Romelu Lukaku joins Everton on Loan

West Bromwich Albion v Tottenham HotspurChelsea striker Romelu Lukaku has joined Everton on loan.

The talented Belgian posted on Twitter that has joined the Toffees for the 2013/14 season.

This was the statement on Chelsea’s official website,

Romelu Lukaku will spend a second season on loan at a Barclays Premier League club with a move to Everton completed.

The 20-year-old striker’s season at Goodison Park will follow on from a year of significant progress at West Bromwich Albion when he featured in 38 games and scored 17 goals, becoming the highest-scoring teenager in the Premier League since Michael Owen in 1998/99.

Lukaku, who is in the Belgium squad for their World Cup qualifier against Scotland on Friday, made three substitute appearances for Chelsea at the start of this season and since joining from Anderlecht in the summer of 2011, has made a total of four starts and 11 substitute appearances for the Blues.

We’d like to wish him all the very best of luck at Everton.

  1. Collin says

    Suprise suprise! I wished and thought Ba will be the one to go! Anyway, I want o believe its a gud move for the youmg lad, he may not be ready for the big games! he still needs more playing time! so he will be back for us next season when Etoo is gone!


  2. Shiloh says

    Why send him out on loan? If he was to be sent out on loan why not to WBA. We sent a very promising striker out on loan and left a Ba here, Jose really didn’t impress me last yesday.

    1. Anonymous says

      “Jose really didn’t impress me “: you Chelsea fans always spend your time complain: did you see him against Bayern. He was not follow the coach instructions even was arguing with mourhino in live. What is this kind of player? His young and refuse to follow instructions from your coach. He will not play in big game so he has to go. Maybe next season he will be more mature!!!!

      1. Manpreet says

        Ive tried to look for a replacement for dorbga. its not gonna happen. we dont need another dorbga we need another striker who.can score. torres is.a very good player and with players.such as marin mata and hazard helping him im sure.he will do a great job. but lets look at the bigger picture if lukaku leaves on loan and sturidge does.leave. we are just left with toress. ok we ciould play lucas pizan or maby mata upfrobt but torres is.still getting back on form. ild rather spend 30mill on a player who.can score goals and a player who is always on form theb buy sokeone like cavani hwho i will admit is a class player but he dosent fit in to the chelsea teak this.year we.have a very brazilian squad and all.of our.players want to play in the 2014 world cup so why.not hulk? he will be surronded by friends and he would be a great and powerful asset to.the chelsea team. on players such as scheller and cavani and lets buy a player who.wants to play for chelsea and has the skill and talent to play. a332mill is a great deal for him

    2. sammie says

      Why everything does is always not good with u if ba was the one now u would say chelseafc waste money why sign him when we can’t be patient with him and bla bla bla I’m how am I sure u are a chelseafan pls get behind ur team and support them if trully u are a chelsea fan

    3. Anabelle says

      That’s an easy question.

      The player needs further development. He’s already been with y was sent to WBA, thus why is necessary to send him to a different team. Expose him to a different Manager, and coaching methods. Creating a more well-rounded approach is the best way to improve the player’s capabilities.

  3. Anonymous says

    poor decision… really poor. believe it or not, that kid is better than all three attackers we have right now… far better than the joke we call ba, better than mis firing torres, and have u guys seen eto play lately? pls don’t expect the eto of barca or inter. I saw him play a couple of times at ahnzi and what I saw was a very lazy man who spent more time on his butt than on his fit… its a shame to let such a promising talent go on loan again, it only shows that Chelsea don’t have much confidence on him, and for what? just one missed pk? I hope his case doesn’t become that of pogba who Manu lost for free to juvi and now he has become a big boss… shame.

  4. Anonymous says

    you Chelsea fans always spend your time complain: did you see him against Bayern. He was not follow the coach instructions even was arguing with mourhino in live. What is this kind of player? His young and refuse to follow instructions from your coach. He will not play in big game so he has to go. Maybe next season he will be more mature!!!!

  5. Anonymous says

    Lukaku may be promising, but promise doesn’t win you games. He won’t develop at Chelsea, and looking at how Mou plans to use Torres as a false nine, it seems rather effective (against Bayern). Let Lukaku improve, Ba and Eto are good backups, while we can also play with 4 AMs (like against United). Not as bad as thigns would first sound, considering Lukaku hasn’t started any match so far.

  6. Anabelle says

    I agree with Mourinho on this decision.

    And those of you who disagree it’s because you’re basing your opinion on emotions and not the reality.

    People think just because you’re a big muscular guy that you strong mentally. That’s is far from the truth.

    Let’s look at Romelu Lukaku who is 6’3″ and 220 pounds.

    When Lukaku walked to take the penalty vs Bayern, I saw a man with a physically imposing body that does not match his mental strength. He kicks the ball with the strength of a kitten. Total lack of confidence.

    Neymar, who is basically the same age, if put in the same situation, would’ve approached it with confidence, and kick the ball as hard as possible. He has the mental edge that makes one a Great Player.

    Lukaku can go to a smaller team to try to improve his mental edge, but if he’s not born with it one cannot learn.

    The best player in the world is barely 5’7″. But his strength comes not only from his talents but from his strong powerful mind.

    1. Njabulo Sineliso (@zinebo) says

      i dont remember drogba kicking the ball as hard as possible when he won chelsea he champs league..lukaku had a bad day just like JT did back in 2008. the loan move will do him good thou.

    2. Yurii says

      Fully agree, I saw the fear in his eyes prior to taking the penalty kick. He panicked. Jose Mourinho must have seen it too. I am not sure Lukaku is going to play for Chelsea again.

  7. Shiloh says

    Whats ur busy here then? Fans all over the world complain about activities of their clubs. Certain ur happier now that he’s not staying at Chelsea but i know he’d score against your teams.

    1. Anabelle says

      I was writing about the player and his development which will further help the club.

      You, on the other hand, are shortsighted, and can only see short term fixes. That’s why you’ll never be able to understand strategic thinking.

    2. says

      Your answer shows real intelligence.

  8. GABBY says


    1. GABBY says

      Did u see hw he got tired jax 10mins of his introduction to game.aah

      1. Kengo says

        It’s gamble gtenitg him. He’s playing in the third rate Belgian league where defenders are not as proven as those in the epl.AW better move for the proven article otherwise if the superboy doesn’t deliver there will be more frustration.

  9. Anonymous says

    Lukaku is not ready for CFC, that’s true. But just a month ago, during the pre-season JM was extremely impressed with the belgian striker. So what happened? He changed his mind? Is this a sort of punishment after the Supercup match? Not so easy to understand.

  10. oyedeleoriyomi says

    The best option it think,lukaku stil nid 2 up his game 2 a level whr hez potentials wil be felt.And goin 2 everton a club aguably beta than wba whr he played last season,i c him coming bak 2 chelsea next season much ready and stronger than ever.Wish him d best at everton.

  11. Kamberley says

    Fillyan! This is just what I was looking for.

  12. James says

    I agree with this story.
    I support Romelu Lukaku
    I love Romelu Lukaku
    Thank you for information sharing

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