Some interesting words from The Special One

Our very own Special One, Jose Mourinho, has had some quotes for us in the build-up to Real’s clash with Manchester United that should be of interest to us Chelsea fans. He has said before that he will return to the Premier League later in his career, but the date of that return has now been brought forward. When asked by the press when he will be returning to England, his words were, “After Real. It will be my next step.”

Furthermore, when asked if it would be the Man United job he would take, he said, “I don’t think so. I think we [him and Ferguson] have to finish our careers at the same time.”

As everyone knows, all has not been well at Real Madrid this season. Languishing 16 points behind Barcelona in La Liga, and suffering power struggles with both the board and the senior players, it seems as though it is only a matter of time before Jose Mourinho leaves Real Madrid. There is a simple equation at work: if Mourinho fails to deliver the Champions League this season, he will be sacked. If he does get his hands on Big Ears, Mourinho will leave of his own accord, just as he did at Inter Milan and Porto.

Meaning that it is more or less 100% certain that Jose Mourinho will be managing in the Premier League next season. He won’t be taking a sabbatical like Pep Guardiola. Any high-profile club without a full-time manager this summer will be linked in the media with Mourinho, until Jose reveals where his future lies.

The Chelsea job will be free. Even a board of directors as clueless as Gourlay, Buck and Emenalo cannot possibly keep FSW beyond the end of the season. The Man City job might well be free; Mancini’s only realistic shot at silverware is the Chelsea Cup (the former FA Cup), and with the somewhat limp attempts to retain the Premier League and the meek exit from Europe, it would be a surprise if he is retained. The likes of Wenger, Villas-Boas and Rodgers all look fairly safe in their jobs.

So it looks like a safe bet that Jose Mourinho will next season be the manager of either Chelsea or Manchester City. Which one do you think Jose would choose?

  1. ShawnS'tha says

    Come back home mou.

  2. Jimoh ejima says

    Honestly speaking i will like to see the special one in chelsea come next season.

  3. Mehara S. says

    He has a home that’s stamford bridge

  4. Olawale says

    mourinho should come to chelsea

  5. amina says

    i see him coming back

  6. Anonymous says

    I dnt wnt mou in cfc anymore. I dnt lyk his type of play.

    1. Olalekan Ogunjumo says

      are you stupid,what type of play do you not like,real madrid plays the second best football now after barca which is thanks to the special 1

  7. alex fiifi sango says

    chelsea is ur mother home Jose

    de bridge need a repire of ur engeneering skills Mourinho

    come home Jose! come home Mourinho !! come back home to standford bridge de ONLY ONE!!!!! frm.Sango of Ghana

  8. Swapnil Pednekar says

    I think Jose would choose for Blues.

  9. Olalekan Ogunjumo says

    i saw it in a dream that mourinho made a suprise move back to his home in london which he did not sell even after leaving england and you all know what that means……STAMFORD BRIDGE home sweet home

  10. costerntine says

    Chelsea because he has history with club and he take chelsea as part of his life whith big big succes at stanford bridge

  11. Johnad says

    Its gonna painful for me not to see Special One At Chelsea cus we all love him. But if man city should get Mourinho signatures city would grab all Chelsea Fans.

  12. Inah David says

    Jose come back to chelsea, here is ur home, we need u ever, up chelsea.

  13. Anonymous says

    ..we need RDM,….

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