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  1. Anonymous says

    Fantastic Analysis Bro….Expecting to see you at CFC bench oneday………good piece there…ernestbible

  2. oboday says

    these team can beat the top clubs in the epl including chelsea

  3. Anonymous says

    wow!….wit more blues spirit dy can win d EPL in 2seasons tym…..i believe u MAN

  4. Vaibhav Kumble says

    Another reason to not spend heavily on reputed players

  5. Buy Xanax In China says

    Where is Lucas Piazon? He is the next Kaka….

    1. Cheapest Price For Lorazepam says

      This is part 1. He features in part 2 ! He isn’t suitable to fit into this formation atleast.

      Thanks !

  6. Abdu says

    Essien.stay madrid deburaine back kakuta back piazon back lukako back mcachramback

  7. Buy Soma Online Uk says

    Great article, i’v watched Nigeria play in the AFCON and i must say am highly impressed by the Chelsea Defender Keneth Omeoru {pardon if i dnt spell it correctly}, now why don’t we recall him and others who have impressed on-loan? A question i think the Chelsea management needs to address.

  8. makinwa says

    Lucas Piazon is very essential … we never gave the guy enough playing time … i believe he is the next big thing if well fielded. Kenneth Omeruo shld be recalled, along with Lukaku

  9. King24 says

    We should try to loan some of the players mentioned in the article to teams in the PL that will be involved in the relegation fight. By doing this, our players will be playing with less talented players than themselves, will gain experience from the relegation fight and will learn valuable skills. ManUre did this with Cleverly by loaning him out to Wigan and he’s doing quite well now in the first team. I believe that we have youth players who far outstrip ManUre’s and are maybe better than Liverpool’s and Arsenal’s. Our indefinite management has always been our downfall in terms of promoting and developing our young stars into Chelsea legends.

    1. Cheapest Price For Lorazepam says

      Agree a 110 % !

  10. Muhees says


  11. Kuunal says

    I think Courtois Lukaku and essien should be summoned urgently. Lukaku and Essien are a first team regulars. Would solve the finishing problem in the box and Courtois, well I dont see why him and cech cant be distributed games evenly. De gea and Lindegaard have done it (though not wid success). Thibaut’s emphasis on playing the first team is fair for he is a regular number 1 with Atletico. Bring’em back to play sum top quality football and we are off to the second spot in no time.

  12. Oj Currency says

    Some players on loan should be recalled like Essien,Courtois and Lukaku. And d rest sent on loan to EPL teams to gain EPL integration

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