Sunderland 2-1 Chelsea – The Lack Of Killer Instincts

article-2525409-1A2AF10A00000578-206_964x386Chelsea were shown the exit door, in the Capital One Cup as Guys Poyet Watched his Men Triumph over The Blues at The Stadium Of Light Last Night.

The Previous Encounter with the Black Cats Saw Chelsea Struggled to get a Win with Eden Hazard on Fire.

Jose Mourinho Made Some Changes to His Team As Mark Schwazer replaced Regular, Petr Cech, Azplicueta drafted to Right Back while Cole played as a Left Back.

Jose also went for a Luiz – Cahill Centre Back That wasn’t upto the billings.

Schurrle played at the Left Flank, while Willian anchored the No. 10 and De Bruyne filled the Right wing.

Willian has been in scintilating form recently, starting all Three Games in a Row and have been consistent.

The Ability to Kill Of Games still went begging as Chelsea Missed Chances in both halves of the game.

For Long Now, The Chelsea Strike Force has been a major issue, while the evolving Catastrophe has to be the Failing Performance from The Centre Backs!

Chelsea were on course to reach the last four after taking the lead when goalline technology adjudged that a combination of Frank Lampard and Sunderland’s Lee Cattermole had bundled a cross over the line.

But they were pegged back two minutes from time when on-loan Borini steered an expert finish past two Chelsea defenders on the line from a tight angle.

A low cross from Azpilicueta picked out Lampard and Cattermole sliding in at the far post. The ball eventually bobbled over the line before goalkeeper Vito Mannone clawed it clear.
Referee Anthony Taylor pointed to his watch to signal the goal had been awarded by the Hawk-Eye technology installed at the ground.

The match looked to be heading towards a routine victory for Chelsea before it was brought to life in the 88th minute following the introduction of Borini.

Borini almost won it but his effort was expertly blocked by Gary Cahill and he perhaps should have done better at the start of extra time when he failed to make proper contact with a deep cross, unmarked at the far post.

Yet Sunderland were not to be denied and after Chelsea’s stand-in keeper Mark Schwarzer had produced a superb save to turn over a header from Ki, the South Korean latched on to a pass from Borini, cut inside and drove the ball low into the net.

Mourinho also highlighted the need for Chelsea To Kill Games Off!
Speaking After The Defeat:

‘In this moment we need to score goals – it is the only thing we need. If we score, we are there.

‘Maybe the solution is to concede less goals, to be more defensive, but this is not what I want.’

‘One team played, one team produced but one team missed chances. Every game we lose is the same story.’

He also Heaped Praise on Brazilian Willian who have been consistent recently.

‘Willian was again fantastic in a crucial position & we created chances, but if you don’t score it keeps the opponent alive.’

  1. Ken says

    We keep crying over same problem, getting from bad worse while we claim to have a world class coach, a special one at the helm..something is absolutely wrong and have to bear the blame..
    let’s xray solutions to cfc problems
    1, the attacking trio should try not hold the ball for too long when in the final-third of the field as that gives opponents time to retreat n cover open spaces.
    2, pair Ivah n luiz in CB and play ceaser n Batrand cos’ cole is dead
    3, a pivot of rami/ mikel or oscar/ramis’ pivot
    4,lamps should be used sparingly like giggs
    5,willian is a perfect 10 but Mou should work on final pass
    6, lukaku should be recalled at the end of the season
    7, more creativity needed in the final third
    8, Mou should hv faith in our young players..gone are the days when old men play footie
    9, And lastly, we’re slow with our movement, mou should learn to do working than talking, we’ve been awful under him..

    1. aliyu says

      you nailed it.

    2. BraveL4 says

      God bless u!

  2. Neri Abayomi says

    Mou said is current team is way too offensive and he is looking to change is approach. THIS DUDE is funny men.

    He calls this boring soccer, offensive. They can’t defend, they can’t score.
    We didn’t have scoring problems last season, we had a defensive problem-(defending as a team) but now we v all sorts of problems- No goals, conceding too much, failing defence, no pattern.

  3. Akees says

    Fuck Jose, Fuck Mourinho, he is no longer the special one. He is the sad one. Gbam!

  4. Emile 10 says

    It’s make me wanna cry when I see stupid here lacking respect to Mou. the first time I was one of you guys. I was always questioning about Mou selection but now I got the answer. If you don’t agree with me it’s your own fuckin problem. We said the strikers are not scoring because our AMFs are selfish and shit. Guys let get this shit straight: Mata was in the top 2 or 3 assists leaders in the world but still Fernando Torres and Demba Ba didn’t even got more than 10goals in EPL! Can someone tells why? If not I’m going to answer it myself. It’s simply because there are shit. So how can you win a league with your striker scoring once in two months? Shit striker got our managers sacked. Di Mateo got sacked because Torres wasn’t scoring so he tried a new option and it didn’t worked out. AVB got sacked because he was forced to play the 50millions man and he letted him down. Fans were crying for KdB even here admins in the beginning called him better than Oscar. Guys if you are a really football fan and you have some knowledge about football you can see why KdB isn’t playing. He plays crap every time he got the chance. Tonight he played shit and too damn selfish. Shouting in the sky and shit. I’m a big fan of David Luiz but he seems to not give a fuck about the team. Better sale him if he doesn’t want to give all on the pitch. From now I wish Willian to be our number 10. Eto’o and Torres are killing our season. At least Ba tries. My question is how can you pass the ball to someone who isn’t available? When the ball comes in the box you will find Torres or Eto’o in the corner flag. It’s really impossible to make these two strikers to gain their scoring ability, if you are a striker and not happy with Mata’ service; you have to be shit and better gives up about football. I feel really bad for the squard and manager who are blamed because our useless strikers. Benitez was the man who everyone believed to turn Torres to a monster he was but still he didn’t because you can bring someone dead to life. It’s time to put our trust to someone else. If Torres, Eto’o or Ba are your favorite player, please like them as human but love Chelsea because before them and after them Chelsea was nd will remain Chelsea. Chelsea till I die

    1. Cfc_obsessed says

      Willian is the best no10 every team can dream to have. If u want to dominate matches, creates clear chances, play shots when needed, collecting ball frm deep and quickly move forward. U ll ve everything wit him. He s a beast. Mou should never play 2 slow players in d pivot. If we re playing false 9, y cant we use andre schurrle, we ll not be xpecting magic then.

      1. Emile 10 says

        @Cfc I don’t know if I can call you bro or sis but definitely you are the most intelligente fan here. I agree with you 100%. Willian is our best no10. He is a full package anytime would wish to have. Our double pivots are too damn slow and unfortunately with don’t have options. I wish we get Fred Guarin from inter Milan. He is a beast and only costing 15millions. If our strikers remain useless we better play without them anyway

      2. Emile 10 says

        Any team*

    2. Anonymous says

      Thanks. You are really fan. Also let ask to plastics fans why Mata cannot defend like hazard?

    3. Anonymous says

      @Emile10 : Thanks. You are really fan. Also let ask to plastics fans why Mata cannot defend like hazard? Yes William is a full package. Mata need to do better because moi will not let on the bench William for Mata. Hope we get a serious defensive midfielder.

      1. Emile 10 says

        Exactly! I don’t know why some players have to work for others. Fanboys are like Torres doesn’t got the ball. AMFs are jealous of him. What? Jealous for missing open goals? If a striker isn’t involved enough. I mean is not getting the ball he drop himself deeper and help his teammates. Not just staying there waiting for someone to give him a pass. And the other thing I noticed is that whenever our AMFs are running to the box, Torres and Eto’o you will never find them. They are in the corner flag. For example today. On the Lampard’ goal… Take a look on the highlights if you think I’m wrong. There is no way you will find him. The same for Torres against Sunderland. The fullbacks and wingers are crossing in the box by none is there. Our strikers suck

  5. Charles says

    We need to change 2 4-4-2 like Man city
    Cech – Dave,Luiz,Cahill,cole – Mikel,Oscar,Hazard,Mata – Torres,Eto/Ba.

  6. Anonymous says

    Arsenal will bury us on Monday..>! A chelsea fan… 🙁

    1. Zyte says

      i disagree with u.we will beat arsenal.

    2. Zyte says

      i disagree with u.cfc will beat arsenal.

  7. Cfc_obsessed says

    I always like a trio behind a striker dat re not lazy. Why any of our trio selected alway see a final third as a limit or end of d pitch? Y cant they enter d box instead of dribble around the box. If they enter box, is either they get fouled or play a shot on goal. Pls help me out here, am i tinking too stupid or what? Cant figure out where d problem is. We re playing wit no definite style. Am crying inside. We ve qualities in our squad. Is like all our opponents is playing fantastic against us. I only hope jose find quick solution to this. I hate posssession football wit passion. I dont care, just give me goals

  8. Zyte says

    leave the defenders & midfielders out of this.the problem of cfc is the strikers.even a poacher like chicarito can do better than torres,ba,eto.why spend money 2 buy guarin when is obvious that we dont have a decent striker.

    1. Emile 10 says

      @Zyte we don’t need strikers only. We need Guarin for the pivot role. Please don’t tell me you are happy with what Lampard is playing now. And again he is going to leave at the end of the season. So when Lampard is off we stay with only two players capable to play there Mikel and Ramires. Don’t tell me Essien coz he sucks and surely is going to leave at the end of the season. Even Mikel is too damn slow. You will never see him playing a quick pass..never

      1. Zyte says

        @ u are right,but thats not the thing that has cost us points.i used 2 blame jose,luiz,cech,yes they may not be the best now,but the bluntnes of our strikers make teams attack us with ful confidence & reckles abandone.1st things 1st.our striking position is in a state of emergency & must be rescued.

      2. Anonymous says

        @emile10: Again you are so right. Our main problem is a decent midfield defender first and second, a stricker.
        I can see that you are the one who say that nickel is so so slow. I Have been said it for 2 years now, the way we want to play doesn’t suit mIkel as pivot. We can not play good football with a defensive midfielder who is too slow to make a pass. Let hope that we got a decent striker after guarin arrives. Mikel for me must leave with lampard and essien next year.

  9. Zyte says

    look at mcity & lpool their defenders arent great,but the fear of aguero & suarez keeps their opponents at bay.but against chelsea teams play 2 their strength bcos there is no fearsome lethal forward.we can protect torres & co as we like,but the truth is that he has lost his fearsome reputation.

  10. Cfc_obsessed says

    U may right about strikers but i dont blame any chelsea player for bashing our current strikers cos as a fan, if uve witnessed d glorious days of drogba, u ll expect nothing less. As for the pivot, nobody is disputing d abilities of mikel and lampard, but y cant just do things right for once this season. Y aiming irritating and disgusting off target shots ffs? Y cant mikel just play 1-2 pass and forward pass. Am tired of all this pivot nonsence. Pls admin, is gaurin not another attacking midfielder? Any scout report on him? Epl has evolved, a slow player cant adapt anymore, u much be at ur wheel to compete. I can see cfc player in d pivot touches d ball like 3 to 4 times before making a single pass which could be sideway or back pass. We re gonna progress wit dat dude

    1. Cfc_obsessed says

      Pls bear with me. A lots of errors in reply. Am too lazy to back space pls

      1. Anonymous says

        I’m an Inter fan. Guarin has a good techinque but he’s a very irregular player. Here in Milan he played beautiful games but he completely disappeared in other matches. Walter Mazzarri uses him as an attacking midfielder to support Palacio and Alvarez. He doesn’t defend very well. Don’t know if he’s the solution to CFC problems. Maybe he could play in place of Lampard but I’m afraid the team won’t be well-balanced. We’ll see how Mourinho will employ him.

    2. Anonymous says

      I see your frustration: I say it for long now. Mikel cannot make 1-2 pass forward. Only back pass. Useless mikel and lanyard. Add to that with useless strikers, you has not a proper team. Shame.

      1. abidex says

        fuck u 4 calling mikel useless

  11. qwec-i says

    I don’t understand why Lamps keeps playing? The guy is a waned off. Mou has got to do better. Put Oscar at Lamps place, offload Eto and Ba and Chelsea is good to by welcoming a new striker.

  12. GABBY says

    only Nigerians will blame Mou becos he(Mou) missed dat clear chances chelsea got.they will neva know the shit Mikel is playing. look at how we outplay dem buh still manages to loose bcos we de strikers got all our chances in de game missed hw can u win if u missed these kind of goals.plastic foolish knw notin above blaming a coach.

    1. abidex says

      fuck u

  13. Anonymous says

    I’m from Colombia and Guarin is an attack midfielder, he is really good he dribble and he can keep the Ball!!! Maybe we can use him like a pivot to get a better transition from defend to attack!!!! BUT OUR REAL PROBLEM ARE OUR STRIKERS!!! THEY ARE ONIONS!!! THEY CANT KEEP THE BALL FOR A SECOND!!!! AND DRIBBLE ANY PLAYERS!!!! Our formation is 4-2-3
    We have to get a new real 9

    1. Anonymous says

      Guarin will replace useless mikel. He will play alongside ramires. For striker, you is pushing very hard to abramovich to accept to fund a new striker.

      1. abidex says

        usless anonymous

  14. Fik says

    Our false strikers were z reason for z departure of our 3 coaches. I think JM knows it clearly. But why he doesn’t want to buy a killer insteady of wasting time finding another false striker like Rooney. He is a Midfield player. He can’t be a lone striker like RVP or Drogba or …

    1. Anonymous says

      It is not mou as you can see that he wants a decent striker but it is almost 3 years that abramovich doesn’t to buy because he wants to see Torres plays. It is a shame from him. He sucks

  15. Neri Abayomi says

    What does Mikel have to do with this? We all saw his ability to dictate a game for Nigeria @ the AFCON and @ the CONFED. @ the Bridge, we just make him a sitting duck in front of a failing back 4.

    Don’t blame Mikel (Pride of Africa)
    On our strikers, Eto’o misses clear cut chances, Torres doesn’t even get himself into a position to be given a chance to score, Ba only scores wonder goals. Would buying a world class striker solve d problem, I don’t think so.

    Everything all boils down to the coach, we seriously don’t have any definite pattern. The players would be confused too.
    Mou thinks we r an offensive team. (I laugh in portugeuse) How can he- we are a clueless team.

    He sees the team in training every week.
    He calls the shots.
    If he takes the credit when we win, he shd also accept the blames when we lose.

    1. Cfc_obsessed says

      @Abayomi am also frm Nigeria. Infact am ur name sake but my own is BAYO, frm ondo state. Everybody in Nigeria like john obi mikel including me but i personally dislike a slow player. Even i hate anelka when he was playing for chelsea despite he is a gud player but bcos of his style of play. How i wish mikel begin to play fast game wit quick decision, he is going to d best in his position but unfortunately for ‘me’ he cant and am dissadpointed. I cant see any player as slow as mikel in epl. With his awareness, his short and simple passes,omg, is d positive side. But d slowness, lack of vission frm deep,oh i wish i can give him that but i cant. Yes we cant be 100% but epl is a fast pace league nowaways. If it takes u too much seconds to make a pass, dude ure a victim. In my opinion, i think mikel style of play will work well in another league. Our NIGERIA team dont play fast game, dats y mikel excel. I dont knw if u understand me? No hate on mikel but is style of play is not needed the most in cfc. Tanks

      1. adam says

        thank you for your sincerity

  16. GABBY says

    Do you really support chelsea or you are just one of those glory hunters who always blame Coaches whenever we loose…Plastic fans……..@ Abayomi nd get him play only for nigeria, all Nigerians here knw is play Mikel or blamin coaches,they will neva look at de tactical view point of de game grow man. is too much didnt mou tell Etoo to go score goals? was it mous fault for etoo missing dat one on one stupid.

  17. George says

    Playing Essien, Mikel, Lampard mean playing at walking pace, and a guarantee loss. There is fire, no intelligence, Chelsea are becoming increasingly worse and boring to watch. Benitez did wonders with Mata, Hazard, Oscar… Ivanovic used to score goals, his position lately burdens him with the responsibility of crossing the ball. Eto is joke, Ba lack intelligence to create goals. Mou has messed Matas consistency, he talks too much, gives too many excuses, Luiz is losing form, Petr Czech is so exposed, the defense is horrible, we cannot keep experimenting with the squad

    1. Emile 10 says

      I was waiting you to talk about Torres but u can’t because maybe you are one of those who thinks is the best striker in the world


    It’s really sad to hear that some people here were calling themselves Chelsea fans and as a matter of fact,shameful!Whenever the team loses a match,they’ll start blaming Mikel.The main problem we have is inability of our strikers to put the ball inside the net,not Mikel.Etoo couldnt score two clear chances yesterday,is it Mikel’s fault?As for the pivot position,the best pairing is Ramires-Mikel!For your info,Guarin is an attacking midfielder,not a DM!

    1. abidex says

      @akin dont mind them awon olofo

  19. qwec-i says

    I like this guy who said Mourinho talks too much and acts less. Bro. you are on point. That’s exactly what’s happening. He complains every now and then without acting. Benitez used these same players and they were scoring goals, but Mourinho is not doing such. If he that special as he claims to be, he should act as that as well. Teams no longer fear Chelsea.

  20. Neri Abayomi says

    @Gabby Grow up man. YOu are just a Mou fan. The world can see Chelsea is playing poorly under Mou. And u keep blaming individuals rather than a coach that turned a 2 time Chelsea player of the year with the highest assists in Europe last season to a limp performer week in, week out. U are blaming Eto’o, a player we all know is past his best, rather than Mou that brought him in the first place.
    U blame Ba and Torres, players we all know shd v been sold rather than Mou who kept them and sent our most vibrant Attacker on loan.
    You say Mikel is slow, U forgot how the slow player marshalled Schwein in the UCL final. Even Hazard is no longer as deadly as he use too.

    All our players are indecisive with their passes, dilly dailling on the ball for long.
    Blame the coach for nt getting the best out of a group that has won the UCL, FA CUP and Europa Lg in 2 years.

    1. Anonymous says

      We can try David Luiz at pivot with Ramíres

      1. Anonymous says

        And schurrle like a false 9, because eto Ba and Torres 🙁

  21. Akinwumi Steven says

    @Abayomi thanks may God continue to add more power to ur elbow!Its like ure reading my mind. Don’t even know the reason why the so-called chelsea fans continue to beat around by the bush!The main culprit here is Mou himself.We need to admit one thing,Mou’s no longer the same person we knew again and infact he’s not our messiah coz we know the amount of trophies we’ve won without him.We should stop laying blames on Mikel for Gods sake!

  22. GABBY says

    see another nigerian i told u only nigerians knw hw blame a coach,wen players are missin cllear chances on de field, u people neva knw football de strikers are nt helpin de team, Mikel is only useful at ur national team, slows de game wen we are on counter attack nd every player is rushin forward he will on luk back pass backwads. if nt etoo whic striker agaib dey are all useless strikers dey dnt ma demselves available good passes bd if dey do, missed de chance he shuld go on de pitch nd force dem to play up expectation. Ma frnd go learn or change ur team fo gud football.see dem a faces Abayomi,Aliyu, Nd Akinwumi all be nigerians. they only knw sack de coach!! BUH LET ME TELL U, GO BRING GOD FROM HEAVFNS WE STILL GO LOOSE MATCHES, SUNDERLAND BEAT CITY DER WERE SACKIN CIMIN

    1. Emile 10 says

      GABBY don’t waste your time talking to them. I don’t know what’s wrong with these pple. I hate sentimental in football. They know deep inside their heart that Mikel is too damn slow. They know that Torres and co are useless and he should be the ones to blame. They know that Mata is fantastic but he can’t do shit against a top side. Look last game how Willian played the 120mins. He was every where on the pitch like he was running for his life. For me after these 3 last game I can tell you with full confidence that Willian is our best number 10. We all know that KdB is talented but there is no way he can play because all AMFs are better than him. I hate the name Mazacar. It’s time to support everyone. If you don’t give all on the pitch someone is going to jump in your place and that’s it. Mou send Lukaku on loan because there is no way Chelsea attack is going to be leaded by a 19years old and Mou didn’t want to take a risk. Guys if you are here because of Mikel, Mata or Torres u better get the fuck out. Chelsea is bigger than any player. Last season we straggle to finish in top 4 and almost a gap of 30points between us and United. At least we are at the beginning of the season. We should also learn that sometime we are going to loose and win the next day. And life goes on. I hate glory hunters. They can’t deal with the lost. It’s a shame to see a useless mother**** keyboard warrior insulting Mou. The manager who won everything in his carrier. Remember Mou isn’t a magician. If he puts players on the field, they have to perform. Torres is missing open goals, Eto’o can’t finish one on one. Ba too slow to take the final touch from the cross. Mikel is running like a 70 years old woman. Lampard is loosing possession every time he tries a pass. I can’t blame anyone else. Any starting XI at Chelsea should be able to beat Sunderland. No excuse from the players. Mou can’t do anything more. None can help Torres to find the back of the net

      1. Emile 10 says


      2. George says

        Emile 10 … Stop being emotional and engage in rational reasoning. People who are Chelsea fans are entitled to their opinions, your passionate observations are welcome, but so are others..

        There are leadership issues with Mou that you cannot wish away. Do you know that Mou almost destroyed the career of a superstar goalkeeper in Real Madrid? He creates unnecessary rivalry among his own players, he is a master of divide and rule.

        He recently talked about Ashley Cole in negative ways to the press, I am a sports coach up to national team levels and I can tell you just from looking at the players performance that none is settled.

        Torres may not be our greatest striker but between him Ba and Etoo he is the one likely to score all the time. Mou said that he is anchoring Chelsea performance around Oscar, and not Mata, that’s poor leadership because you need all these players.

        Do not get me wrong, I still believe Chelsea can win the title or titles under Mou, but he must stop being an attention seeker and concentrate on building a lasting structure within the Chelsea playing unit and restore the confidence of lead players. I will not be surprised at this rate if players rebel against him.

        Fans at Stamford bridge and all over the world are not 100% happy with him, but they have maintained their respect for him he should NOT push his Luck. He must share the blame of this inconsistent performance that we now see in Chelsea.

        Check this out… Schurrle scores two goals, hits the crossbar with a deadly shot, he is clearly our hottest player on the field, the next thing he is substituted the attack goes cold and we lose the match… That’s the present day Mou for you!

      3. Cfc_obsessed says

        @emili 10. I want tank u cos ure thinking straight. Ure not been emotional like @george pointed out. I still cant belief it that some people here see flaws, and cant identify it. They see good things, they cant acknowlegde it. We ve seen several players played in d hole (no10) position this season. Take it or leave it, willian is the best among them. @george. U may be coach but am asking u, ve u ever heard of a work rate? Can u point out d difference btw this combinations Willian,oscar,schurrle,ramires and mata,kdb,hazard,mikel? They re all technical players no doubt but am talking about work rate here. Am not going to tell u that some players re great when they re not. We re cfc fans, let us be saying reality here. We cant be deceiving ourself. If am given a chance, can i change my strikers that is not scoring? YES, can i change all my midfield that is too slow? YES. Dont tell me ure going to play either torres,eto’o,demba in the expense of aguero, suarez, even rooney. Are u going to play mikel, lampard in the expense of yaya, paulinho, even wilshere. Forget about lampard scoring frm midfield right now, if we ve good striker that can score goals, we dont need to rely on lampard. Pls i like how we re analysing things here but some people re still hurting me with their unable to see flaws. Our attacking trio were doing gud if the right one is selected at the right time. My only problem is the striking position and pivot. I want cfc to be the best in d world. tank u

  23. Neri Abayomi says

    @ Geroge Nice Observations. Thanks for telling @emile and @gabby overzealous Mou fan to respect other people’s view. They keep witch hunting- What does being a Nigerian have to do with our honest opinions? We are all seeing it, Chelsea’s pattern of play as been very poor. Mikel is now slow but he is still the best DM in the team.

    My thots is Mikel is not the problem.
    Is Mikel the cause of the team not been able to defend dead ball situations properly?
    Is Mikel the playmaker that you want forward passes or lots of assists from?
    Is Mikel the problem of our misfiring attack?
    @ least Mikel doesn’t hold on to the ball like our attacking trio who are clueless on who to pass to?
    Is Mikel the problem of our failing wing play, our full backs can’t effectively join the attack anymore?
    Is Mikel the problem for Cech’s recent vulnerability in goal?
    Let me pose you this question, what has the so called happy one(he has bin gloomy lately) bin doing on the training ground

    1. Cfc_obsessed says

      Abayomi ur opinion is gud but i want u to knw that mid field is like the main heart of a team. D usual thing is that, if somthing gud is to hapen, it starts in d middle likewise the bad. We cant sign any player now, we ve limited abilities in some of our players and they re d best we ve now. All am hoping for is for them to improve. I want torres, eto, ba, mikel, lampard, luiz,cole,essien,kdb,iva, to improve more. They re always be a victim every match. I want them to be consistent. Cos i believe if ure telling attacking player to help out the defence, to defend as a unit, u must tell those at d back and d pivot to support the attack reasonably when needed. One love here

    2. Emile 10 says

      @Neri Abayomi. I didn’t say Mikel is the only problem. Nah Mikel is among of them. I’m always honest. Lampard is scoring but that’s not his main job on the field. Which is the main raison we can have a clean sheet. When he goes forward none is there to cover him. Mikel can’t play quick passes. Mikel can be good for teams like Barca which their style is based on possession football. Slow passes help the opponent to get back in their defense. Torres isn’t better than anyone please. All our stricker are the same. But if I have to choose one I will go with Ba. Because he offer something important like holding the ball….ok bro. As you listed the problem about defending the dead balls. Cech’ horrible performance, striking problems which you totally right. So if Cech can’t make a simple save why are you blaming Mourinho for that? If Lampard can’t pass the ball why are you blaming Mou? If El Niño can’t score or just hold the ball at least for 3secs and pass, why are you blaming the coach. Any starting XI for Chelsea should kick the hell out Sunderland and other average teams in EPL. Why? Because there is a raison why they are in Chelsea not in those team and they should show that they deserve those huge wages. If our players can’t perform it’s better to sale them and bring in the ones who are hungry of success. Mou didn’t kill Iker Casillas’ career. He got an injury and when he came back Lopez was better than him. Simple as that. Even today Lopez is Carlo first choice which explain everything. That’s the problem we fans we have. We can’t deal with the fact that our favorite players aren’t playing because they aren’t good enough to start or just there are better players available in their post. Hope I make sense now. I have nothing against Nigerians and I do like Mikel’ style but not good for Chelsea. Only Barca can be happy with Mikel’ quality

      1. Emile 10 says


  24. Anonymous says

    Everytime i watch Lampard play i come to the conclusion that unless he scores, he slows down the play too much and the opposition play around him too easily. Thats been the case for a long time. I love Luiz but hes too much a luxury in a defence thats less than solid.Hazard and Willian are amazing players but are on the periphery of play way to often. Why when Torres shows some form does he end up third choice? Surely hes better as a striker and capable of scoring more goals than Eto or Ba?
    Get Lukaku back and arrange Hazard, Oscar, Willian and Mata around him, it should be easy because they are good footballers. Defensive midfield players…we need one, Mikel doesnt contribute enough and play becomes predictable when hes on the ball, is there anyone in the reserves who could play better, if not then buy. Azpil at right back, Bertrand at left. We have to stop letting good players leave Chelsea only to prosper at other clubs, ie Lukaku, Sturridge, etc.

  25. Neri Abayomi says

    These questions goes to @Emile, Gabby and CFC obessed.

    Do you like our pattern of play?
    Who is responsible for bringing out the best in his sqaud?
    Which of our players from last season is showing improvement under Jose? Mata, Luiz, Cole, Cech, Cahill, Mikel, Ba, Torres are deteriotrating.
    Was Eto’o is necessary buy?

    Answer these questions without bias
    I don’t want Mou sacked, I just wish he can work his magic on the team- that is y he is arguably one of the best- he shd act like it and show it in our pattern of play no matter the obstacle.

    1. Emile 10 says

      First of all Eto’o came like emergency. We missed out Rooney so they were no other option than trying experienced guy like him. Unfortunately isn’t working out. Torres can’t improve simple as that. It’s been 3years trying, changing managers and players around him but still he can’t improve so therefore none can help him out. Cole is ageing. It’s not Mou fault if cole can’t run anymore. Mikel remain Mikel. He still good on the ball rarely loose possession but still too damn slow. Cahill is one of our best defender and he is playing ok! Nothing much to say about him. All of us know that David Luiz is class but sometimes he switch off and loose concentration. There is no difference between Luiz for last season and the Luiz for today. Mata is the only to be questioned about. I don’t know really what the heck is happening to him. Even when he get the chance he almost offer nothing. He lost his confidence. Maybe it’s because of Mou but as a professional if your manager asked you to play this way you should do so. You have to be open to any kind of football. Cech is poor just in the last couple of games. Mou has nothing to do with a poor performance of the goalie. Hopefully I tried to answer you question. Even if they are not the answers you expected.

      1. adam says

        @emile10: you are a good fan

      2. Emile 10 says

        @Adam thanks bro! I just love this club and I don’t know how I can leave without Chelsea.

    2. Cfc_obsessed says

      @Abayomi, u want an unbiased answer and ure asking biased question. Y cant u mention those that re playing well under jose. U should mention terry, ramires, oscar. We re playing in a certain way that is not working for us cos our strikers isnt scoring. And y will i wanna blame mou for that? Can mou teach u how to eat? We re playing an attacking football but some players make it look like a defensive football cos of their incapabilities. Nothing is going to erase d fact dat mikel is not improving. Can mou improve mikel?Maybe in a certain way but not is style of play cos he is a slow player, just like viera. He is a genius, no doubt but if we re to play attacking football, or counter, we dont need him. Are u watching mou madrid? Imagine khedira or xabi in opposition box atimes. Making a quick pass, closing down opponent in time. All is well brother. Just watch mou as he bench ur favourite player. I trust him, its a matter of time. Eto is a zero buy, a year contract, re u blaming mou for signing him? Who re u going to blame for signing torres then, mou? Torres ve spent almost 3yrs here compare to eto. I cant totally call a eto a liability right now, we never knw. Notin hapen to cahil, he is improving. On mata? Its all about game time for him, he is still a magician, its all about options in his position. Luiz is luiz, no different. Unless u want mou to cut his hair. Ba? A drogba like, but not technical as him. He has improved compare to last season. He old on d ball very well, he as been a more targeted man dis season. Torres is torres, we just need to cut the loss. I ve accepted my faith since, not even today. Abayomi, pls can u make torres come gud again? Can u turn mikel to fast player? Can u turn cole to shaw? Even evra cant do d shit wit his age. Am tired of this. Bye

      1. Neri Abayomi says

        U are still not answering one of my mundane questions. Do u like our pattern of play? Dats a yes or no answer

  26. Cfc_obsessed says

    @Abayomi. If u take ur time, u ll realise i ve answered ur qtns. Read again maybe my first and second reply in this page. If u see a positive and a negative statement, i believe u should be able to point out ur yes or No answer frm it. Y ll i not attacking football. Unfortunately, is not working d way we wanted bcos of some players incapablities. U should knw those players am taking about. Are u blaming mou for being d kind of player they re? Am talking about personal traits of individual player. Its their style, am not talking about technicability. The way u do things, ur way of life, cannot be altered by somone. Even if it can be, it cant be permanent, we will living another person’s way of life, an d it ll be a matter of time before u go back to ur normal way. I moved away frm football to xplain things to u bcos right now am tinkin u knw d truth but ure been adamant. I like the style mou is playin now than his previous tenure which is defensive packed. Benitez played an attacking football without mikel and he succeded but squad dept let him down. Am not talkin about torres, but i belief our strikers will start scoring. If i am coach, i ll only play mikel whenever we re playing a compact 4 3 3. Mikel is not fit-in in 4231. In 433 he can do wot he does best cos 2 midfielders is beside him. He can pass sideway, move forward on occassion to take shot. In 4231, there is a need for a pivot player to do more. First, is to be quick, defend, make a forward pass, cover for box to box mate, be vissionable cos opponent ll defend and rely on counter. Collect d ball, in a second, make a long pass for next seconds. Mikel cant do dis tins and u knw it. Honestly, i can do wot mikel is doing at cfc right now. Notin spectacular, just simple pass, just guide the ball until ref blows for foul, ariel contest in the middle, wot again? Common, modern pivot player is doing more. I can only hope u can understand me Abayomi

    1. Neri Abayomi says

      I am not saying Mikel shd start all our matches, neither am I saying Mikel shd be the first name on the team sheet.
      Mikel was the silver ball winner @ the WYC Netherlands 2005, second only to Lionel Messi- He was an offensive playmaker, a Riquelme esque player.
      U r calling Mikel useless and he is the most expensive Nigerian footballer – Chelsea shelled out 16m pounds for his services- You dragged him with Manchester United, it was a transfer saga.
      In comes Mou, who altered a jewel of creavity and turned him into a defensive shield with strict instructions to avoid long balls which he is good at and he shd avoid dictating play which is strongest suit.
      We v problems in the squad that is more than a player being past his best. How players are breaved of self confidence

      The inability of Mou to change his style to suit is individual players is the main issue here. When Carlo came in, he tried his famous 4-4-2 diamond formation, it didn’t work and he change to our trusted 4-3-3. This current squad were clicking together in a fluid short passing attacking football under Di Matteo before Rafa fine tuned them and made us more of a unit and cut out all the defensive frality we were showing under Matteo.

      For those that think Mou is playing attacking football- please watch our games under Di and Rafa.
      Mou’s insistence on defending before attack mentality leaves a team that have started gelling as an attacking short passing unit in the previous season to start a new campagin playing a kick and follow brand of football. Trying to play all teams on the counter, easily read by the opponents they sit deep instead and because our players have bin conditioned all week in training in possible scenario of counter attacking football while soaking the pressure, our players becomes clueless when their opponents are parking the bus, we find it hard to string passes together that would create chances for us to score.

      We have good enough players, we need the coach to get the best out of them. FINISH

  27. Cfc_obsessed says

    U blame mou for changing mikel position frm attacking to defensive mid field? Mou helped mikel in his career. Can mikel compete with our attacking midfielder then with his age and little experience. Mou helped mikel cos he wanted him to play plus he saw a strength in him to replace our precious makalele. Will u bench mikel of 2007 for lampard, joe cole, roben? I tire for u o. Makalele is old, we re playing 433, ballack is must, lampard is a must cos he score goals then for fun. Even essien struggle to play then. So y mou ruined mikel life? He gave him new life, an opportunity instead o sitting on the bench. Azpi is happy right now cos he is playing even though not his prefered position.u cant compare messi and mikel, they re first and second then, messi didnt work straight into barca team then. He played as a winger, not his prefered striking role and he excel. Mou helped mikel a lot cos if mikel had sign for man utd, alex fergie might not use him at all. U tagged u17 word cup best players(messi&mikel) as best in the world then? Is like calling ihineasho, the best in the world right now. Mikel should be tanking his GOD cos i belief he is the first cfc young player to be given a chance to play by mou. He is lucky. Y will i cal mikel useless? I ll never say that, even to hillario. But the fact still remain cfc deserve more talent than them

    1. Neri Abayomi says

      @ CFC Obessesed – You obviously don’t understand shit about football. Mikel was the silver ball winner @ the under 20 level not under 17.
      U keep bantering abt Mou dis and dat, a coach shd improve a player, he is not to cause their dip in form.

      Under Mourinho (CFC players from last season)
      Improved Players
      Declining Players
      Static players

      1. Emile 10 says

        How many goals and assists did Hazard got last season? How many do he have so far? Before talking shit get you fact right.

  28. Cfc_obsessed says

    @Abayomi.Torres, ba, mikel, essien( @ madrid trained by mou last season), lampard, u said they decline compare to last season? Guy ure genius in football. I ll not talk to u again after dis. I may be wrong about my claim of under 17 but u20 is still for youths, they were tenagers when they played u20 world cup. All those ur declining players, re they really superb last season? Torres is torres no change dont forget he is d only striker before ba came in, ba is more or less panic buy to support torres, is not often u see cfc buy a kind of his like frm lower team. Ba is still new in cfc, he is playing for big club, i want to tell u right now that demba ve improved. Take note of his ball control, first touch, ball holding. What is missing is goals which ll surely comes for him. Luiz Declining? I thought benitez realise luiz weakness before moved him forward to middle. Dats how luiz plays, hes not declining. Mata? I ve told u dis several tyms, mou is trying to improve mata, mata is a world class but has a slight dip form right now bcos of playing time and he ll surely succeed. There re many options in his position. Mikel? Ve u forgotten mikel got his first epl goal dis season? Mikel is mikel,alway plays d same way no difference, kdb? Same as mata, there re options in his position, if he works hard, he ll surely get his chance. He is not wit us last season. Werder bremen is not cfc, he can be starter in bremen but not in cfc cos we ve talents than bremen. Abayomi, u shouldnt be a manager cos u ll ruin things. Who again? Ramires static? They called him to national team this season, iva? He is a starter last season mostly at cb and hes still starter now @ rb, no difference. Am no new to football, i may not knw everything but not novice as u claim. Cole is not brilliant last season either, we dont ve option in is position. How many month has mou spent now? A season? And ure already presurise him. Cech? He s only in dip form for a couple of matches, this is unavoidable, he s no machine, not mou fault

    1. Neri Abayomi says

      @Cfc V u finished blabbing?
      @ Emile Hazard pattern of play is declining, he is no longer a team player.

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