Rumour: Chelsea to offload Ba & Lukaku to afford Cavani


The protracted transfer chase of Edinson Cavani is set to continue this summer as rumors claim, Jose Mourinho is keen to bring the Uruguayan striker to Stamford Bridge this summer by beating off the interest of Manchester United for a 50m pound price tag. The deal that is set to equal Fernando Torres’ price tag is likely to be funded by the sale of Demba Ba and Romelu Lukaku according to the Express.

Reports suggest Cavani is available for £50million this summer after becoming unhappy at being played out-of-position on the wing at Paris Saint-Germain. -The Express

The special one claimed a couple of weeks ago that he was only restricted by the club’s demand to stay in line for the financial fair play rules but, would have signed the frontman last summer ahead of eventual buyers Paris Saint-Germain.

Mourinho has also made it clear to the media that he would like to buy a striker that fits the long term plans of his squad and that striker may well be Edinson Cavani.

Chelsea want to wrap up the deal earlier than the summer world cup since his performances in Brazil might drive up his price tag and bring other clubs into the transfer saga of signing Cavani.

  1. fahmicfc360 says

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  2. fidel says

    Go for costa and balotelliiiiii!!!!

  3. CEO@ says

    Dat price is too much., i would prefer Costa instead of Cavani .

  4. 12BET says

    I’m not that impressed with Cavani, so I would go for Costa too..

  5. wambua says

    cavani??? are we serious?i better stick with lukaku

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  7. K DHEERAJ says

    Cavani or falcao or anyone aged around 27 to 30 would be in top form and physically at their best may be 4 or atmost 5-6 years. Whereas lukaku is developing well and could become a world class player under jose mourinho(just like how hazard is shining match by match) in next 10 years if he sticks to our club like king ‘Drogba’. I dont know why CFC will try to sell him, may there is a break in relationship between jose and him. Or else if we need world class striker immediately even then we can buy cavani and sell ba and torres or eto. But my opinion is it’s not at all a good idea to sell lukaku!

  8. miles says

    The truth is mou might sell lukaku. Every chelsea fan shd prepare for it. Someone said mou is going to get rid of everbody AVB bought. Dunno how tru that is. I don’t want lukaku to go but with mou yu can’t be sure of what yu get. Chelsea is bigger than everybody. Let’s hope for the best. Up blues. Ktbbffh. The major problem I have with mou is that he does not believe in youth. Its sad. The reason is that he is result oriented and he never stays in a club for long so no time to strt developing a talent. But since he says he plans to stay at chelsea for a long time, let’s hope its true. Maybe he can focus on youth this time. I love Chelsea but I dunno why I don’t trust Mou. He is a great coach but…

  9. ush says

    Offload TORRES and BA room 4 failures like dem..pls MIKEL should b on his way out too

    1. Neri Abayomi says

      Torres- UCL, EL and FA CUP winner with Chelsea and you still call him a failure. Smh @Ush

      1. adam says

        If torres is not a failure, what is the name we can give again

  10. tich zan says

    mou had made me enjoy some wins against big teams wc was a thing of the past but i feel like his second comin is more of testing the supporters patience… He seems to be choppin off all e players that e fans like…. All because hez makin us win i support him but i dont trust his agenda on the second comin….. Next is luiz and then lukaku.. With mou anything is possible……. I wld like to see lukaku lead e line of attack….. We have to create our leathal machine…….

    1. seunfunmi39 says

      Make him lead the line in your Chelsea PS 2

  11. Fik says

    Mour looks Lukakaku can fit CFC style of play or not. He gave a chance last preseason and looked his capacity and drawback very well than us! If he decides to sell him he is right b/c he knows what is good for CFC! CFC has a lot young strikers, those not fit our style of play have to sold. It is due FFP and all talent what we buy is not to play to blue but only those z coach and techinical staff believe in them to play! Fan don’t underestimate z importance of buying & selling and doing business to fill z team gap. Mour know who is sold or not…. Without doing business how can blue strength z team next season? FFP has started…..

  12. DzaBu says

    Lukaku, Costa, Lazar Markovic!!! we will be unstoppable

  13. xtian says

    I think Lukaku is still growing, but his target-man Drogba-like play might be his downfall. He doesn’t like pressing at the top, doesn’t really look energetic and I don’t know if that would improve with age or is it the other way round. His right foot is weaker than expected but his finishing is decent. If he can improve his involvement with the team, especially off the ball, then he’ll be in with a shout. My gift to Chelsea fc would be Edinson Cavani. Lakaku is playing too close to how Demba Ba is playing in my opinion. He must start moving objectively and using his pace.

  14. ush says

    He won d titles because he was in d difference btw him and hilario..drogba won titles because he gave us d opportunity to win dem,torres won d titles because others played their roles better dan he did period.

    1. alexcfc8 says

      Your point is only valid for the FA Cup, Champions League, He won the corner Drogba scored from, EL he scored 9 on the road to the Final and scored our first and caused all kinds of trouble throughout the game he has been better for us than a lot of other strikers we’ve had

  15. miles says

    @ush u r funny. Torres won cos he was in d squad. U must be joking. Who gave us d coornerkick drogba scored from in d champ league final. Who scored the goal that confirmed our advancement in the champ league against barcelona. Who scored our first goal in the europa league final who also scored countless on the road to d final in the europa league. Get ur facts right

  16. ush says

    I know u guys are satisfied with his mediocre displays..he couldn’t face d heat in champions league..went to EL n was scoring goals..we simply don’t need dis guy…nd sorry he was brought into d team to b scoring goals not winning corner kicks

  17. Anonymous says

    @ Adam, its simple. if Torres is a failure like you claim we’ll give him your name “Adam”! failure of universal mankind.
    You’re obviously a dude with a wide mouth but little insight & wisdom everytime you comment. Have you played professional football in your lifetime before?

  18. Zyte says

    @ anonymous,adams may not have said what u like,i didnt like dat either,but 2 insult his person is uncalled 4.apologise 2 adam pls.

  19. Anonymous says

    @Zyte, yes Adam deserves an apology. But most esp when he apologizies to people he has offended with free flow of words. Unguarded utterances is not gentlemanly.

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