SSN Germany: Chelsea make the "almost perfect" bid for Mario Gomez

Gomez-leads-Bayern-Munich-past-Real-Madrid-911AU658-x-largeAccording to Sky Sports News Germany out-of favour Bayern Munich striker might be on his way to SW6 in the summer after the blues made an almost perfect bid to acquire the services of the 27 year-old.

It’s certainly not the first time the striker has been linked with the blues, the German has topped CFC’s transfer list fir the last couple of seasons. Despite Bayern demanding a hefty £30,000,000 , it looks like Chelsea might be able to sign him for a “cut price” as he’s been out of favour with the in-form Mandzukic keeping him at bay.

Mario Gomez has given one of the clearest indication that he wants to leave Bayern as he recently put his house up for sale.

So would you like Gomez at the bridge? Do let me know your thoughts. KTBFFH

  1. ANDY says

    Y NOT

  2. mark Letouze says

    We need more forwards . Good job this year non been out to long sign him & falco then competion for team spot start ,

  3. anon says

    Waste of money, time, wages and a squad place!

    1. Anonymous says

      Agreed, he’s definitly not worth that much, we can get someone better and younger for a much better price.

  4. Oluwasola says


  5. Star Evansoh says

    excuse me please, we have been concentrating in the youths n young talent too much that we forget even this old lads got something they can deliver…. bring him thou last night i voted against his signature, bring also falcao, let have the four strikers n probably a fifth one if possible then we can organise our players and team and compete for all trophies…. Gomez is reliable in the cl for experience which Ba may not have

  6. Irokotola michael says

    Gomez?for what?, we don’t need him. He is not our type of a striker. Can not play with the team, his first touch is very poor, he lacks dribble skills. We need the like of Lewan, falcao, michu, bony and maybe Cavani

  7. Bitto raphael says

    We need not him but Facao

  8. Anonymous says

    even though TORRES performance has been getting better i still think he is not capable enough to lead our team or even come off the bench for us……i honestly think we should selll him and keeep BA along with the new coming in forwards…………I DONT KNOW IF IT WAS ME ALONE WHO NOTICED THAT TORRES COINCIDENTALLY “GOT HIS FORM BACK” JUST AS THE SEASON IS COMING TO AN END” TO ME THIS IS JUST A SHOW TO PROVE WHY WE SHOULDNT SELL HIM BUT IT IS NOT WORKING AND WE NEED TO TAKE MORE PRESSURE OFF OUR MIDFIELDERS BY PUTTING IN THE GOALS SO…….FINALLY BYE BYE TORRES IT WASNT AS PLEASANT AS I WOULD HAVE LIKED BUT I HAVE TO LET YOU GO…GOOD LUCK………….#let me know what you think blues

  9. Brent says

    What is wrong with you yes people if you want to be the best you need the best players who can play as a team is he this no why is he out of favour Munich so I say why would we want him cough up the money for Falcao

  10. Jag-T says

    demba ba, lukaku and schurrle as a rotational sometime centre all goes with wat chelsea have in mind for strikers in a match. if its only one up front like a 4-2-3-1 then let the false nine b schurrle WHILE lukaku and ba as CF. dont buy someone thats costly, unproven and wants to play 3quarters of the teams matches..thats a ticking bomb waiting to blow up.
    coz if we want lewandowski falcao or mario gomez, then we might as well sell demba ba and torres. think about it guys…

  11. Yes says

    Is gomze in chelsea fc

  12. Yes says

    Is S. Tiger in chelsea fc.

  13. Yes says

    Mark schwarzer in chelsea fc

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