Schurrle's Agent: Chelsea won't try again

0,,16759659_303,00The agent of Andre Schurrle fears the Bayer Leverkusen winger will miss out on a move to Chelsea.

Having twice failed to agree terms with Bayer in the past 12 months, Chelsea are again struggling to strike a deal with the Bundesliga giants.

Ingo Haspel admits he’s concerned: “I hope that in the next few days they can make a decision. In the long term this is not a good condition.

“One thing is clear: I do not think that Chelsea will report a third time to Bayer for André. This could be their last chance.”

So what do you think guys? Should we look else where? Is he really worth it? Do leave your comments!


  1. Tom Gardner says

    Let him go. Sign Paulinho, Fellaini, and one of the following three: Lewandowski, Cavani, Falcao. Bring back Lukaku, and we have four options up top including Ba and Torres.

    1. Peter says

      We don’t need to spend so much money on a striker that may not live up to his huge value. The board knows this now. I’d love to see Chelsea sign a world class striker, but I wouldn’t mind getting Schurrle instead, he’s a really good young talent. We can use the money we’d save to improve the squad elsewhere. Falcao isn’t exactly young, either. Schurrle is good now, and at 21, he can only get better, even if he joins and is initially off form, while a player like Falcao probably can’t get any better.

  2. Shiloh says

    According to gossip reports they want 25m and above, for someone was has hardly play outside Germany i say no. Bring back Kelvin and try to get Rues from Dortmund.

  3. phil says

    Schurrle is a good buy he can play in midfild or stricking get him plus Rues and Falcoa and get rid of torres as he is shit also get a midfilder that can repalce lampard like hamsik or kroos or keep lamps also get a defender like dodo from roma or Ramos

    1. Vaibhav Kumble says

      Buy 5new players?!!! Transition is supposed to be temporary. . With this logic we will never settle down as a team.

      1. phil says

        i dont mean get all five at least 2 strickers midfilder and a defender

  4. Neri says

    Top strikers and the number of goals dey v scored so far in all competitions dis season;

    Fernando Torres- 20
    Gonzalo Higuain- 15
    Sergio Aguero – 16
    Carlos Tevez- 17
    Wayne Rooney- 17
    Karim Benzema- 14
    Edin Dzeko- 20
    Van Persie- 34
    Luiz Suarez- 30
    Falcao- 30
    Messi- 54
    Ronaldo- 48
    Cavani- 30

    U wud agree with me dt d above list contains d best strikers rite now. Fernando Torres via dis list as faired well so far. Stop d discrimination.

    We don’t need Schurrle

    1. Anonymous says

      torres isnt that reliable anymore he scores so 5 in 11 games and we need some one that is like drogba and thats falcao, reus and schurrle but mainly use him in the midfield or just behind hes a good talne t and youngster we need that sort of player at chelsea

  5. Anonymous says

    i’m sorry people if you’re going to hate me but i have to say it… we don’t need a whole bunch of players every other season. successful teams don’t work that way. as someone who’s watched Schurrle i think he’s a failure and getting him for ten million would be crazy but letting de bruyne go and paying twenty is just insane. even if dortmund wanted KDB we shouldn’t sell. he’s one of the very few cheap players we signed that will actually be worth more than what we paid for them. and having kloop interested in the player means he’s not just another man. as for other transfers, we don’t really need to spend a hundred million on fellaini or falcao or lewa. we have the world’s most promising strikers in lukaku and feruz and we already have torres and ba(who could well be better than the real madrid duo if he’s given more time)we’ve been scoring enough goals, maybe not from torres but we have scored a lot. we were conceding many goals because all our defenders do the same thing which is cover brilliantly when on the ball but fall asleep with through passes or long balls we need someone who can intercept long balls as good as terry when he was in his day. don’t sign ramos don’t sing hummels or subotic, use our youngsters. we probably have the most youth products being wasted. barca use unqualified players like cuenca and tello and others while we have the likes of piazon,lukaku,chalobah,kalas………but we never use them. the only player in our lineup that actually came from the academy was terry and he’s not even playing all the time so have a great academy but we never use it i donno why

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