Rumour Mill: Radamel Falcao

Here’s the latest rumours we have on Radamel Falcao:


1) Atletico Madrid CEO Gil Marín, Radamel Falcao’s and Chelsea’s representatives met 2 weeks ago in a Madrid restaurant.


2) If Falcao wants to leaves in the future, Atletico Madrid have promised Chelsea, the first club to be negotiated with Chelsea.


3) Chelsea are prepared to pay €55m with Courtois included in the deal. Falcao has rejected offers from PSG, Man City and Zenit.


4) Falcao and his family are currently happy in Madrid but Atletico are studying ways to ensure his continuity at the club.


5) There is no agreement in principle between the clubs but Chelsea have been promised first right to negotiate with due to Courtois.


Source : Rubén Uría, Spanish Eurosport presenter.

  1. brynknight says

    #1 is true.
    #2 would make sense due to Courtois
    #3 No way is Falcao worth €55m + Courtois. Falcao’s buyout clause is in the region of €55m (I’ve heard €52m from reliable sources). Courtois is worth at least €40m. I’d say close to €50m.
    #4 Obviously Atletico want to keep their most prized asset.
    #5 That makes sense.

  2. desmond O. says

    not courtois,Y let it b sum1 else MAY be torres

  3. Anonymous says

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