Mario Gomez rumours resurface


According to the German media, Mario Gomez is again a Chelsea target for a price of £36m. Born on 10 July 1985 [27] Mario Gomez is one of the most prolific strikers in Germany. He is a good player with nice hair. But I’m not sure about the price…although, Bayern hardly sell their best players and a £36m price for Gomez DOES sound reasonable, knowing how football teams sell their stars nowadays (many way overpriced). However, just like the other rumours, this one may quickly fade away so don’t get your hopes too high if you’re a Mario Gomez fan.

  1. pertaub says

    ^if he is so good then y didnt he score lots of goals this season..all his goals are just tap in..he knows how to positione thats all..he doesnt have the speed to outrun defenders..he is so shit thats why mandzukic is the first choice striker..lewandowski will be available and chelsea thinking of bringing a piece of shit -.-..the fuck

    1. EKVR says

      Well you have to realise that Gomez was injured for a good part of this season and he hasn’t been able to fully recover. He’s a great striker and can certainly finish, mind you. I wouldn’t want him personally because of his lack of pace and dribbling (which is key for a lone striker).

      1. pertaub says

        yeaah we already have demba who is a good finisher and lacks we need someone really good to compete with the manchesters..with the way manu was playing yesterday we are very behind them in terms of strengh and organization..chelsea needs to be serious and buys the best

  2. Anonymous says

    big no….
    lewandorsky is younger and far better….

    1. thespecial1 says


  3. ShawnS'tha says

    Dont spend 36 million on a striker… bring back lukaku and shurle would be perfect

  4. JagT says

    lukaku from loan
    buy schurrle in summer 25-30M
    and presently demba ba.
    utilise a “two striker on pitch tactics”. either one play as a second striker behind the main striker in the 4231 or jus change the formation all together and use two centre forwards.

    tell me that our attack wouldn’t reach milestones with that.

    all r tall, good work rate, powerful and team playin finishers.
    all will and has already suit the premier league..

    simple and reasonable, think about it



  5. The king says

    Gomez is worth £50 million best pure striker in the world

    1. thespecial1 says

      Falcao would like a word with you….

  6. Green Rose says

    where is our islam feruz!??!?!

  7. AGal says

    well i read this on facebook

    The Telegraph, Daily Mail, the Star and The Times all seem to agree about the big picture. Wayne Rooney is heading for the Manchester United exit door this summer.

    After being axed from the United squad of Tuesday night for the Champions League match with Real Madrid, whispers began getting louder that Sir Alex Ferguson has finally decided to get rid of Wayne Rooney.

    Rooney, who famously announced his desire to leave Old Trafford back in 2012 only to quickly renege in a public fiasco, now seems to be left out in the cold at Carrington.

    According to The Times, Rooney is said to be forcing the exit issue after being left “furious” at missing out in the Madrid game. James Ducker reports that Rooney has “failed to conceal his fury at his [Real] omission.”

    The Times go on to suggest that PSG, Chelsea and Man City will all look to sign Rooney, while Borussia Dortmund’s Robert Lewandowski is Sir Alex’s Ferguson’s prime replacement.

    The Star have a much more tabloid slant on the story claiming that Cristiano Ronaldo is the main acquisition target for Fergie, while the Daily Mail claim that a fee of just £20m will prise Wazza from Manchester.

    As for the Telegraph, they claim that rather than Rooney forcing his United exit it is Sir Alex Ferguson who is showing his number ten the door.

  8. Anonymous says

    i would have him with closed eyes… he is a giver, a leader, has a never say die attitude, has great work ethic, everything you can ask for… am talking about rooney…

  9. Anonymous says

    he’s not so bad………..i personally think he could fit in our system better than falcao

  10. Olamachi Wizguy says

    I will support Chelsea with all the days of my life, even my dead body, if chelsea agree to bring Falcao to Stanford bridge all fans will be grateful, call de youngest Wizguy @ 07012580670.

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