s the first time when I’m enjoying Obi play.

  3. Sweet ! says

    Great news and well deserved.

  4. Saga says

    Oh Laura I can’t wait to see what you come with! I didn’t realize you we’re part of the group, so cool! I prmeisod I would do a tutorial for the puppets, but you don’t need my help to make your own, I’m sure 🙂

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