Shouldn't Juan Mata be allowed to go now?

Let me start this piece with a stat. In EPL , out of 22 games played by Chelsea, Mata featured in 13 games.  In the same number of matches last season, Juan featured 20 times for us.

In the UCL, Mata featured mere twice out of 6 matches played by the club.

Stats look weird. Don’t they? Looks weirder when the above are for the best player of team for 2 years in a row. To add to this misery, he was left out of the key games against Liverpool, Arsenal, Man City and United twice. (Not considering what result would’ve been).

Isn't Time for Chelsea to let him go?
Isn’t it Time for Chelsea to let him go?

Jose is clearly not interested in playing Mata on a regular basis. Even when he gets a chance to play, he is either played on the wings or chosen when Oscar is unavailable. The best reason for this situation is Oscar’s better work rate. Oscar tracks back for the ball to help the team in defending while on the other hand, Juan isn’t good with that. Jose asked Mata to improve on that and he did . But still Oscar’s work rate is better. The stat are neither helping the Spaniard’s cause.

Former Blue Micheal Ballack on this situation said – “I can’t understand why Mourinho is having trouble to get his best from his forwards and I think not playing Mata is a mistake.”

Santi Cazorla ; the Gunners midfielder and National team mate of Mata said- “If he (Mata) does not play he will want to leave Chelsea, this is obvious because it is a World Cup year,”

“It’s weird because Juan Mata does not play [but] he has proved his worth to Chelsea and to see him on the bench is weird. He should ask Mourinho to know why he does not trust him.”

Perhaps, Ballack and Cazorla are right.

Mata was a key component in the major European success the club has ever had in the history; the UCL and the Europa League triumph.

But, what Jose has been doing with Mata seems unjust. Everyone knows Mata’s best position is the no.10 and even though he was a winger when he was bought, over the time he has changed his way of playing. Deploying him on the wings when he already lacks pace and having the likes of Willian and Schurrle to the squad never helped Juan’s cause. Even though the results have been in favor of Chelsea whether he has played or not.

There have been many reports in the past 48 hours linking Mata to Manchester United .According to them, By the deadline day of this transfer window, Mata to United will be done as Chelsea are willing to sell Mata . Mourinho has claimed he wants Mata to stay, but he didn’t rule out the possibility of the player leaving if he demanded to go.

A pic of how Mata has been in comparison to the United players- (PC-Telegraph)

Stats and numbers.
Stats and numbers.

United have denied all the speculations. How Mata would fit into United XI in the presence of a strong figure like Rooney is also a question to be asked.

On the other hand, bookies support the rumor of Mata exiting Stamford Bridge by the deadline day. The bet started as 25/1 on the New Year’s day, 11/2 chance at the beginning of week but today its 4/7.

This has led to Sky Bet opening a stay/go market and it’s 8/15 that he will leave before the end of the current window and 11/8 that he stays.

Marca have reported that Mata’s representatives have recently flown to London to discuss of a potential away move. The report also said that the Chelsea’s initial position on the player is clear: either he is sold to another club in the winter transfer market or he will have to see out his remaining contract of two and a half seasons . There are no mid-ground alternatives, like a possible loan move to a club until the end of the season or an exchange deal involving another player.

Mata’s representatives have requested the club of letting Juan leave. There have been offers for Mata from the Italian and German clubs to sign Mata.

Mata's place in the Spain XI could also be in danger.
Mata’s place in the Spain XI could also be in danger.

Its in the best interest of Mata to leave the club or even force a move out of the club as this is a World Cup year and apart from that, Mata is just too good to be benched. Plus it would also be very profitable for the club any bid near or above 30Million is received.

What do YOU think ? Feel free to comment.

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  1. Shingie Samu says

    It is to for Mou to say his best posible position on wether Mata is in his plans or he leaves the club. Keeping him benched is not good at all for his career as a footballer who is at his peak, this is the best ever posible time for his best football, hence, we have to sell him if he is not in the Manager’s plans. We will miss a good player who has been our best player in the last two seasons.

    Chelsea Fan

    Samu Shingirai———- Sent via Nokia Email

  2. SunneyLamps says

    We love him and its simply because he loves d Club and he’s always bin a fantastic player for us…. We all want d best for him so on this d best thing for him now is to leave Chelsea but not for Man U or any of our domestic rivals. He should go back to Spain….. We can’t fight Jose for not using Mata, we don’t support a player but d Club, d most important thing is that we are there as one of the favourites to win the League.

  3. suraj berasu adere says

    ok when I write this I am very sad and cry. Mata is those best players in my life. so, I wanna to say “Jose leave him and we will sign him again like Matic when we understand which one is better from diamond and gold.”

    1. suraj berasu adere says

      sorry this commet is error and plsss dont give me replay

    2. lee says

      Stop being so fucking soft you pussy

  4. Olaogun O. A. Esq says

    I felt this issue is personal, at least he should make all his player happy, Mata should start some match, because we have witness in some matches that Oscar where is performance is below per, hw come guardiola manage the pool of start in bayern, t think Mour shouldn’t have allow the situation to get to this extent, I really feel for Mata, imagine his contribution at UCL wonderful night, pls let their be rotation, how come Benitez manage this team very well, why is that we seems to forget beautiful playing style to Mour counter attacking style.

  5. suraj berasu adere says

    ok when I write this I am very sad and cry. Mata is one of the best player from those I saw players in my life. so, I wanna to say “Jose leave him and we will sign him again like Matic when we understand which one is better from diamond and gold.”

  6. ANuoluwapo Oshinuga says

    Am very sad hearing mata is being tip to play for Manchester, sincerely i want mata to leave cos of his non playing tyme and world cup , but not to Manchester United. Chelsea shud not made ds mistake again they shud remember Matic, and i knw one day we are going to pay £35 to sign d likes of Mata, sturridge, KDB again next future. Mata should go to Atletico Madrid.

  7. BWALYA (BREALZ) says

    Mata shouldnt leave chelsea, we still need his services…..if there is any player that i wud miss is him, Players.have left chelsea, but i cant imagine loosing him. He will leave a very big gap that wud be difficult to fill.
    Blues fan…

  8. Akinwumi Steven says

    I’ve been saying this for sometime now that the issue on ground is personal and people doesn’t agree with me!I can mention up to 3 good matches that Oscar didn’t play better and MOU doesn’t complain about it!I’m actually very sad about MATA’s situation at the club!Imagine that he couldn’t feature in small matches like Hull City and Derby county in FA Cup.Mou’s trying to kill this guy’s career.The earlier the better for Mata to realise this before it is too late!

    1. Anonymous says

      well said,you just hit the nail on the head

      1. maritimo says

        Jose is not trying to “kill” anyone’s career. Had Mata shown quality in the few opportunities he had, we’d play often. But Juan didn’t do his part, he has failed to impress this season. Look at Dave and even Torres attitude, how they fight for their place and compare with Mata’s. Juan should shut his mouth and show on the field that he deserves a first team place. Sadly, he’s not doing that, and you can blame Jose, but on the pitch Mata has been poor this season. One thing is good if Mata, sadly, leaves CFC… the Mata FC supporters will have to change their club!

  9. Fakeye daniel says

    My advice for him is to move to another club ‘if’ he want to go to world cup. But if ‘not’ he should stay at chelsea. Blue for life.

  10. maritimo says

    I love juan as a player and respect the contribution he gave to thw team in the past. But I don’ see a future for him at the Bridge. Juan has to adapt himself to thw team and not otherwise cause even eden hazard who is the true superclass of tje team is doing that.
    And those who are saying that jose is trwing to kill juan career do you truly believe that bs? If juan showed himself on the pitch in the few opportunities he had, you could have an argument but sadly juan is not doing his part. Even in the spanish side he was never a first choice, and even playing regularly he will have trouble entering the list to the wc. Having said that I think we have to find a good solution to all parts envolved knowing that Juan will always be at home at the Bridge. KTBFFH!!!!

  11. donvic says

    Mata is 2 gud 2 b on d bench….dough i will lyk him to stay@sw6 buh it will nt help his career…so go on abroad nd enjoy ur football dere…we cfc fanx wud surely miss u..we luv u juan mata

  12. Victor atiye, Nigeria says

    Concernin dis matter,mourinho z playin patiality.oscar z hs neva played beta dan mata.mourihno likes 2 favour som players dan odas. Hw cn u b playin dat selfish oscar ahead of mata in evry game.its a pity jose z doin dis 2 z own player.

    1. Emile 10 says

      Lol selfish Oscar? When ATM score goals you call him selfish that’s cute tho.

  13. Tanveer Dosani says

    Reblogged this on blue_madridista.

  14. Alih Benjamin Ekene says

    I think Jose issue with Mata is personal.Jose don’t want to play Mata because of his personal reasons not that he is not good and that is very bad of Jose.The greatest harm that Jose have don to Chelsea so far is to frustrate Mata because he is a big asset to Chelsea.
    I challenge Jose, If you claim that Mata is not good sell him to MAN U and he will destroy Chelsea any day United meets Chelsea. I know you will not do it because you know that the boy is good but you don’t want to play him because you don’t like him.

  15. chosen george says

    to my opinion,we need both mata n jose in action,and to avoid the frustration t chelsea players over the loss of the star juan mata,i think there should be a good rotation among mata, willian and Andrew schl,we need the best out of them ,we love their game and as Chelsea fun i think jose should at times listen suggestions from the funs and and get ideas from everywhere as no one is perfect because even when he does not play mata we at times lose . for real it painful to lose this great blessing for chelsea.

  16. val says

    1st we blem jose 4 not kn his 1st 11, now he has fonud his 1st 11, we all ar blem. Him 4 not playing mata in maches, i tink mata shoud b loan 2, just 2 get spn. world cup, so dat wot hapen 2 matic wil not repet it self, as 4 sealing it 2 man u. NO! U can see wot arsenal z going thrugh eny tim de play wit man u.

  17. adebowale kobi says

    All of u commenting on blog,talking as if u owned chelsea are nothing but dumb ass,especially most of those who comments from Nigeria,what do u know about football anyway,abegi spare us all your comments let those who vast in football matters comments

  18. Neri Abayomi says

    19 goals and 34 assists in 60 games last season. 12 EPL strikes
    How come that player becomes so ineffective under Jose?
    Oscar’s 8 goals and 7 assists in all competition so far wouldn’t even trouble Mata’s record.

    Jose shd devise a plan to accomodate Mata. Oscar is been over used and it is telling- His performances r dropping.

    Selling Mata would be a grave mistake bcos presently we v only two quality creators in Oscar and Mata- Selling Mata would ensure we v only Oscar.
    Don’t u mention Willian- That dude is just a fine athlete n his more effective with direct running than actual passes.

    But Mata aint playing and Jose doesn’t trust him. If he starts Mata n we haven’t scored, he is always so eager to sub him. So Mata shd leave for a foreign club where he would offered great playing time.

    Mata is always gonna be EL Magician.

    1. maritimo says

      Yes, but if you blame Mata for EL victory, you’ll have to blame him too for failing to impress at EPL. The only true superclass of the team is Eden, Mata is a great player but not a TOP player. I believe that the option to build the team around Eden is the right decision, even if someone else is “damaged”. Don’t get me wrong, I love Juan as a player and will always respect him for the dedication he put to CFC, but with all this noise around him, I’m starting to really want him to go. Even though, when Mata leaves, soon will be another “killed” career at Chelsea… but the facto is that only 11 can play each game. I don’t understand that argument, none ever said that about Sir Alex killing Nani’s or Tevez careers, Guardiola killing Ronaldinho’s or Deco’s career, or Pellegrini destroying Kaka’s career at Real. They simply had other options, since the other team members showed more on the field. Like with all the managers, time will prove him right or wrong…

  19. miles says

    This mata iSsue will never end. The thing is that it is hard to argue againnst mata cos u cat fault the 3 attacking midfielders chosen ahead of him. The best is for mata to leave cos he can’t be satisfied with being a bit part player. Mata is class and class deserves to be on the pitch. My take iis this: mata doesn’t have a space in the team mou is building. Mata is kinda slow. Lemme ask this: wld mata make it into the bayern munich first team??? I tot so as well

  20. lee says

    How many of you people commenting have actually been to a chelsea match.Not many of you i bet. If chelsea went bankrupt tomorrow you would all become city fans.

  21. Don Coleon Nii says

    We have handed United the perfect weapon…. Juan has the best first touch and assist in the BPL and RVP is just good at scoring from half chances.. Perfect combination!!!!!

  22. JP says

    People are so shortsighted now, it’s amazing. Being benched for half of the games for a mere 5 months, and all his contribution is forgotten? What happened to giving him a little more time? HIs place in the Spain starting 11 was NEVER a guarantee even when was on the top of his game – Silva has always been preferred there. Why would going to United make any sense? No trophies to play for, illegible tp play in the CL, out of most domestic cups – it makes 0 sense.

    I’d love for Juan to stay, this is all a crushing blow to hear. If anyone watched the last BBC One interview Mourinho had merely 3 days ago, His quotes, paraphrased – “He’s a special player. A hard worker. I like him, I want to keep him, and he has a place in my team for sure.”

    Juan Mata García, you are a special special player and I adore watching you play. I hope you stay and fight.

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