Rami set to leave the European Champions?
Our highly rated midfielder who has been amongst one of the best players this season and also the most improved players since he has joined Chelsea has been quoted saying he wants to go back to his old club Cruzeiro.

Ramires who signed for us in August 2010 in Ancelotti’s time On 5 March 2012 has been Chelsea’s most effective players this season and Ramires recently signed a new five-year contract, keeping him at Chelsea until 2017.The recent report suggest that he could well and truly part compnay with the reigning European Champions as his morale is low at Chelsea…

The report read-
 Ramires, 25, said: ‘If Cruzeiro are interested, it’s possible for me to go back.

‘Although it’s not a decision I can make and difficult because my price is very high. If Cruzeiro could raise the money, I would go back for sure.

‘I was happy at Cruzeiro and felt an obligation to return at some point as the club offered me a chance to launch my sport career in Europe.

‘I still follow their matches on the internet. The fans were always good to me and named me “Ramires the Warrior”.

‘I still keep all the videos of when I played at the club and in difficult moments at Chelsea I watch them to increase my morale.’
Who could forget that goal?
Ramires has been very efficacious and his personal contribution to the team has been elephantine. On a personal note he got awarded the for the best goal of the season against 
Barça who could possibly forget that exquisite chip and also got the Player’s Player Award of the season.

 In my opinion he would not leave the Bridge this season or even in the future. He’s happy here the fans love him and he’s too important a player now too be even be considered of leaving us and is surely in the Club’s long term plans…

Till then KTBFFH! We’ll keep you updated as always..

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  1. Anonymous says

    Ramires is infact a very
    important player for chelsea because he can do anything, defend, create chances and score. We love you Ramires pease dont leave! Bridge is your home

  2. Graham says

    Ramires is one of the best CFC players so HE WONT LEAVE and DEFIANTLY we ARE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS 😀

  3. Anonymous says

    RAMIRES Is MY FAV..Pls stay.

    I think he would..!

  4. Ramires007 says

    Ramires!!!! 007


    I think he will stay he was really happy at CFC and even wanted Hulk at CFC

  5. Uzie says

    Great article I ralely have to agree to the factor of STRETCHING I’ve had issues with muscles in places that would of been eased if I only took the time to stretch before and after. So now I’ve added a good 30 mins to my workouts 15 before and 15 after just to keep the injuries to a minimal.

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