Rumour Mill: Andre Schurrle to Chelsea is a done deal?


I am sure you’ve heard it – according to German journalist Tim Röhn, Chelsea have agreed to sign Andre Schurrle on a 5-year contract. Question is what does Kevin de Bruyne have to do with anything? I looked carefully through that Tim Röhn dude’s tweets but I didn’t actually understand the KDB part of the deal – he mentions that the price is expected to be €22m.

Here’s what Tim Rohn tweeted:

RT @Tim_Roehn:

 and  have agreed a five-year-deal, bosses of  &  will talk soon – my text @WELT_Sport …

However, he also says that…:

RT @Tim_Roehn:

Bayer wants to buy him [Kevin de Bruyne], but Chelsea favorites offers a loan deal. That’s the problem until now.

Just talked to agent of . Told me: “Bayer is a very good option. Kevin could replace  will not sell KDB.”

He then talks about whether KDB is better than Schurrle but I’m really not sure what is going on there.  Then he discusses how Schurrle is a lot better than Marin (newsflash!). And then he tweets that…:

RT @Tim_Roehn:

For my English followers: The “Express” report about a salary of 4,8 Mio. €/year for #Schurrle is not right!

My opinion:

I don’t know how trustworthy a German journalist’s twitter account can be, this is my biggest concern. He says that there’s expected to be an agreement on Friday. I personally don’t like jumping to conclusions from some guy’s twitter account. So we’ll have to wait and see.


  1. Henderson says

    I don’t know why CFC is bidding for him,I don’t think CFC need him

    1. dimatteofan says

      We share the same opinion, my friend.

  2. Bitto raphael says

    KDB is better than him

    1. dimatteofan says

      Far better in my opinion.

  3. Fauzaan says

    We should have gone for Lewandowski rather

    1. dimatteofan says

      We probably will go for Lewandowski. It doesn’t depend on whether we get Schurrle or not.

  4. pascal flash says

    Blue blooded pflash schurrle is gd bt wat we want is first class faster n a smart finisher.we r champs guys .

  5. olayinka ajao says

    gud deal for chelsea if it real

  6. ubong Francis says

    I think kdb should be giving The chance

  7. ubong Francis says

    cfc needs stricking power.

  8. sam says

    I agree that the price is too high for him. Hope will not become the next Marin. Still waiting for Cavani.

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