Romelu Lukaku – Could he fit into the Starting 11?

lukaku-kiss-liverpool-f151-320484_1600x900Over the last couple of years people have recognised Romelu Lukaku as one of the hottest properties in world football. The young Belgian has earned praise from fans and pundits a like following some excellent performances. Chelsea were quick to realise the potential he possessed and made a hefty £18,000,000 bid to acquire his services. The move was sealed from Anderlecht in the Summer of 2011. It certainly was a big price to pay for such a young un-experienced player and many thought that he would have a decent spell in Chelsea’s first team. They were proven wrong! He only made 8 appearances for the blues and most of them came off the bench. So it was extremely difficult for him to portray his true talent! No wonder he was seeking a loan move. And newly appointed West Brom manager leaped at the opportunity to sign him with open arms!

Romelu Lukaku has really taken the league by storm this season. The nineteen year old has netted 13 times in 27 league appearance averaging a goal ratio of 1 goal every two games. An impressive stat for a player of such a young age. He’s a powerhouse up front with his physical presence. And his aerial ability gives a physical edge to West Brom’s meaning attack. Lukaku has kept big-name players such as Odemwinge, Long and Rosenberg out of the team thanks to his form.

He’s been an influencial figure in Belguim’s uprising contingent and he’s part of the ever-growing Belgium community at the bridge. The blues have a total of four Belgians they are Eden Hazard, KDB ( Kevin De Bruyne), Thorgan Hazard, Thibault Courtoi. Three of them are loanees however there certainly is a Belgium community developing at SW6.

How would he fit in to our team then?

Well considering his strength and athleticism he will be a key role upfront. He could hold up the play like Ba does for the blues currently. However he could form a partnership with Demba Ba. I have already expressed my opinion about this ( here is the link) . Alternatively I didn’t reflect on how hard it would be to introduce him to the team. Over the last couple of years managers have preferred to play with one strike up top. It’s been clear for all to see its been a resounding success. So to change the whole philosophy of things now might be a dis-advantage. I know we are still awaiting confirmation on who will be leading us next season, but if the next manager were to create a partnership it will have a massive effect on our line-up.

For instance it would mean that we won’t be seeing Mazacar play together because the mentality of the squad will be to offensive and teams will find it easy to break us down. But if we were to choose more of a defensive approach, there won’t be enough creativity in the midfield to allow Ba and Lukaku to create chances/score.

Without a shadow of a doubt the nineteen year old is one of the best young strikers in the world. It’s clear for all to see that he’s a fantastic player who posses many attributes. Having said that I think it will be awkward to bring him in to the team because other players will have to change position and we will find ourselves in a bit of a mess. But who knows the next manager might be a fan of introducing a deadly partnership! We’ll just have to wait and see.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this article! Do let me know what you guys think! KTBFFH!

  1. tich zan says

    lukaku iz deserve to be at chelsea and can do better.. He waz just a victim of A.V.B’s stupid tactis wc almost ended us a season with no cup… He never had arun with e team…. If he can do it with a less creative mid how about with mata & hazard…. Its just that some pple just get luck when they come to a team.. Oscar iz lucky all az a result of goalz against juventus but hez a weak link in that team az lampz haz grown to be… We just need to give him a run n he wil b perfect….

  2. oriabure says

    my humble submition is that he could fit into the team very he is more faster and powerful then ba and he could do great thing for himself just as messi did at this age so my hope is high about lukaku

  3. King24 says

    If Lukaku improves on his already enviable physique at such a young age, we may well have our own Ibrahimovic type of player: Tall and powerful, never pushed off the ball and incredible shooting.

  4. tim says

    Lukaku is hot and in form….. Instead of bringing him back to cfc to gve him more play’n time, we want to waste £48m on falcao! That emanalo guy mst be sacked! Lukaku and marine are the 2 players i expect to shine next season

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