Should we take Drogba back?

Should we take Drogba back?

Word Spread this week that Chinese Super Club Shanghai Shenhua was facing financial difficulties and would have to make pay cuts. One man that would perhaps have to be offloaded from the club is Dider Drogba. The 34 year old is on enourmus wages which Shanghai seem like they are not capable to pay leaving the door open for Drogba to return to Europe. Since this news broke Drogba has attracted interest from some top clubs in Europe including Juventus and Liverpool but Drogba turned down these offers. But this situation raises the question should we bring Didier back to Chelsea?
Didier is a Chelsea Legend and would be welcomed by most fans if he were to return. But is this a good move for a club that is looking to play a new brand of football?

POSITIVES: The question of whether we need a back-up striker continues to be raised but now it looks like that question has been answered by Daniel Sturridge. On Transfer deadline day it was revealed that Daniel Sturridge was all set to become a Liverpool player but the deal fell through. With the Limited striking options that Liverpool have at the moment they are sure to try for Sturridge in the January Transfer window. This would mean we are in need of a back-up stiker. Didier would be a perfect fit for the this position. He showed last season that whenever we needed a goal off the bench he was there to stick it in the back of the net. He is also a big game player and with the amount of Competitions we are in this season he could be very useful. He is also a proven and consistent goal scorer in all competitions especially the Premier League. His arrival would provide a different dimension to our attack. A more physical approach rather than a ‘fancy’ style of football

NEGATIVES: Drogba is now 34 and would demand extravagent wages. We should instead invest this money in younger players and develop them. Also there is the risk that we will make Didier our main striker again. Last season Torres was the mean to be the main man but eventually Di Matteo chose to play Didier instead of Torres. If this were to happen again we would have to change our game plan again to playing the long balls instead of short passes playing though the defence. It was also evident that Fernando Torres suffered from the pressure of Didier being at the club. Torres’ position was always under threat and this additional pressure did not help him at all. If Didier did come back Torres would most likely lose all the form he has shown so far this season and therefore we would end up playing Didier again. Lastly Didier’s last kick for Chelsea Football club was the penalty kick that won us the Champions league. If that is not a fairytale ending to a career I dont know what is. He will always be remembered by the game against Bayern in the CL final and if he were to come back it would be the end of that Fairytale.

FINAL OPINION: Personally I believe taking Didier Drogba back would be a massive step in the wrong direction. We are looking to play a more modern and entertaining style of football and taking Didier back means whenever he plays we would have to change our game plan. He should leave with our last memories of him being in the match vs Bayern Munich on the biggest night in Chelsea History.

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    plz cn we hve drogba bck…..!

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    Bring our hero d.drogba to come back again please do so.

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