SO SAD: “My Players Betrayed Me & Hazard Decided To Leave The Pitch” DISGRACEFUL Mourinho Speaks OUT

Chelsea lost to Premier League side Leicester City by 2-1 yesterday did not go down well will mourinho who was frustrated by his player performance and failure to adhere to his instruction.

Speaking after the match to Sky Sport the Portuguese tactician voiced out his frustration and insisted that he felt betrayed by his players.

“I think they deserved to win because they were better than us during a long period of time,” Mourinho told Sky Sports.
“We conceded two goals that were unacceptable.
“One of my best qualities is to read the game for my players and I feel like my work was betrayed.”

Although the 52-year old manager failed to mention any player name, but his disappointment was quite obvious.

“All last season I did phenomenal work and brought them to a level that is not their level and more than they really are,” he continued.
“When some of your players don’t hit the levels they are capable of it is hard to see. This season we are doing so bad for some reason, not all of them.
“To turn things around, I know only one way — working at the top level. Day by day in training I have no complaints with them. But is it frustrating to see what they are doing in training and what they do in matches? Clearly yes.

Mourinho however ever insisted that it was Hazard who chose to leave the pitch after he was brought down by Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy.

“He made the decision to come off. So it must be a serious injury,” Mourinho said.
“His first reaction was ‘I can’t continue,’ his second reaction was ‘I want to try,’ but after his first step back on the pitch he said he couldn’t. He’s injured, clearly.”

Mourinho also ruled out the possibility of Chelsea to reach the top four position at the end of the summer when asked.

“The top four is gone — clearly.”

Much will been seen if Roman Abramovich would sack Mourinho after leading his team to their worst start in EPL campaign in over 27-years.

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