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  1. ShawnS'tha says

    Come back home mou.

  2. Buy Soma Online Uk says

    Honestly speaking i will like to see the special one in chelsea come next season.

  3. Buy Zithromax Thailand says

    He has a home that’s stamford bridge

  4. mourinho should come to chelsea

  5. i see him coming back

  6. Anonymous says

    I dnt wnt mou in cfc anymore. I dnt lyk his type of play.

    1. Buy Diazepam 20 Mg says

      are you stupid,what type of play do you not like,real madrid plays the second best football now after barca which is thanks to the special 1

  7. Buy Ativan Lorazepam says

    chelsea is ur mother home Jose

    de bridge need a repire of ur engeneering skills Mourinho

    come home Jose! come home Mourinho !! come back home to standford bridge de ONLY ONE!!!!! frm.Sango of Ghana

  8. Cheap Ambien says

    I think Jose would choose for Blues.

  9. Buy Diazepam 20 Mg says

    i saw it in a dream that mourinho made a suprise move back to his home in london which he did not sell even after leaving england and you all know what that means……STAMFORD BRIDGE home sweet home

  10. costerntine says

    Chelsea because he has history with club and he take chelsea as part of his life whith big big succes at stanford bridge

  11. Johnad says

    Its gonna painful for me not to see Special One At Chelsea cus we all love him. But if man city should get Mourinho signatures city would grab all Chelsea Fans.

  12. Jose come back to chelsea, here is ur home, we need u ever, up chelsea.

  13. Anonymous says

    ..we need RDM,….

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