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  1. Buy Zithromax Thailand says

    It’s a possibility, but I can’t see how you can fit Lukaku, Ba and Mazacar into the same team. Maybe if Oscar is converted to a DLP it could work but I still just want Neymar. A pivot of Oscar and Luiz, Neymar left, Hazard central, Mata right and THE KRAKEN up front…

  2. alpha says

    after drogba left, i really hope torres could be the spearhead of our team. but once again he disappointed me. so with ba on our side and lukaku is going back i really hope both of them to be our main spearhead.

  3. Michael says

    I think that combination wil work,torres out

  4. Vaibhav Kumble says

    How many goals and assists does Torres have this season?? More than Lukaku m sure. And more assists than Ba m sure. So u see he gives a something way different than Ba and Lukaku. M not degrading our other strikers but degrading Torres is stupid.

    1. drogba says

      y cuantos minutos no lleva torres? muchos y solo hace algo cuando el equipo golea

  5. Isaac says

    I think that Torres deserves a site in Chelsea’s atack he’s scoring and assisting as Drogba said: Fernando Torres is the future of Chelsea

  6. dozie says

    You delivered a good article but at the end, you showed that hatred. You virtually mentioned all the Chelsea squad, you even added a defender without pointing Mikel. Look at what he is doing in AFCON, Look at the way he humiliated Yaya Toure and Sissoko at the heart of midfield, look at all his assists in that tournament. Since January he left, how have the defence looked like? How many matches has Chelsea won? How many goals has Chelsea conceived? Check the statistics. You in particular has never writing anything good about him. Any way, i never liked the new contract he extended with Chelsea because you (fans) hate him.

    1. Vaibhav Kumble says

      Good point. Mikel has not been consistent but he is highly under rated.

    2. Anonymous says

      Agree with you. Mikel has played well this season.

      1. Hey, you’re the goto exretp. Thanks for hanging out here.

    3. This was my first article!

  7. Mandla says

    Fernando may not be contributing as much to the team as most Chelsea supporters would have liked him to but you can’t say he hasn’t tried. 50 mil was spent on the spaniard so I get why most are stating to lose patience and why some have jus given up on Fernando. But I’ve come to wonder if the up front role is really where he belongs now, how would he cope if he was converted to a winger of some sort or maybe switch his trade to be the supporting striker.. Would he not be more of a threat there where the attention would be off him and he’ll be allowed to roam… If he adopted the philosophy of a false #9 but wit a true #9 as Demba to be the spearhead… This is jus my opinion though and if push comes to shove I’m all in with el Nino being put on the first bus out of chelsea… On another topic, the special/the only one would be great to have back but Learnado, director at PSG, is also a great manager and has hinted he wants to lead a team in the Premier League I’m sure he’d be great at chelsea..

    1. Nathan Smith says

      this is ridiculous im sorry to say..just because torres has assists this season, it doesnt mean he can play as a false9..have u forgotten he cant dribble and loses the ball most of the time

    2. kaycee says

      nice gesture,think he wuld fit in as a right winger.

  8. Gideon Anyona says

    Time has come to call a spade a spade and not a Big spoon!Torres in front,he has failed and Ba should take the mantle.I think Rafa thinks he secure his contract by playing Torres regularly but to remind him,thats not soccer,soccer is about goals thats why fans miss DMT and the special one,because according to them only the best will take the mantle.

  9. desmond O. says

    it’s mouth watering can’t wait 4 d new season 2 begin, they’ll b like a new signings…POWER

    1. Anonymous says

      Only if we can get Mourinho back…

  10. Darlington says

    The best combination, sale torres and show rafa the way out bring in islam to the first team to support Ba and Lukaku. GOD bless chelseaFan’s world wild.

  11. Slim says

    Wait wat u guys saying,Torres is d best playing a 4,4,2 formation he is nw a exprience player 2 exprience so he should be use as supportin striker,lukaku ba ad torres is d only strikers we need ad Neymar should come ad das ok 4 striking ad loned midfielders should be called back. Torres must not leave chelsea 4 we will mis him ad u guys no wat miss is

  12. Buy Diazepam 20 Mg says

    Reblogged this on Buy Ativan Lorazepam.

  13. Anonymous says

    well said we need that energy back into our club, lets stop wasting time torres needs to go to china or somewhere else becoz hes taking to long so far to rise

  14. Dachung Pam says

    Rafa and Torres should just go.

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