Analysis: Mario Gomez and Strikers Conundrums

27 years old and boasting a a slick haircut and a booming reputation is the latest player we have been linked to Chelsea and for once, there may be some truth in the links. Mario Gomez is on his way to Chelsea in the summer according to German Newspaper Bild. It must be noted that this is a well respected and fairly reliable newspaper so don’t be too surprised if this deal is confirmed this summer.  It is widely accepted that Gomez is unlikely to fit in Pep’s plans when he takes over in Munich in the summer, with the general consensis being that he wants Lewandowski or Suarez. Because of this, speculation has mounted with Chelsea said to be wanting to add him to the ranks to replace Fernando Torres. The newspaper is reporting a transfer fee of about £30 million for the 6ft 2inches German striker.

Many know Gomez because of his goalscoring exploits in the Bundesliga last season where he finished highest in the league. I suspect the majority of you know him for his performance vs Chelsea on the infamous 19th May 2012 Champions League Final, where he – along with many other Bayern players – missed chances and eventually led to Chelsea winning the Champions League. Don’t be fooled by his performance that game however as this guy is top drawer.

Injuries have hampered his 2012/2013 season and he has since lost his place in the Bayern team to Mario Mandzukic – who has been in sensational form this year. Despite this, he has managed 7 goals in 15 appearances in the league and that is one thing he would bring to Chelsea, the guarantee of goals. Throughout his career, he has proven he can score goals and that is what provoked Bayern to spend £30 million on him in the summer of 2009. On the International stage or club stage, this guy has proven he can score. Headers, volleys, right foot, left foot, any body part he can score from and he would add definite firepower to the Chelsea strikeforce.

Due to Gomez’s size and strength, he is a good player to hold up the ball and bring the attacking midfielders into play (seems to be the main job of a Chelsea striker but more on that in a bit). In signing a world class player like Gomez, the board would certainly be showing that the club remain a massive club ready to challenge for big things.

However, here comes the general negative outlook, enjoy.

Striker Condundrums

Gomez is 27 years old and would cost £30 million. There lies the first problem. Paying that amount for a player who is probably just edging past his prime is something only the Anzhi’s and PSG’s of this world would probably do. £30 million is a gamble for an ageing star who will demand big wages and I believe that we would be better off looking at other targets if the asking price is over £20 million. Besides, our system involves 1 striker, therefore meaning next season we could have a £18 million pound striker, a £7 million striker, a £50 million striker and a £30 million striker all fighting for one positon. To me, that seems like pointless investment.

Gomez’s arrival would also have a big impact on Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian has been phenominal this season and, in many peoples eyes, deserves a crack at the Chelsea first team. Gomez arriving though cuts off that passageway to the striker. Lukaku won’t get the chance he throughly deserves at Chelsea and thats a shame. Lukaku has about 10 years at the top at least and has the potential to be far better than Mario Gomez wheras Gomez has about 2 or 3 years left at the top. Lukaku was a big enough investment and we don’t need another expensive striker as I fear it could all be similar to Shevchenko and Torres. Big expensive striker who is past best years tends to equal flop.

In normal teams, the attacking midfielders are there to supply the striker with assists and help the team score goals. However, at Chelsea, the job of the attacking midfielders doesn’t appear to be that. The job of Hazard and Mata and Oscar etc is to score the goals, the striker is there to head the ball to them and let our band of merrymen tear holes in the opposition. The Chelsea build up play isn’t fast, it is always slow as the ball gets knocked about between the centre backs for a bit before eventually lumping it forward, then heading the ball to a midfielder who runs a bit and then somewhere later we have a shot. Slow build up does not suit Gomez, or Falcao or anyone like that. Poachers need fast service for the timing of their runs and our strikers often don’t get what they want and then they don’t score goals.

Gomez is a world class striker no doubt but I believe that we shouldn’t spend £30 million on him, it’s just too much. We need another striker in  the summer but I don’t think it will be or should be Gomez. We already have two excellent strikers in Lukaku and Ba, so I think we should use them next season and save ourself some money to spend on other areas of the squad and look at cheaper, younger strikers like Bony Wilfried.

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  1. Blues Talk says

    Well written mate, i rate Gomez quite highly. Would like him at Chelsea to be honest, however I believe there are some cheaper players out there with more promise. Good article though!

  2. dragunar says

    Normally it is our first target of the transfer Falcao, and what if that does not work, and if unsuccessful in Edison Cavani? I do not understand why oviliki sheer numbers of people are against Mario Gomez? He is a very strong player with great experience, disciplined, with a large radius of movement, and the striker has a great fear factor among the opponents? And then what would not be good? The only criticism was that his players but the quality of the ovakog not mean anything, he could play well with our 5 seasons and make terror in the EPL and ECL!
    Dragunar from Serbia! KTBFFH !

    1. Vaibhav Kumble says

      If only this kind of support was shown for our own players.. namely Torres

  3. Green Rose says

    we have ba and lukaku (exception for torres if he could move away) and also we can brought our youth talent, Islam feruz ….we need to give them a chances to prove they are better….after that, if plan doesn’t working, then we look at other players to buy..

  4. Vaibhav Kumble says

    You hit the nail on the head when u said our strikers need quick service.. if that happens.. then Torres is as good as it gets.. Lukaku, ba and Torresare enuf.. alongwith a young striker.. like feruz

  5. indo blues says

    lukaku still need loan, feruz still 18 years old, ba is supersub, we need whoever world class striker and of course not wasteful (falcao,higuain,gomez etc.)

  6. Bitto raphael says

    Facao,higuain,cavani,jovetic,michu,jackson any will be welcome feruz need another loan while lukaku need to stay n play

  7. ShawnS'tha says

    No mattet who is brought in the summer, he wouldnt be a success as long as we change our game play. we pass too much at the final third giving opposition to get composed and push them deep resulting lack of space for strikers to run onto. lets get real, we are no barcelona.the fact that drogba was successful coz he didnt run past strikers. he rather bullied and outmuscled them. Buying another striker would be a complete waste
    of money. players like ba and torres thrivea of speed which we lack

    1. ShawnS'tha says

      And one of the blues mentioned above if we play fast game releasing striker early(like real madrid), torres is as good as it gets.

      1. Vaibhav Kumble says

        That was m.. I keep seeing this game after game… Both Ba and Torres are in space and they dont get the ball unless the midfield has no options.. we need to pass quicker to our strikers…

  8. star evansoh says

    a good article indeed, i too fear the loss we might suffer by bringing him in the pitch then we kill the dreams of such talented young players like Lukaku but i think we can let Torres go, bring in only one world class striker like Gomez Falcao and the like, then maintain Ba and Lukaku, this three strikers will help us, we will always have an alternative and 1 in form despite either an injury or a punishment, still we will be able to give them time to rest and compose themselves in the bench and their performance will improve,

    for example at Manchester united, they have a variety of strikers and are able to choose the best depending on the game they are playing, their opponent and the ability of the player, this have helped bring the best out of a player like Chicharito,

    but when we have only two choices, anything may happen and we get back to this problem again.

    the three combination will help, we have a good, better and the best

  9. thespecial1 says

    I don’t think we need to go out and spend a ludicrous amount of money on a striker. Lukaku is ready. Ba is great. We have those two to shoulder the load, all we need is to go out and get a cheap, reliable option that can spell those guys as well as fill in on the wings if need be. A versatile hybrid winger/striker on the cheap such has Hamburg’s Heung-Min Son is the final piece.

  10. Vlad says

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  12. emptor says

    Great common sense here. Wish I’d thought of that.

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