The Battle of London: Arsenal vs Chelsea


On Monday, 23rd December Chelsea play their biggest game of their season yet as they visit Emirates to take on Arsenal, it’s the clash of the top 2 of the BPL separated by just 2 points. Both the teams will  be looking to get back to winning ways, Arsenal after their drubbing at the Etihad and Chelsea for their defeat in the Capital One Cup.

Arsenal will be looking to extend the gap to 5 points while Chelsea would be looking to be on top of the league table at Christmas and going into the festive period. It is often said that the team on top at Christmas goes on to win the league, however the last time Arsenal was on top at Christmas they didn’t win it. A LOT is at stake in this one. A win here will set the tone for the festive season with the fixtures coming thick and fast.

The Form:

Chelsea in the last 6 league games have picked up 4 wins, a draw against West Brom at home and a defeat away to Stoke City making a total of 13 points from the possible 18 available.

Arsenal have picked up 3 wins in their last six games with 2 defeats to the Manchester clubs, a 1-nil defeat at Old Trafford and a 6-3 thrashing at the Emirates last week.

Arsenal who are at home for this fixture have been near perfection picking up 5 wins in their last 6 games. The only game they didn’t win was a 1-1 draw against Everton. Chelsea’s away form is a worry with the Blues losing 2 and winning 3 on the road in the last 6 games.

The Players:

Arsenal will be missing Jack Wilshere and Laurent Koscielny are the players missing for their bans and injuries respectively, and leaves no excuse to the Blues as Koscielny missing in the defense for Arsenal will be a massive blow.

For Arsenal Podolski will be back but it’s highly unlikely that he will start. Theo Walcott will be in the mix though as the player returned from injury recently and scored 2 for Arsenal against Manchester City.

Chelsea after having lost to Sunderland in the Capital One Cup after Jose made 8 changes to the side. Although we had players who played 120 minutes but most of expected starters didn’t feature.

Jose before the game against Sunderland talked about the busy schedule and the necessity of using the full squad. he said:

“We think a very difficult period is waiting. We have to save players and prepare the others for what is coming.”

Ivanovic will be back from his 1 game suspension and Terry will definitely start against Arsenal after his well deserved rest against Sunderland. Torres will be expected to start after the failure of Ba and Eto’o in front of goal against Sunderland.

Hazard and Oscar will be expected to start and a spot for Willian or Schurrle or Mata in attacking trio? Only Jose knows. My pick would be Willian for his recent performances. The Brazilian is beginning to enjoy his stay at Chelsea and would be quite a handful against Arsenal.

Chelsea’s Problems:

Chelsea are struggling for goals from the strikers they got. Torres, Eto’o or Ba, Chelsea really haven’t been able to get one striker scoring freely and that’s a massive worry for us. The 3 strikers have combined for a total of 5 league goals so far this season. Let’s face it, Chelsea’s first choice striker won’t even be the 2nd choice striker for our rivals. Still we are 2nd with a chance to go on top on Monday. Not bad if you ask me but this has to end and Chelsea need to be in the market for the striker.

Chelsea is heavily relying on goals from the creating trio behind the striker and there are days when Hazard or Oscar won’t score and we struggle to finish teams off. Defensively we have been a worry as well and the defense need a shakeup. Only Terry has been the bright spot in the defense so far this season. Cahill and Luiz have not really given good performances.

Chelsea has been really vulnerable on the dead ball opportunities and Giroud and Mertesacker would be well aware of that. Chelsea will have to be on top on Monday if they are to take anything from this game.

The Rivalry: Jose vs Wenger


The rivalry between the two London teams is huge and with Jose’s return to the BPL the rivalry just got an added spice of another battle between Wenger and Mourinho. Wenger has not been able to beat Jose’s team in his previous nine attempts. There is no love lost between the two managers but when they clash on the field there is only one who comes out on top, the most recent one coming in the Capital One Cup, a 2-0 win at the Emirates. Surely Wenger will be looking to make it tenth time lucky.

Chelsea have a great record at the Emirates as the Blues have only lost one of their last seven trips to the Emirates and the corresponding fixture last term ended in a 2-1 win for Chelsea courtesy goals from Fernando Torres and Juan Mata.

The Odds:

League leaders Arsenal are slight favourites for Monday night’s encounter, with Paddy Power offering the Gunners at 7/5.

Chelsea are at 2/1, with the draw available at 23/10 with the same bookmakers as well.

What do you think will be result of this one? I am going for a 2-1 win for Chelsea, i have this feeling, we always show up against Arsenal. Arsenal taking the game to us might just be ideal for us to play our brand of football.

Up The Chels!

  1. Fik says

    If we play a fast attacking ft ball using Sharule & Hazard on wings, dsoping slow players like Lampard & J Terry & controlling z fast Teo Walcoat using a fast defenders and controlling z ball fastly, Cfc definetely can win 4 – 1. But our playing should be fast to control ball & destroy their Midfield dominance … Fast is z rule to win in MF as well as in defence!

  2. Bob says

    Mata as CAM Hazard and Schurrle on wings with torres and striker produces incredible attack with a lot of speed on the wings. Ramires and Mikel in the pivot for speed and stability. Cahill and Terry in back four, cole as lb and azpilcueta as rb.

  3. Jk says

    I’m a Chelsea fan but am worried because of our system of play. Jose’s system is not working with the current squad indicated by poor ball command and massive wastage. Arsenal are playing a more accurate foot ball with minimal ball lose which means we will be most vulnerable. Sincerely speaking Mourinho do not know how to fix young talents into production that makes me think soon our babys may underperform under Jose. Benitez had created a killer team but Jose spoiled rendering our last season’s stars Mata and Luiz usless. We need to play carpet football but instead we are just shooting ball in any way. This make us tired by 70th minutes and so we concede. Now it may be worse because the hinted at playing defensive football. Look at all teams especially those at the bottom table are beating Chelsea because they are playing sexy football. We are doomed but am worried brcause the coach is so stubborn to realise this. All through the season we have played poor football with win or without. Wins have disgusted our weaknesses but loses especially to teams below the table have clearly exposed them. For me the game against Arsenal is already lost. It’s 3-0 for Arsenal.

    1. Alvinxiawzombie says

      Y you wah dey wrong u

    2. Vaibhav Kumble says

      And your wrong. We will win..

  4. Nino says

    We should just start the same players that started this fixture last season, with Willian and shurrle waiting to be unleashed, or mou should start shurrle as the no9, all the same, I wish the blue boys all the best.

  5. Neri Abayomi says

    @ Geroge Nice Observations. Thanks for telling @emile and @gabby overzealous Mou fan to respect other people’s view. They keep witch hunting- What does being a Nigerian have to do with our honest opinions? We are all seeing it, Chelsea’s pattern of play as been very poor. Mikel is now slow but he is still the best DM in the team.

    My thots is Mikel is not the problem.
    Is Mikel the cause of the team not been able to defend dead ball situations properly?
    Is Mikel the playmaker that you want forward passes or lots of assists from?
    Is Mikel the problem of our misfiring attack?
    @ least Mikel doesn’t hold on to the ball like our attacking trio who are clueless on who to pass to?
    Is Mikel the problem of our failing wing play, our full backs can’t effectively join the attack anymore?
    Is Mikel the problem for Cech’s recent vulnerability in goal?
    Let me pose you this question, what has the so called happy one(he has bin gloomy lately) bin doing on the training ground

  6. Anonymous says

    Jose is a master tactitian the football world has ever seen…! Chelsea is in transition we also know that…! so trust him. As far as Arsenal are concerned they have the same manager for last 16 years. No comparison.. still we offer them a headache for sure. Up blues!

  7. qwec-i says

    Jose is master tactician!Laughs, laughs! That was then. Now he doesn’t even know what do before and during matches but only to talk. If only would go back to what Benitez did, this team will at least have a pattern to play and play what I call soccer and not this rugby we’ve been watching and win games with style. Big ups to Benitez, the man that made Chelsea played ‘sexy’ footy.

    1. Vaibhav Kumble says

      What a joke!! That was then?!! Is that why we already beat Arsenal and Man City this season?!! The only problem with us is that we are not finishing games off. Sexy football my arse. We finished 15 points behind the league leaders and got knocked out of this champs league group cause of this Sexy football bullshit.

  8. qwec-i says

    There would be no need to play Lampard in this match. Oscar us the right person to play in his place. With Hazard, Mata and Willian supporting Torres. Ramires and Oscar Marshalling the hole and Ashley, Luiz, Terry and Ivan and Czech in post and this game is ours.

  9. Emile 10 says

    My dream team against Arsenal is:
    Azpi Ivan Terry Cole
    Mikel Rami
    Schürlle Willian Hazard

  10. Robben16 says

    I think JM will use false 9 formation. i think the line up is:
    Azpi Ivan JT Cole
    Rami Mikel Lampard
    Schurlle Willian Hazard

  11. Alvinxiawzombie says

    Mou shud start playn mata…so dat we can convert our set pieces

  12. Alvinxiawzombie says

    Mikel shud be sold to norwichcity

    1. adam says

      lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Norwich city don’t want. tooooo slowwww

  13. GABBY says

    @Abayomi is Mou de problem all wat u are saying? u see u hv judge ur ownself learn sense in dealin wid issues dnt jax speak widout good analysing Mou put etoo on de pitch score, buh instead he missed dis kind of clear chances nd u f***king blaming mou somtin is wrng wid u, u see Mikel run as 70yr old woman, nd passes back wen we on counter nd u xpect chelsea to win. stop being sentimental nd face reality, de strikers are nt doin well, nd u are saying all these kind of stupid tins aba ur coach, becoz of these strikers two coaches has been sacked.

  14. GABBY says

    All opinions are wellcome buh u knw wat make sure u get ur facts ryt, nd tlk sense nt jax tlk for tlkin sake lyk de nigerians, Abayomi nd coo.

  15. GABBY says

    All opinions are wellcome buh u knw wat make sure u get ur facts ryt, nd tlk sense nt jax tlk for tlkin sake lyk de nigerians, Abayomi nd coo. All dey knw is sack de coach wen we loose, datz de only sense dey got in football.

  16. Neri Abayomi says

    @Gabby What do you have against Nigerians?
    You write a lot of stuffs but they don’t carry any weight.
    Let Chelsea v a bad run and see who gets the boot- it is obviously the coach.
    If the Coach takes credit for good results and good performance then he shd accept blames too.
    He sees them in training, yes or yes
    He shd solve the problem I highlighted and stop siding a clueless tactian.
    @ Gabby where are you frm- probably caucasian cos u swear alot- grow up.

    1. GABBY says

      why dnt u shut ur beak nw a judge at the end of de season. u tlk too much no clue, only point u hv is sack de coach,thats wat i hv against u nigerians.or if u are supportin chelsea bcoz of Mikel den u are a plastic fan.That all support the team.

  17. Ken says

    Yeah we’re on transition which I’m not disputing but we should atleast have a perticular style of play even if the result won’t be favourable at first but it’ll give the cfc faithful condifidence that we’re moving in the right direction but that ain’t really happening right now..take a look at city,everton,southampton,liverpool. They’re on transition but got a perticular style of play..I’m not puting the whole blame on Mourinho but he should take the larger chunk of it with his dour tactics..

  18. GABBY says

    Hw can ur team be consistent wid hiring nd firing go nd manage chelsea urself, i hv notin against nigerians buh it only u people hvin de clue of sackin coaches, glory hunters,u dnt look at de tactical view of the game, wat u people do is hate, this same sunderland scored we scored dem 5-4, there were no coment of sack pellig at city wat at all do u wnt from mou. i knw is becos he is nt playin Mikel as u wish ba i tell only blind coaches will play Mikel week in week out, he (Mou) buh he knws mikel is not growin as a player he doesnt learn. only ur national he cn be playin lyk wat u wnt.Ok get this chelsea is bigger than any player, wether u lyk it or nt, hate or lyk Mou is remaining 4/5yrs as a coach for chelsea.Thats all so get it in ur head nd start supportin him.plastic glory hunter, u only wnt win buh no coach can ever win all his matches get this straigt in ur head datz all @abayomi nd coo.

  19. Neri Abayomi says

    These questions goes to @Emile, Gabby and CFC obessed.

    Do you like our pattern of play?
    Who is responsible for bringing out the best in his sqaud?
    Which of our players from last season is showing improvement under Jose? Mata, Luiz, Cole, Cech, Cahill, Mikel, Ba, Torres are deteriotrating.
    Was Eto’o is necessary buy?

    Answer these questions without bias
    I don’t want Mou sacked, I just wish he can work his magic on the team- that is y he is arguably one of the best- he shd act like it and show it in our pattern of play no matter the obstacle.

  20. Ken says

    @gabby frankly, I’m a nigerian and I don’t like mikel as a player cos’ he’s not a good DM (my opinion though) but the big Question I want to you is this, IF IT WERE BENITEZ THAT’S HAVING THIS TOPSY-TURVY SEASON WITH CFC, WOULD YOU HAVE RALLIED BEHIND HIM?
    I’m not saying mou should be axed..naah!! I love continuety but he should up his game and put smile on our faces eg I can never play Ivah ahead of Ceaser as RB cos’ Ceaser gives width and got better crosses than Ivah.. My defenders would hv been ceaser,ivah,terry/luiz,bertrand/cole…Mou still knows best,he’s the coach but he’s human and also error prone hence we should criticise him constructively if need be and rather not swallow whatever he does hook-line-and-sinker..

    1. GABBY says

      @ken frankly, i supported Benetez buh bcos of wat he said against our precious team,was the main reason why majority of us de fans hated as a person if Rafa remained as our coach i would love it,buh i will still choose mou over him,Rafa neva got sacked he was a caretaker,nd he went wen his tym was due.u knw wat u are the true football fan from nigeria yes u tlk sensebly, criticizing the coach is somtin every coach get, buh u dnt hv to be rude,example after that sunderland game, som1 jax got on his jeyboard(mou is a fool,mou sucks, fuck u,Mou has com to destroy chelsea hw can u do this, all kinds of insult. look @ wat u said (mou shuld up his game) is dat nt a criticise? it means u are criticizing buh support him as well. nd if i shuld ask Abayomi wat was de fault against sunderland? ask him for me de selection or etoos clear chance was mous fault ask him.

  21. Fik says

    Jose has to start z fast & young players against Arsenal to dominat possession. JT & Lamp should not be start for Arsena team match to win z game as they are too slow …

  22. Neri Abayomi says

    @ Gabby- Your use of English is poor. Y r u afraid to say what nation u hail from?
    Moreover u haven’t answered my questions. Keep beating around the bush, u r just a Mourinho fan and you don’t v a mind of your own. Anything he does is fine by you, you would be easily ordered around. I bet you are one of those that supported Inter, Madrid bcos Mou was their manager.

    These questions goes to @Emile, Gabby and CFC obessed.

    Do you like our pattern of play?
    Who is responsible for bringing out the best in his sqaud?
    Which of our players from last season is showing improvement under Jose? Mata, Luiz, Cole, Cech, Cahill, Mikel, Ba, Torres are deteriotrating.
    Was Eto’o is necessary buy?

    Answer these questions without bias
    I don’t want Mou sacked, I just wish he can work his magic on the team- that is y he is arguably one of the best- he shd act like it and show it in our pattern of play no matter the obstacle.

    1. Emile 10 says

      First of all Eto’o came like emergency. We missed out Rooney so they were no other option than trying experienced guy like him. Unfortunately isn’t working out. Torres can’t improve simple as that. It’s been 3years trying, changing managers and players around him but still he can’t improve so therefore none can help him out. Cole is ageing. It’s not Mou fault if cole can’t run anymore. Mikel remain Mikel. He still good on the ball rarely loose possession but still too damn slow. Cahill is one of our best defender and he is playing ok! Nothing much to say about him. All of us know that David Luiz is class but sometimes he switch off and loose concentration. There is no difference between Luiz for last season and the Luiz for today. Mata is the only to be questioned about. I don’t know really what the heck is happening to him. Even when he get the chance he almost offer nothing. He lost his confidence. Maybe it’s because of Mou but as a professional if your manager asked you to play this way you should do so. You have to be open to any kind of football. Cech is poor just in the last couple of games. Mou has nothing to do with a poor performance of the goalie. Hopefully I tried to answer you question. Even if they are not the answers you expected. You guys think coaches are magicians? The problem is not the selection of the starting XI because any starting XI should kick the hell out any average team in EPL e.i Sunderland

    2. GABBY says

      mr abayomi did u tell me u are from nigeria?, tank u mr english teacher are we learning english here? u are nt makin sense,u are nt a true footie fan am showin u hw to be, we dnt jax tlk nonsense after a loose widout analysin, first u wer complaining mikel needs to be in de team, mikel came in we lost den u started tlkin rubish,mou this mou that, dnt be a glory hunter, bac ur team, wether loose or win,thats hw a true football fan behaves, we all criticize, but u need to give him his due respect, besides he is bigger than u nd many in nigeria.

  23. Ken says

    our LB,RB hardly burst forward nor regularly put up good crosses which leaves us without width thereby making us creating less chances.
    our attacking trio are usually slow or holding unto the ball for too long in the final third rather than passing it swiftly to create goal scoring opportunities..this gives opponents the room to regroup and defend open space(s)
    our attacking trio should learn to create more opportunities for our strikers and they (strikers) should learn how to position properly..Mou should try and correct some of these….

  24. miles says

    Pls. @abayomi and @gabby, both of u r taking it personal.
    1. Mikel is a average player. For chelsea to move forward no right thinking person can stick with mikel.the time of a standing deefensive midfieldder like makelele and mikel has passed. Eg yaya toure and ffernandinho(both of dem move forward), in brazil paulinho and gustavo(both are mobile), in bayern mmartinez and bastian (both are mobile). Hw can a midfielder be passing backward during counter attack?imagine a pivot of rammires gundogan or rammires khedira (now that’s something).
    2. U can’t judge mou by this year. I can say that this team is not mou’s team. It is nxt season that we will see mou’s team.if u r fair u can’t blame mou for tactic selection. All 3 strikers are useless. All attacking midfielders are good. The pivot is watery with ramires being the only player.
    Hazard takes too mmuch time on the ball. The reason mata is not like last season is that last season he neva tracked back when team wz defending. So it wz easier for him to pick a pass if the ball got to him.

  25. Anonymous says

    All I see here is personalized concepts instead of unbaised analysis of the reasons CFC keeps detoriorating… I understand how some fans embrace bigotry of players they will never appreciate regardless of how good or poor the team plays collectively.
    I think the messages should be directed to the manager- Jose Mourinho. However, Jose is not Benitez & RDM. So don’t compare their achievements and style. Jose is responsible for how the boys play. That style has to be blended properly with the talents at disposal and there’ll surely be dominance.

    Pls for those who hate Mikel (the man always a scape goat for the team’s mistakes) so much including his fellow compatriots, take it easy on the professional. He’s playing to instruction. The same Mikel can go forward if licensed and pass evenly. I watch football closely and i don’t have time to bemoan or join your so-called Nigeria syndrome. None of our players deserve the sort of rawness & disrespect most of the fans cry all day about.
    What will change this dudes attitude on the pitch is simply the manager’s right decisions. CFC all the way.

    1. Zane says

      Love your comment. No offence to the others but while I was reading,I was heavilly suprised by some reactions and opinions about our beloved Chelsea.

      I fully agree that Mikel is only playing to instructions. Put him into his national team and watch closely how he dictates a game. Remember Uruguay v Nigeria at the Confederations Cup?

      Hate me for saying this. I like Ramires but he simply doesn’t fit in the system at all. Mikel needs a player that compliments him. Remember Ballack (playmaker) and Essien (box to box) in a midfield trio with Mikel? If we are going to play with three attacking mids,you don’t need a box to box mid because if he goes foward,he’ll overcrowd the attacking third. Mikel needs an expert passer of the ball next to him to help speed up the transition from defense to attack.

      Guarin. Can he do that job?

      1. Emile 10 says

        Wow you want Ramires out of the team? I’m done guys. I don’t know why I’m wasting my time on this page! What Ramires did one season Mikel didn’t do half of it. I may hate u for this but nah you are my brother as longer as you are blue hate doesn’t have a place between us.

      2. GABBY says

        Do u only watch highlight? Ramires is nt performing , u dnt knw wat u are sayin.

      3. Cfc_obsessed says

        @zane. What happened to u? U really want ramires out of the room? The only engine? Very well then. Am confused honestly. He may ve a bad day at d office @tyms but he has always been a match winner. For someone to say ramires is not fit in is just like adding salt to my wound. Ve u forgotten real madrid just build for him? Pls remind me which big team recently build for mikel. Galatasaray? U guys should grow up. How i wish, ginkel or any accademy player take mikel place in the team. We re lacking purpose in the middle. Pls u can only help me if u can stop defending an average player. Not him alone, we ve a lot of average player in a striking role too. Pls, we ve no solution now but we can only pray they improve on their own. Not mou fault at all. He is just an innocent man like any of our sacked coach. Take for example, lampard played woefully in avb reign, after he was sacked, he come gud. He played very well when he wanted contract last season, see lampard now. Is all this a coach fault?

  26. Shiloh says

    We’r complain about our strikers lacking goals, but if Jose was bold enough as i expected of him he would have started converting either Hazard or Schurre as strikers. After that little experiment at Old Trafford have hasn’t played without a recognised striker but i think he should go back to it rather than trying to buy a new top 9 this Jan.

  27. Fik says

    JM has to drop strikers who stand around z flag, lack confidence. They select as a striker but they act …. They made our defence volunerable. They gave z opponents chance to attack & score. Other players blame b/c of our strikers not took z unmissed chances. Look what our striker missed what other opponents scored. It is better to play with Ivanovich or Luiz as a striker than playing with our reconized forwards. What made them false 9? Below z other 20 Epl teams? Z comment to MF, Defenders, as well as coach due to strikers even not take chance. How z team win without taking best chances?

    1. Emile 10 says

      @Fik. It’s always to see someone who you share the same opinion. Thanks man. That’s true story.

  28. Martin, Norway. says

    I don’t know why some fans overhere personally criticised the players too much. I think criticism should be forwarded to the manager but not the players only. For instance we seriously need to take a second look at our strikers. Obviously we need a striker in January or better still play with no striker. I think its better to apply false nine rather than playing a striker because as at now the strikers we have in our tanks are not improving, i mean the same old story strikers not scoring. Ivanovic should learn how to take decent crosses in training. This is the job of the manager to teach him since almost all his crosses has been awful this season so far. Its a transition season with some additions and subtractions we should be much better next season as a team.

  29. kaaan says


  30. Akinwumi says

    @Gabby,We’re very proud to be a Nigerian coz we’re a footballing nation and we’re very proud of what we’ve achieved in football.But i guess ure very scared to tell us the country of ur origin.Don’t think they play football in ur country at all,coz u’ve talking trash and it showed that ure MOU’s fan not a chelsea fan!

    1. GABBY says

      @akinwumi my nation is nt ur problem wether we play rugby or netball,all i knw is chelsea nd it is tym we get som stabilty in our team,de hiring nd firing are too much,all i wnt u nigerian to do is analyse b4 u tlk, dnt jax tlk after a lost, only u people will say fuck u mou, mou has com to destroy chelsea those are childish tlk nt critisizing.get this sense in ur head nd stop being sentimental.

  31. Akinwumi Steven says

    Maybe its high time u stop saying u Nigerians!I’m not sentimental neither am I a fanatics,I’m just an objective analyst,that’s all.Everyone of u knows that the major problem we’re facing at the moment is the inability to put the ball inside the net.What has that got to do with Mikel?Is he the one that failed to convert the two begging chances against Sunderland in the Capital One Cup?Grow up man and stop beating around by the bush!Have u forgotten that even the energetic Ramires cost us 3pts against Basel in the Ucl?Not to talk of Ivanovic and ageing Lampard and misfiring Torres?Stop shifting all the blames on Mikel!

  32. Chrisypela says

    Gabby im a nigerian but im feeling wat u re saying al nigerians care bout is mikel nd they support mikel too much

  33. Neri Abayomi says

    Gabby dis, Gabby Dat- This dude might just be a lousy ghanian or iranian or hindi
    Preferably an asian.
    Gabby is not an European and hell no he aint a yank- His English is damn too poor to be a Nigerian too.

    Someone made a case for a change of formation- Sighting the obvious fact that the box to box nature of Rami would be better utilise in a 3 man field that includings a playmaker (Oscar) and a DM (Mikel) just like the days of Ballack/Lampard, Essien and your truly, Mikel- @ emile, gabby and cfc already took offence n changed d topic dt he left Rami out of the team.
    Answer my question now- do u like out pattern of play under mou, yes or no? U guys v bin dodging dis question

    1. Cfc_obsessed says

      How many tyms ll i be answering ur question. I cant be repeating tins. Read all my replies, read all my replies in the former post u ll find ur answer in there. Go to the blog titled ‘lack killer instinct’ whatever, u ll find ur answer. I ll not argue wit u again cos u seem to understand me. So is d point in the comounication then. Mikel is my country man, and i ll forever love him. Am only critical of his bein average

      1. Neri Abayomi says

        @CFC obessesed – u didn’t say shit in ur earlier replies. U didn’t say shit if you like our pattern of play under Jose. I am no longer bantering words with a Nigerian that calls an AFCON winner useless. Go figure, fuck yourself while doing it. More like Mourinho Obessesed

    2. GABBY says

      Foolish tlk i hv seen only one nigerian here tlkin sensebly, let all wait nd see if Mikel is matched out of chelsea some of these nigerians will all leave chelsea. ya’ll be a witness to this,tank u @chrisypela, they are refusing too, but thats the truth, @abayomi u might speak english for ur award (world best english speaker award) but all i wnt u to do is support football dnt be sentimental, support chelsea nt mikel, be analytical dnt jax tlk, the coach is prone to.mistakes, but is too early to judge him, sayin all those kinds of insult on him,wat u do is nt critisizing but rather abusing his personality nd attackin. why not judge at the end of de season,beside he might be greater than ur whole family a little respect will do. again we are nt at the ninth place as united or at the bottom lyk other coaches, wer we use to be at 6th nd stuff. Jax admit nd change ur attitude for ur great nation coz u people are disgracing them. (no offence)

  34. GABBY says

    @Abayomi, u want an unbiased answer and ure asking biased question. Y cant u mention those that re playing well under jose. U should mention terry, ramires, oscar. We re playing in a certain way that is not working for us cos our strikers isnt scoring. And y will i wanna blame mou for that? Can mou teach u how to eat? We re playing an attacking football but some players make it look like a defensive football cos of their incapabilities. Nothing is going to erase d fact dat mikel is not improving. Can mou improve mikel?Maybe in a certain way but not is style of play cos he is a slow player, just like viera. He is a genius, no doubt but if we re to play attacking football, or counter, we dont need him. Are u watching mou madrid? Imagine khedira or xabi in opposition box atimes. Making a quick pass, closing down opponent in time. All is well brother. Just watch mou as he bench ur favourite player. I trust him, its a matter of time. Eto is a zero buy, a year contract, re u blaming mou for signing him? Who re u going to blame for signing torres then, mou? Torres ve spent almost 3yrs here compare to eto. I cant totally call a eto a liability right now, we never knw. Notin hapen to cahil, he is improving. On mata? Its all about game time for him, he is still a magician, its all about options in his position. Luiz is luiz, no different. Unless u want mou to cut his hair. Ba? A drogba like, but not technical as him. He has improved compare to last season. He old on d ball very well, he as been a more targeted man dis season. Torres is torres, we just need to cut the loss. I ve accepted my faith since, not even today. Abayomi, pls can u make torres come gud again? Can u turn mikel to fast player? Can u turn cole to shaw? Even evra cant do d shit wit his age. does this nt answer ur question? unless u dnt want to admit. but this is reality, tanx good football fans, @emille,@cfc Ob, nd others. this is the sense i wnt them to learn, they wnt agree bcos all they knw is Mikel nd sack the coach.

  35. Cfc_obsessed says

    Abayomi, i ll never insult u. We re only argueing and as a matured mind, it shouldnt bring fourth fight, insult, or disrespect. Am not obsessed wit mou, cfc only concern me. Mou is just another manager that will eventually leave one day and after that i ll still follow chelsea. If i tell u john obi mikel is a world class player, he is up there wit d like yaya, pirlo,alonso, khedira, paulinho, etc u ll be happy. I want u to be happy but in me i ll never decieve myself. AFCON WINNER? We may be proud of them but they re nowhere to be found in europe. Am sory to dis. I hope and believe we ll dominate the europe in the future. I ve never called a player useless in my entire life, i only point at their inabilities, weaknesses and hope we find solution to it. Football club is a business oriented. There is money, we cant manage thing for long period of time. Abayomi am so sorry for not agreeing wit u dat mou is a cfc problem and not players in a certain positions. Dont insult me cos anytym somone insult i felt dejected

    1. GABBY says

      Man leave him alone, u are a football fan,a real chelsea fan, u knw football nd u learn a lot about football, they would be lyk the same mikel if the were to be a proffesional footballers bcoz, they dnt learn nd are nt ready to, they dnt qualify to support great teams.they shud support shelfield united, they will follow mikel out of chelsea, they are jux mikel fans, abayomi nd akinwumi.

    2. Eddi says

      Keep on writing and chingugg away!

    3. Stay with this guys, you’re helping a lot of people.

  36. Akinwumi says

    @Gabby,let me make something very clear to u.I’m a true blue and I don’t support a club because of a particular player.I’ve been supporting Chelsea long before Mou started his coaching career and even long before Mikel even dreamt of playing in Europe…way back in 1997!So how could I be Mikel’s fan?Food for thought!These were the starting eleven of that era:ED DE GOEY,DAN PETRESCU,GRAEME LE SAUX,MARCEL DESAILLY,FRANCK LEBAUEF,JESPER GRONCKJAER,GUS POYET,ROBERTO DI MATTEO,MARIO STANIC,TORE ANDRE FLO AND GIANFRANCO ZOLA!I’m proud to be a Nigerian but where are u from?Are u an alien?

    1. Emile 10 says

      WTF is wrong with you? Why do you want to know where he came from? That’s a fuckin discrimination anyway. I don’t give a damn where you came from only I care what you typing on this page! And the only thing I will never agree with you is calling Mou the problem. Why can’t you guys deal with the fact that the manager ain’t magician? What the hell do you want to do to help El Niño? Already 3 managers failed to help him. Why can’t you deal with the fact that Cole is getting old and can’t play like before. About Cech you better ask the goalkeepers coach. I bet if we were 9th on the table like Man utd you guys would have turned Spurs or Everton fans. Glory hunters who can’t deal with the lost. Seriously, coming up with the Chelsea team before 2004 doesn’t mean you are not a fuckin glory hunter. Anyone can get those names on google. That’s what internet are here for. Half of the season you want Roman to sack Mou? I can’t believe this. It’s a shame to see fans like you calling themselves Chelsea fans

      1. Cfc_obsessed says

        Calm down mate.@ emile10. I still cant belief some fans want to kill mou cos of torres form, cos mikel weakness, its ridiculous. @emile , am praising u cos ure thinking straight. Ur arguments is not blind like abayomi and akin, no disrespect pls. They think mou is a GOD, he is just a coach dat is capable of taking a team to their glory with his xperience, luck, leadership, support as a cfc fan himself, personalty and most importantly his technical abilities. I ll never doubt him again, cos i ve done it somtyms ago and he proved me wrong @ inter millan. Fans like abayomi ll prefer cfc first team to be managed by a dumb that dat didnt knw cfc history and no love for our club, a manager dat cant defend our players in public. Even if we ve an opportunity to buy or discover a world class pivot player, abayomi and akin ll rather stick with mikel cos of their love for his style of playing, they ll rather wait and give torres a new contract, presurizing and hoping a coach can miraculously make him the torres he was, they ll blame coach for allowing aged players to be ageing. They ll continue to think dis way until they realise cfc greater than mou,players. This people like a player cos of his physical traits. @emile10,pls i like to follow u on twitter if u can give me ur username. U ve a gud logic, my bow

      2. Emile 10 says

        @cfc! Sorry bro I don’t have twitter but If you don’t mind you can be friend on Facebook. (Emile Theo junior). I do like your logic too big man

  37. Anonymous says

    The last time I checked, this site wasn’t for frivolous arguments, bickering and personal vendata. Pls if you hate some Cfc players. That is your personal rating. Keep your frustrations to yourself. Chelsea’s style remains same as long as the manager wishes, except otherwise decides to improve. Until then keep your bigotry and bitterness out of this page.

    The topic as above is a future problem (Arsenal vs Chelsea). That should be the discussion instead of being an armchair critic or fantasy coaches.

    When Chelsea scores goals, defends well, kill off games, dominates results. Nobody is tagged as average. When things aren’t having happy endings (which is occasional), suddenly players become culprits to plastic fans who don’t understand more than their perceptions.

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