Strikers Dilemma! Rooney or Bust? or there is Room for Eto'o?


Chelsea started off last season with one formidable Striker i.e. Fernando Torres. After a good start to the season things fell apart and the remainder of the season all we did was catching up. Out of the UCL early, falling into the Europa league and found around the 4th spot for best part of the season. The failure is largely blamed on our weak strike force and for some that is due to the lack of chances created from individually very creative midfielders. However that is not part of the discussion here so will not be getting into that.

Chelsea tried to fix the issue in January by signing the Newcastle and Senegalese sensation Demba Ba in a hope that he will take his goal scoring form to Stamford Bridge. As it turned out Ba managed only six goals for Chelsea for the remainder of the season. No way near his performances with Newcastle. Ba has struggled with the link up play and more than one time found himself isolated on the pitch. Ba’s weakness to hold the ball has left many wondering if he is the type of striker Chelsea can rely on for the goals. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want him out, he has only been at the club for six months but strictly speaking we are aspiring for the title under Jose now. Can we rely on Torres, Lukaku and Ba alone to deliver the title? I am 100% sure we can’t. Lukaku is a raw diamond still and the last thing we would want is to put all the burden of scoring on his shoulders.

Jose realized this and from the day he became the Chelsea manager for the 2nd time he has been talking about Wayne Rooney. Jose sees him as the final puzzle in the Chelsea jigsaw and not many would argue against it. Rooney is a proven goal scorer and fits right into the Chelsea system. Rooney is a hard worker, excellent holding the ball and a very good finisher with proven BPL experience. He is versatile which gives Jose a lot of options too. But recently there has emerged another candidate linked with Chelsea. Samuel Eto’o, not so long ago one of the deadliest strikers in world football.

“There is only one Jose Mourinho. I have played under a lot of great coaches but there is no other character in the game like Jose,”

“Of course Chelsea are a great team – and when we have all the offers on the table then I will discuss with my agent and see what my next step is.” – Samuel Eto’o (via Independent)

Playing for Anzhi last season in all competition Eto’o scored 21 goals in 44 appearances. Not a bad return, Infact pretty good. But should we go for yet another ‘Short Term Fix’? Yes if we were linked with Eto’o 2 years ago, this article would never have been published instead one with a title GO ON ROMAN, SIGN THE TING is something you would have been reading. Eto’o is now 32 clearly not his prime. Plus the English league is different, it is pacey and Eto’o I am pretty sure has lost some of his lightening pace in the last couple of years. It’s a gamble I think we should avoid. Another problem would be his high wages, Eto’o is one of the highest paid footballers in the world right now surely there are going to be some problems negotiating that. Many fans consider Eto’o a fall back option saying he might be a good striker to have IF we don’t get Rooney.

Chelsea need to look at the options they have and the players they are looking to bring in. I think going for the best strikers available or going for no one should be the way to go about it. Sounds extreme but that’s my opinion. Not bidding as high as PSG for Cavani who although he would have been the ideal signing for us is understandable considering the FFP ruling and Chelsea trying to balance the books and staying well within the limits, a sign of maturity from the Chelsea board but when you have little options, Chelsea needs to pounce i.e. Suarez.

Arsenal have been linked with Suarez, a player who has seemingly burnt all bridges with Liverpool and looks certain to leave but recent comments from the Liverpool owner have suggested that Liverpool will not sell to Arsenal. Now Arsenal might well be in for Rooney too since they are in need of a striker as well.

If Chelsea were to make the right bid, we can sign Suarez who has been a BRILLIANT player for Liverpool last season and his talent is unquestionable. Yes he has temperamental issue but Mourinho is the sort of manager who can really get the best out of him and keep him disciplined. Liverpool might not sell to AFC but if Chelsea tables the right bid he might be off. Worth a try no?

My idea is simple, devise a proper succession plan for Lukaku who is definitely the Chelsea future. A Marquee signing and let Lukaku develop alongside. In the meantime getting rid of the scrap material one by one, keeping in mind the players performances. If we were to sign Eto’o and God Forbid he is unable to cope, 1. We will be in the market again next year. 2. It will put pressure on Lukaku which we don’t want him under.

Rooney or Bust? I don’t know. But if Chelsea has little doubt around the Rooney signing.. Start Flirting with Suarez.

Please leave your comments and let me now what you think! Thanks for reading, KTBFFH!!!

  1. Anonymous says

    i ll rather ve drogba back than eto’o. wot is d point in it? age wise, maybe loan move ll be ok. if we cant get rooney, all is well. we ll stil be contender


    Eto’o is a shadow of his former self and cannot produce something special in Chelsea line-up.If Chelsea cann’t sign Rooney they had better retain the 3 strikers they have.A loan move for Eto,o may be considered.For me the idea of signing Rooney is to get a good English man to replace ageing Lampard in future.

  3. patrick chinedu says

    pls! We dont want etoo.let chelsea try and sing rooney his good in finishin,his a random motion wen ever his inthe pich.his a good striker.we want rooney.

  4. Victor atiye, Nigeria says

    If eto’o can take 50% pay cut den we suld sign im along rooney n let go of torres n ba.

  5. Anonymous says

    Temperament is not the issue for Luis Suarez. The problem is his repute and his dirty habits ON THE PITCH. Off-the-pitch things can be ignored for they are the personal matters but on-the-pitch its player, an ambassador of thr club. So, I won’t go for Suarez untill there is no other striker in the market.
    Speaking of Eto’o, a top player with brilliant record in different leagues. Has to be the only striker of Henry-Drogba-Raul etc stature. As a fan of CHELSEA FC, I’d like to have Rooney, otherwise Dzeko/Cordozo, otherwise Eto’o and then Suarez. We only need a striker for 2-3 years, until then Lukaku would become our 1st choice without a shadow of doubt. (My Opinion)…..Cheers and Congrats on your 1srt ever article for this forum, Hammad Bhai 🙂 #KTBFFH

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