Rumour Mill: Frank Lampard to be offered new Chelsea deal

Frank Lampard to be offered new Chelsea deal
Frank Lampard to be offered new Chelsea deal

Rumour has it that Chelsea are ready to offer Frank Lampard a new 1-year contract extension. Another rumour has it that Jose Mourinho actually has a finger in this. Sources: Daily Mail / The Sun

My opinion: Giving Lampard another year and letting him retire in Chelsea will not hurt anyone. I think he has done enough to prove he still deserves to play. With everything he has done for the team throughout the years AND throughout this season as well, he has shown that even at the age of almost 35, he still has it.

Why don’t we give him a chance? Look at players like Giggs, Scholes, Antonio Di Natale, Francesco Totti, etc. – they are absolute legends and their teams don’t even think of letting them go. Giggs is 39 (1973), Scholes is 38 (1974), Di Natale is 35 (1977), Totti is 36 (1976). Okay, let’s say Scholes is almost impossible to be replaced because when he retired for a while, a big hole opened in Manure’s midfield and they were horrible, so he had to come back. But let’s face it – Manure, Udinese & Roma will probably never let go of their legends. Why should we? Everybody seems to be interested in Lampard but apparently we aren’t! Everybody seems to be praising him but apparently we aren’t!

However, rumour has it we’re about to take a U-turn and finally see that Frank deserves a new contract. Let’s see if it’s true.

What do you guys think?

  1. Bright Akaehielem says

    Am so happy to see this, Lampard is a legend and deserve to be offerd a new deal he has contributed a lot in our succes for the past decade.

    1. Ian Meredith says

      Hear, hear lampard is definitly a legend

  2. Oj Currency says

    He s a legend. He needs a new contract

  3. Vaibhav Kumble says

    I was shocked that this kind of thing ever came up. This issue should never have happened.

  4. Soceates says

    Sydney Herald

    Rumours that Jamie Carragher (look at me, I’m a legend’) will be presented on his retirement with a golden wheelchair by Liverpool Football Club (as he was not part of the golden generation) have been greatly exaggerated. Club fans from around the country are raising a collection instead for extensive elocution and linguistic lessons that will serve him well in retirement in Welsh language radio

  5. Anonymous says

    Behind every rumour there is an amount of truth.

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