Roman's expectations from Di Matteo

Roman’s expectations from Di Matteo
As we all know Roman Abramovich has a love affair with “Sexy Football” and would love to see this style played at Chelsea. Many managers over the years have been sacked by Roman for not playing attractive football even when they are winning trophies. Di Matteo was most likely going to be added to the list of sacked Managers but due fans and players begging Roman to keep Di Matteo he reluctantly kept him on as manager. Roman only wanted to keep Di Matteo for 1 more season until the “King Of Sexy Football, Pep Guardiola” became available to coach but he was pressured into signing Di Matteo on a 2 year Contract. If Di Matteo wants to keep his job he needs to meet some requirements. These are:

1. Premier League: Finish higher than at least one of the Manchester teams on the table and qualify for Champions League comfortably next season. We should be aiming for around 3rd spot or above.

2. Champions League: Get to the knockout stages of the Champions League at least. Anything below that would be horrible and could see Di Matteo lose his job before the end of the season.

3. FA Cup and Carling Cup: Do not get knocked out in the early stages of these cups. Make it at least to the quater finals. Roman may not care about these two trophies as much as he does about the PL and The Champions league but he would hate to see his team knocked out in the early stages especially after his huge investments this summer.

4. Showcase Hazard and Oscar: These two big Money signings would brought to the club by Roman because they are exciting young talents who both have very promising futures. If Di Matteo decides to stick to the old guard instead of these two then he could be in some trouble. Half the reason Abramovich sacked Ancelotti was because he refused to play Torres and the same situation could happen here.

5. Get Torres Scoring: Roman absolutely loves it when Torres scores. Abramovich always is cheering and has a big smile on his face when the camera shows him after Torres scores. If Di Matteo can get Torres scoring regularly then it will keep Roman happy knowing that his 50 million pound investment has not gone to waste.

Even if Di Matteo meets all of these requirements I can still see Roman’s dream Manager Pep Guardiola being in charge at Chelsea next season. Unless Di Matteo can repeat the success he achieved last season then the job is all but Pep’s.

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  1. King Imitor says

    it is well seen on the wall that Roman only wished he signed Pep instead of keeping the RDM manager. I wish RDM the very best this season by repeating the success of last season with great style. KTBFFH!!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Di matteo he is the best. Just buy Cavani or hulk

  3. Anonymous says

    it rubbish if he does tinz pple wuld tink d coaches ar nt gud,waras der is a blackmailer at d back

  4. Anonymous says

    I agree with you all the way!!!

  5. Anonymous says

    This is stupidity,does he think that Pep would make a difference in chelsea?He should give his managers a chance to work and manage the club or we will end up like liverpool….

  6. Chris says

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  7. Jarred says

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  8. That’s really thinking out of the box. Thanks!

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