Some Negtives and Positives: Chelsea 0-1 Everton

The much anticipated return of Juan Mata and the starting lineup we had , we looked too promising to not to lose the match. The lineup was a good mixture of youth and experience.

With the normal formation of 4-2-3-1 and the attack being led by the latest addition to the squad, Samuel Eto’o ; we were expected to win. But, in the end we ended up on losing by one goal. This was the part of the game. But what were the big issues that came out of the match?

Here are they,

1) David Luiz

The Brazilian made a comeback to the team and was chosen ahead of Gary Cahill. He looked solid in the initial minutes but as the game progressed, Luiz started looking too desperate to come forward. He wasn’t marking the opponent properly and in the end it costed us a goal in the 45th minute. NO, I am not questioning Luiz’s capabilities nor his attitude in the game. All I am saying is, David was playing as a CB and not a CDM like he did in the previous season.

In the 2nd half, David’s desperateness to come forward increased and he went on passing long balls out of which very few reached where they were supposed to be. Look at John Terry, both play in the same position but Luiz advances too much. Agreed to the fact that David adds another dimension to the game, but its not good when it comes at the cost of his main position ; CB.

Luiz and Jose both need to work on Luiz’s marking and the limitations to which Luiz should advance with the ball.

2) Missed Chances

The number of shots we had were as high as 22 but only 6 were on target. The missed chance by Andre Schurrle in the first half, was too simple to be missed. All he did was overhit it. The header by Eto’o, in the first half went over the bar. The finishing was poor. Some figures to prove it-

There were a total 11 shots in the 1st half. Just one on target by Ramires, 2 blocked and the rest OFF Target. With such kind of figures, no team can win.

Eto’o: 6 shots

Ramires and Schurrle: 3 shots

The team needs to work on the finishing. Though this is the beginning of the season and the new players like Eto’o yet to set to the tone, this shall improve with time.

3) Juan Mata

The fans were overjoyed by seeing Juan Mata in the starting XI. He was the best player of the club in the past season. Mata’s 1-2s with hazard certainly looked on cards.

But that didn’t happen. Yes, Juan looked rusted with the early passes he made and was clearly short of confidence. But Mata was decent in the first half. In fact, he was pretty good if we look from point of view of the amount of pressure he had on him after not being selected since the arrival of ‘The Special One’ . He dribbled the ball 3 times out of the total 9 that Chelsea did, passing was good and was the best CFC player in the first half after Mikel.

Then came in a double substitution. In the 57th minute, Oscar was brought in for Mata and Lampard for Schurrle. From then, the attack didnt look that threatening as it looked before the substitution. Mata would have played better than Oscar did . In fact, at times, Oscar was invisible. He had one shot which was blocked.

In short, Mata would have been better on the pitch rather than subbed out. Jose Mourinho seems to have lost faith in the Spaniard. Though he claims Mata to be a very important player and someone he trusts, but the story is different.

First of all, Mata was in the XI because Oscar went on International duty while Mata didn’t. In the coming days, we might see Mata being used as a sub or when Oscar needed to be rested.

4) Ashley Cole was poor: Do we have cover?

Cole didn’t have a great game. Infact he was pretty awful today. Not the best left back in the league anymore? He had a nightmare today to put it nicely. Surely Bertrand needs to be tested since this is the position we are getting exposed quite badly. Today wasn’t a good day at the office, certainly not one worth remembering. Chelsea need to give Ryan a chance just to take the air of invincibility away from Cole.

Some positives:

1) Created a high number of chances relative to the possession.
2 ) We were aggressive.
3) Had a large quantity of possession in the opponent’s half.
4) Had a high shot frequency when in possession.

Do let me know what you guys think about Chelsea’s performance against Everton. KTBFFH!


  1. fidel says

    I do not agree with you.I think mata was poor,same goes for ramires.I think you blame david luiz too harshly.Had Terry covered his position well and the whole,I mean whole defence line. Organised that backline(lead by terry)we won’t conceed that unexplanable was too kindergarten to conceed!!.For me,I believe everton played well and we never did anything to cut off their attack from midfield.we came thinking we will beat them like last season.I see this as a huge lesson to our players,this season,never underrate the opposition,NEVER.My players today were,Eto’o,hazard(always ontop),mikel,Lampard,Luiz,ivanovic,cech,and Oscar.

    1. Emile 10 says

      Ramires was poor? Hell no! Cole, Shürrle and Mata had a bad day yesterday. I like the way Eto’o was linking up with the midfielders. For me Mikel and Ramires were our best players last night

      1. tanveer7d says

        I did not say Ramires was poor in the entire article. I just mentioned the number of shots he had.

  2. Martin, Norway. says

    I think we should have put this game to bed with the numerous chances we created. Quite impressed with Mikel he played very well.

  3. Maina says

    the day of the monkey to die, all trees brcome slippery.thts an african saying. Meaning the team played well but luck was not on our side. Mikel was the best player, followed by ramires and Mata. Overall, i was impressed with the performance even though we lost.

  4. sammie says

    With due respect to all our views I think the writer forgot one thing and that is cech he is the problem we had with the goal a goal keeper that serve ball that way does not wish his team well when he wanted to serve the ball I knew that’s what it will result

  5. vwede says

    please we shouldn’t forget that most of the players are tired from a busy world cup week and friendlies… the whole team didnt play well and impatient i their aapproach

  6. Sammy mwaura says

    You should not blame luiz for the goal.. Please..

  7. Jeff says

    my fellow fans please we should lay the match to bed, we played good but dint make use of our chances as we should have, maybe we weren’t as determined as everton or maybe everton din’t have half their squad on international duty…..
    I don’t feel bad on bit cos I know we are a work in progress.

  8. tanveer7d says

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  9. Paul Nganga says

    i was devastated after the match. at one point, it seemed like we had too little coordination, making luiz want to take it upon himself to move with the ball towards the mid to increase chances for etoo. for almost the entire second half, ivanovic opened up too much, pushing luiz out of position and this created chances for everton. actually, if everton was a stronger team, they would have beaten us with a higher margin. i stand to be corrected, but why substitute a winge, a defender with a striker? if you ask me, oscar could have been a marvelous option to start the game with then consider etoo for substitute. but we are not done yet, though from what i see, this is going to be a tough season and as a team, we cannot afford to take chances…quite literaly

  10. paulomutuasanje says

    fidel, good observation there!

  11. Shingie Samu says

    On the substition of Mata and Oscar coming in please don’t make hell out of a tea cup, I just wish you reverse your words they might cause a dressing room breakout.

    Samu Shingirai———- Sent via Nokia Email

  12. Vaakmeisster says

    As everyone has noted, Mikel had a good game, everyone else underperformed. Ashley had a shit game and I have been saying that we need to start thinking of replacing him. The person who underperformed the most is Mourinho Jose. Chelsea defends well, but attacks without purpose. We are not playing possession football, neither are we playing counter attack. We just defend deep, then when we get the ball, we pass the ball for a while, then play a long pass foward when we have loaned Lukaku our only target man. CHELSEA’S ATTACKING STINKS!!! We will never be able to beat any soild defense if Mou doesn’t decide what attacking philosophy we are going to use.

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