Some options regarding the strikeforce

What concerns me most at Chelsea isn’t the mess in the pivot, the Lampard contract situation or even the continued existence of Rafael Benitez on planet Earth. It’s the lack of attack.

We can agree fairly unanimously that Fernando Torres has run out of last chances. Every time we have thought he was regaining his Liverpool form, he has put in several performances of total disinterest. Thankfully, his age (28) would suggest that he really should be at his peak; therefore if Chelsea were to sell Torres, we could probably get around £25m for him. Torres needs to leave. And he needs to go as far away as possible, and never return. There aren’t too many teams that would pay Nando’s transfer fee and wages, but Anzhi Makhachkala or Zenit St Petersburg might.

By comparison, Demba Ba has had a happy start to life at SW6. Two goals on his debut at Saints have been followed by a decent showing at Stoke, two brief cameos against Swansea and Arsenal and another great goal against Southampton. He’s at his peak, and will be for a good few more years. We’re keeping him. I’m not totally convinced that Demba Ba can replace THE LEGEND DIDIER DROGBA, but he is still a high-quality striker.

Romelu Lukaku. The Kraken. Or whatever else you’d like to call him, our young Belgian loanee has had a highly successful stint at The Hawthorns. He has all the physical attributes you could ever wish for – he is bigger, stronger and faster than Drogba ever was – but his technical abilities remain in doubt. Sure, this is normal for players like him, especially at his age, but there’s a lot of work to be done.

In any case, had I been in charge, Romelu Lukaku would have come straight back home on January 1. He has been speaking about spending 2 years at West Brom and not caring about how Chelsea fare, but what we need in the present is more important than what we want in the future, and that is improvement. Lukaku isn’t Europa League-tied like Ba, and would work well with our new, more direct style of play. But he won’t be available until next season.

So Torres must go, Ba is OK, and Lukaku is great. But as we have seen this season, 2 strikers isn’t enough for Chelsea. If Demba Ba’s knee injury resurfaced, we’d have a horrible situation. Therefore, we’ll have to dip into the transfer market, be it now or in the summer.

Radamel Falcao is the man that many of us have been clamouring for. I’ve been one of the clamourers. He’s in the form of his life, scores in practically every game and at his reported £46m buyout clause he represents good value for money. He’s strong, quick, two-footed, has brilliant technique and is right in his prime. But there are drawbacks.

We could probably, just, afford Falcao, but it would mean a serious hit to FFP with his price and reported £200k weekly. Another problem is that the player himself has categorically stated he will stay at Atletico until the summer. Also, he has just picked up a hamstring injury. If we move for him now, this could be an exact repeat of The Chronicles of Torres.

So, in the current climate, my first choice would be another South American, and something of a risk: Neymar. As with Falcao, the price is huge – anything from £40m to £55m. But unlike Falcao, Neymar’s age and marketability mean he would have a much greater resale value if we wanted to cash in. So in this sense, he is low-risk.

Neymar would also seem to be a perfect fit for Chelsea. He possesses in spades the type of flair and magic that Hazard, Mata and Oscar have shown. But Neymar has even more strings to his bow. Yes, he can unlock a defence but he is also a great finisher, a reliable set-piece taker, very quick and above all, ridiculously skilful. And he’s only 20.
And just imagine the combination of Hazard, Mata, Oscar and Neymar. And then a Kraken up front! How about that!

To round up, my plan of action would be:
If we can sell Torres now for £20m-£30m, we should.
If we can get Neymar now to replace him, we should.
If we can’t, get someone similar to Neymar, but not too expensive. Stephan El Shaarawy springs to mind.
If we can’t sell Torres now, get a low-risk, low-cost striker to provide cover and competition to Torres and Ba. Iago Aspas would be the obvious choice but I’d prefer a 6-month loan for David Villa.
Then sell Torres in the summer for whatever we can get.
Recall Lukaku.
Get Neymar. I would be very, very surprised if he rejects us, whatever he’s said about staying until 2014.
If Neymar holds firm, get another young, versatile forward. Shaarawy, Muller or Schurrle would be my choice.

So our strikeforce would be (ideally) Neymar, Lukaku and Ba, Finally, that’s a proper strikeforce.

What do you make of my ramblings? Am I talking sense or am I a headcase? Is getting Neymar a no-brainer or a rip-off? Does Torres have a future? If not, then who would you want? Falcao, Cavani, Gomez, Lewandowski, Jovetic, Schurrle, El Shaarawy, Muller or Suarez? Or nobody?

  1. Deif_CFC says

    Neymar could be a good choice if we use more than one striker, he won’t fit properly as the only striker in 4231 as he usually plays as a second striker, winger, or an attacking midfielder.

    In my opinion, a third striker in the squad is not really needed as we’ll have Demba Ba as a first choice and Lukaku as a second. None of these two will accept being a third striker in the team, but, Feruz could be a backup IF a player is injured.

    Congratulations on your first article by the way. 🙂

  2. ShawnS'tha says

    Neymar would be a great signing for chelsea playing behind the striker with mata and hazard on the either flank. oscar playing in the pivot and mikel as the holding defensive midfielder. However this remains a dream as if now. neymar doesnt want to move to europe now and even if he would chelsea are behind barca and madrid to sign him. for now lets hope the current squad plays well Nd with some magic el nino finds his form. !

  3. Vaibhav Kumble says

    U dont need a 50mill striker. Resale value or not the sum is still so huge. Y d desperation to buy players now??? I had said this at the start of the season that champs league qualification shud be our target due to the transition. Anything more is a bonus. Have patience and wait for the summer.

  4. Shiloh says

    Its a great choice you made but i would rather get a Wilfred Bonny than Aspas, a David Villa loan works for me too. Torres really has to go

  5. mozellah says

    enough is enough,torres has to go! im thinking of Damiao the brazillian striker to make it with Ba and lukaku.

  6. Cezzy says

    i think d best thing 4 CFC nw is to return 2 d 4mation dat has given us success ova d yrs,which is 4-3-3.with dis 4mation we will domiant in midfield with players lyk Mikel, Ramires nd Oscar nd attack with Hazard,Mata nd BA……the 4-2-3-1 makes us slow cos we have no creative midfieders nd speedy wingerz.When we had Essien,Lampard nd Balack in d middle nd Malouda,Anelka nd Drogba in attack we where very dominant in games.ut they where nt as creative and talented as our present team.i think diz calls 4 a mourinho

  7. Zane says


  8. Arjun says

    even i feel we need more firepower but…
    we shudnt call lukaku back, hes developing, ders no way he ll get enough minutes at chelsea.
    ba myt score goals but he’s isnt dat gud to b srtiker no.1 .
    i dont think neymar is a gud idea, falcao certainly is but we just have to wait til summer and snatch him.
    i like d idea of david villa loan move as well. what v shud focus on is champions league qualificatn.
    in regard to some of the comments , wat drogba, ballack and all had wasnt jus creativity, they had everythng including physical presence and also dey wer gud in the air. d only ppl who can head in the current team are defenders; v all saw hw useless torres was wen it comes to heading except for the goal against aston villa. yestday our players wer betting boxed and pushed off the happens all the time, i cant seem to remember any1 taking the ball from drogba or ballack that easily. i feel sorry for malouda.

  9. akash says

    buy falcao or cavani in summer
    play him alongside ba
    yes two strikers
    wid lukaku as our third striker
    feruz is our backup

  10. Daniel says

    how about ivory coast youngster wilfried bony, he seems to have drogbas abilities both in heading and in shooting. i wouldnt get a big money transfer if we can have on a striker who scored 16 in 17 matches this season.

  11. Jag-T says

    I agree with cezzy on the formation change. over the years it has brought us success. with teams havin 2 CM’s mourinho cleverly outsmarted them by havin an extra CM to ensure that we dominate the centre of the pitch. This has led to better control in goin forward hence deminishin opponents attackin attempts to very few leaving them to play long balls. in the present squad ba and lukaku, aspas as front men strikers with hazard,marin(RWF) debrunye(R/LWF), mata, moses (LWF). centre of MF. DM(Mikel, Capoue, Bruma), 2CM(ramires,benat,oscar,fellaini/modric) sounds like sum serious talent i knw bt it speaks of depth n intent. CM IS NO PLAY THING. RB(Cesar and Walace, Sam Hutchinson) CB(Cahill,Luiz, Ivanovic, Terry) LB(Cole, Shaw, VanAaholt/Coentrao)bear in mind that cole is on an extra year contract. GK(Cech and Courtois) as his apprentice in matches.

  12. Jag-T says

    on the other hand if we stick to the 4231 tactics we must get a 2nd striker to play behind the front striker…aspas and or schurrle comes to mind with ba and lukaku as front man. in this mata, hazard, debruyne and moses gives us option to use on the wing. the pivot should only have defensive minded(tackling) and long ball play makers. my choice is benat and or capoue. luiz is a defender but would he really change his position to a DM on a permanent basis? Don’t think so. and whatever happens, lampard may have to go for change to occur hence benat and capoue seems to be viable option. and my decision in our defensive line is to send bertrand on loan to southampton next season and buy shaw. if not a swop deal for coentrao for cole isn’t a bad idea for the season after next season.
    oh and TORRES MUST GO!!!.

  13. Thamvir SIngh says

    Lukaku must be recalled and Torres should be sent on loan to Athletico

  14. adeshina adesoye says

    what neeed is striker and iv u can by neymar facol and sell lampard and torres and by another milfeld to replace lampard and luke for another coach for chelsea like pep gadiola or morino

  15. Anonymous says

    chelsea really need to stop buying players and instead make them, we have chelsea under 21 and they have great players. i agree buying a new striker and sell Torres, or recall Lukaku as fast as possible, and when we get Lukaku we should make him and encourage him to be our next legend cause his good, we have a lot of potential on the middle fielders we got Hazard, Oscar, Mata, Ramires, Moses, etc. and we got also a lot of potential in the defense but we make a lot of mistakes a let the opponent strike. so we don’t really need to buy players cause we got them.

  16. Anonymous says

    I would go for Suarez the guy works like a slave even when the chips are

  17. Heriberto Fenelus says

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  18. Android says

    Keep up the good work. You inspire me a lot!

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