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The Special One
The Special One

There’s been so much speculation recently regarding his future, I feel that no one is a 100% sure on what’s going on. Having said that French newspaper France football came out with an article stating that Jose was on his way out of Real Madrid.

I can’t express my opinion on this because the whole article is in French. Alternatively I found an article which indicated that Jose’s departure from Real is imminent. CD canillas’ president who happens to be good friends with Jose through his son told Le Cope radio station that he won’t be their next season!

Yet another well-known and trusted source has said the same thing. Spanish based Marca also report that Jose has admitted that he won’t be managing at Madrid anymore.

I’m sure many of you still not a 100% ready to believe these stories but TalkSport seem to be following the footsteps of other top websites with this story. The English-based website also reports that Jose will be gone when the season draws to an end!

Despite all this positive news English newspaper the Daily Mirror quote that The special one will not be making a heroic return to SW6 and he will opt to say in Spain. I’m not quite sure whether to believe this of not hence the reason I said that I’m not sure that the newspapers themselves know that if these stories our accurate.

We all know the world of twitter is one of the best ways to keep up to date with all the latest news! Here are some of the top tweets regarding the situation.

@ChelsTransfer: Spanish paper AS now also reporting that Mourinho has declared he will not continue at Real Madrid next season #CFC

@F8Piraux: José Mourinho will be the next manager of Chelsea FC according to Punto Pelota and many reports in France. Wait and see ! #CFC #Mourinho

@TelegraphSport: Madrid paper AS is reporting that Jose Mourinho has declared he will not be at Real Madrid next season.

What do you fellow blues think? KTBFFH!

  1. Oladimeji olagoke says

    We want d special to be back at d bridge

  2. Bitto raphael says

    Give him(special one) the power roman

  3. Anonymous says

    Benetez probably saw this poll and voted no for mourinhou

  4. John marvins ogwuche says

    Mourinho is d special one we luv u. Cum back home 2 chelsea we luv all

  5. Anonymous says

    Whosoever has voted “NO” are probably “Manchester United Fans”.
    KTBFFH <3 Chelsea

  6. sylvester AGB says

    I Pray for jose to come I can’t wait for the special one to come I love him so much, he is the only one person to turn this around.



  8. ohene adjei says

    jose mourinho will been the next manager in chelsea sure.

  9. Tunji babs says

    Jose is d key to d upliftment of chelsea! He should cum and turn things around! D special one

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  11. scaranda says

    He will only come if he wins Uefa with Real, if he does not…then speculations will know the truth.

  12. Oboni Musa says

    Rael Benite,should remain as chelsea manager,because d man is very good, they should try & give him another season,& they should focus on their erop l- thank’s

  13. Richard akai says

    I will like the special 1 to come back @ the bridg next season i love u jose

  14. Ituen eno says

    Jose is d man,no order to reckon with,but jose shld pls make use of the current squard and put more force on attack and he should make a correction on mikel playing ability atlease it will correct the impression on jose and mikel that jose spoiled mikel partern of playing.

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