Reaction: Solidity Needed

Reaction: Solidity Needed

The “Clash of the Titans” in Group E turned out to be a thrilling game in the end, but Chelsea will feel they should have taken all 3 points in a clash that pitted the Champions of Europe against the Champions of Italy.

Chelsea started the game well, winning 2 corners in the first 3 minutes. Although nothing came from those corners it was a signal of intent from Chelsea. Juventus managed to create a couple of chances thereafter, but couldn’t find the back of the net. The game went back & forth until Oscar (starting his first match for Chelsea) fired an effort from 25 yards out. The ball took a deflection & went in. 2 minutes later, Oscar beat Buffon from outside the area with a sublime shot that nestled in the top corner. However, Vidal pulled one back for Juve minutes later and the first half ended 2-1 in Chelsea’s advantage.

Chelsea looked to push on in the 2nd half and pretty much picked up where they left off. Lampard nearly restored Chelsea’s 2-goal lead, but his free-kick was saved. Minutes later, Hazard was denied what appeared to be a clear penalty by the referee. However, Juve were now growing in confidence and looked like getting an equalizer. Oscar had to be subbed off after receiving a knock and was replaced by Juan Mata. Mata had a chance to kill off the game when some beautiful inter-play between him & Hazard put him through, but he hit the side-netting. Chelsea were punished for missing this chance as mistakes from Mikel & then Terry allowed Quagliarella to score an equalizer. The game ended 2-2.

Robbie’s Reaction

Di Matteo seemed disappointed with the result. He said “We feel disappointed. We should have closed the game and we should’ve reacted much quicker to losing the ball near the end.”

He did have words of praise for Oscar, who made his Champions League debut  & also got his first start for Chelsea today. “Oscar’s was a great debut, it was the right game to start him and he did a perfect job tactically, and scored great goals.”

When asked about Oscar being subbed, he said, “It was a bad tackle on Oscar before he came off. He had a knock on his ankle and we will assess him tomorrow.”

He felt that a penalty should have been awarded to Chelsea when Hazard was brought down. He said, “The challenge on Hazard was a penalty. He was pushed and it is the 2nd game in a row he didn’t get the decision.”

360 Reaction

Once again it feels like 2 points have been dropped. And this time it’s even harder to bear because Chelsea were 2 goals up. but sloppy defending cost us the match. Robbie switched over to a 4-3-3 formation for the match and the move seemed to have worked well enough considering how we dominated the game for large periods in the first half. Oscar did brilliantly during the first half to put Chelsea ahead & also made a nuisance of himself as he worked hard to keep Andrea Pirlo quiet. With Pirlo out of the game, Juve looked less threatening. However, the defending let us down at a crucial moment. With 10 minutes to go, a mistake from Mikel ensured that Quagliarella could break Chelsea’s offside trap and get the equalizer that Juve needed. It isn’t the worst start to our Champions League campaign (a draw against tough opposition is always better than a loss) but Chelsea will surely feel they should have finished the job when they had the chance.

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  1. Anonymous says

    RDM again?How could he remove Ramires and put in Bertrand when he has Moses on the bench?I'm just sick n tired of this so called tactics from our dear coach!

  2. Arthur Osadebe says

    A good coach is known by 1. the formation he starts games with against a certain team 2. The tactical changes he makes 3. His ability to read games and make necessary changes to his team to get the needed result. Tonight, RDM proved he is yet a great master reader of the game. Though he took everybody by surprise with his starting X1, by starting the Brazilian young star, Oscar. Good one from RDM. But what i expected him to do wen he saw that Juv was going on us, was to bring in Romeu for Lampard and Mata for Ramires. But all things being equal, a fair start of the defence of our crown. Again, time has come for RDM to really access JT. I think he is beginning to slow down. Cahill was bought for this purpose. JT shouldnt play all match. Open your eyes RDM.

  3. Anonymous says

    It is tempting to say that Chelsea played with false 9 lately. RDM pls r u scared to substitute Torres. I expected u sir to bring in Moses to kill d game. Torres is nt bigger than d club n no one has autonomy to play 90mins at will. Why is Cahil nt playing he is a better player. Pls dont put ur position in jeopardy cos of some players ego. A word is enough. D sky remain blue. Ktbffh

  4. Anonymous says

    I feel taking Ramires off was a mistake especially with the intention of closing out the game. The Bertrand change isn't a bad one but just the wrong player got subbed. I feel Hazard had to be the player instead of Ramires. You don't substitute a box to box player when you are looking to go defensive. Other than that,I think we played well using the 4-3-3 system against a midfield packed 3-5-2 system. Strangely we had lots of possession and maybe that's a hint that it is a system Robbie should consider in the league aswell. Juve is a top class team no doubt but we dominated their midfield…so I'm thinking why don't we use the same system against lesser teams in the league and seriously work on that goal difference of ours and ofcourse punish them for maximum points.

  5. Anonymous says

    J.t needs 2 take a spot on the bench. Chelsea's system has changed. We have mostly attacking players n cuz his age n speed we gotta defend deep with most natural attackers. N we take too long to apply pressure to the ball. We wud wait for attackers to reach deep in our half

  6. Anonymous says

    RDM feels disappointed… He should look at him self! His player use is terrible.. Why should bertrand come on?? Moses should of !! Yet again a none goal display by Torres!!! He should be subbed off at 60th min for sturridge!!!! Ivan look a bit off last night SO PLAY OUR RB WE GOT!!! Once again mikel's pass's got cut off and his defending is crap! Lamps and mikel don't work and the whole world can see it!!!

  7. Anonymous says

    RDM you where a good care taker coach and we all love you for what you made us achieve ! Much love!!! But you are not made out for a season coach for Chelsea! This season you have proved you are not up for the big calls on players.. You need to big up and make these calls and DROP MIKEL AND LAMP TEAM!! It's doesn't work! Get in the bin! drop torres an give sturridge a crack! Sorry RDM you are going to be in the same boat as kenny delglish EXCEPT YOU WON MORE!! Be proud an hand us over to a better coach!!

  8. duyvuleo says

    The whole world can see the combination of Mikel and Lampard have not worked out so far (maybe a bit well against weak teams). I think Ramires can replace Lampard. Against QPR, this combination (Mikel and Ramires) may work well. Ramires can support Mikel much better than Lampard. Ramires is fast, always full of energy and his passing is relatively good. Optionally, Romeu can replace Mikel. Mikel's horizontal passing is always not enough for offensive strategy we are pursuing. Romeu is very good of tackling, quick of passing. RDM, why not using Romeu??? Why always Mikel and Lampard very match? Are you a bit blind, RDM???

    About Torres, he should be out for some matches. Sturridge deserves to be given his chances to start.

  9. akees says


  10. Anonymous says

    i tot i was the only sick of seeing that bertrand guy playing LW when even a blind man can see that he is a WB. what the hell is mr. RDM trying to show or prove????????????????????

  11. Anonymous says

    i tot i was the only sick of seeing that bertrand guy playing LW when even a blind man can see that he is a WB. what the hell is mr. RDM trying to show or prove????????????????????

  12. Anonymous says

    I thank the writer for this unbaised article. He said as it is. JT and Mikel made the mistake. I don't know why the whole world is pointing only at Mikel. I feel Mikel will perform more if paired with a more faster parterner tham Lamps. Lamps passes are becoming awful and he is slow and hardly attacks and this affects the other pair. If you're a footballer, you'll understand what I'm saying.
    Kenechi: Lagos, Nigeria.

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