The Belgium Contingent


In this article I am going to talk about our Belgian Players and how each one can add something different to our squad individually and together as a team.

The one at the Club Eden Hazard

The Belgian ace has whipped up quite a storm in the Premier League and Europe having scored 12 goals and having 17 assists to his name in his first season Hazard is turning into the talented player to match his potential. With him slowly living up to that £32million price-tag and paying back that money with crucial goals and assists, the main games being Man United in the League Cup, Sparta Prague in the Europa where he scored with powerful left-foot shot, and most recently the FA cup game against Man United where he scored that wonderful curled shot from the left corner of the box into the top right hand corner of the goal. He can operate down either wing or in the No.10 role that Mata plays but we mainly see him on the wings coming in and shooting or linking up with other players. In his first season for Chelsea he has scored a quarter of the total he scored for Lille in his five seasons there and is 2 assists away from being halfway to equalling his total assists for Lille. With these stats you can see how much of an impact he has been to this new revitalised Chelsea team. With Hazard he brings us flair, speed, the technical ability to go past players and a range of shooting talents. He has been a vital player for us this season and I hope for many more amazing seasons from him as he is a very important player for us.TALENT: Hazard is gradually living up to expectation at Chelsea

The Ones on Loan

With Eden Hazard the only Belgian at the club the other 4 are out on loan: Thorgan Hazard, Romelu Lukaku, Thibaut Courtois and Kevin de Bruyne. These guys are out on loan and are making quite a name for themselves.

Thorgan Hazard

Thorgan Hazard the younger brother to Eden plays in his homeland of Belgium for top-flight side SV Zulte Waregem haven’t seen much about him of him in the match reports for Waregem but there is a certain buzz out there about him he has made 24 appearances for them as well. He plays in the same positions as his brother, Thorgan is a tiny bit slower but being taller than him by an 1 inch and 1/2 with them being the same build. However I am not sure what footed Thorgan is though as whenever I watch videos of him and he seems to use both feet with ease like it was natural to him. Thorgan’s play style is a spitting image of his brothers apart from instead of those shooting talents he has great vision and passing ability in his pocket, he does have a great speed about him wiht flair and technical ability like his brother but a little bit less refined but he is younger so you have to give him credit for some of the things he can do with the ball. Unlike his brother who likes to cut in, Thorgan likes to hug the touchline and get a cross in this is shown by his position to shot ratio. When he has played on the wings 21 appearances he has had 0.3 shots a game but when he has opperated down the middle of the attacking 3 for Waregem he has 3 goalds to his name and a ratio of 2.3. So he does like to play more of a supportting roll providing the assist. I do believe he does have something to add to the team his wing play, he can add a lot of width to the team which we have been lacking a bit this season and I do believe he does have a future at Chelsea FC.

Romelu Lukaku

The Belgium Tank with a lot of people calling him to be the next Drogba, where I would like to have Drogba back we have Lukaku and he is a different player to Drogba. For one he’s bigger and bulkier and has a rocket instead of a left foot on him. With Lukaku you would look at him and think its all about pace and power but surprisingly it’s not he has a pair of quick feet on him and can play the passing game. He does have that pace and power though and can hold the ball up very well. When he came to Chelsea I thought we had a really special Striker on our hands and I still believe that. He has been out on-loan at West Brom under the leadership of Chelsea old boy Steve Clarke. At WBA he has made quite a name for himself there scoring 13 goals in 26 appearances with 3 assists to his name as well. When I watch Lukaku play I think that eventhough he’s not the RAW product of a big striker with pace and can hold the ball up, he is not the finished article and I think after this season he should come back to Chelsea and challenge for that starting berth for Striker. I would give him 2/3 seasons and he could quite possible the finished product of what everyone see in him. He will bring to the team a Big Target man, with good feet and a good amount of pace and I do believe he will be our Main 1st choice striker in a few years.

Thibaut Courtois

The tall but skinny physique of our Belgian goalkeeper in between the sticks for Athletico Madrid is a sight to behold considering the form he is in the moment with 84 appearances for Athletico Madrid he has 41 clean sheets in those games. Courtois is seen as the long term replacement to Cech and many can see why. He has had many commanding performances for Athletico and if you think he has played against Ronaldo and Messi albiet he has let Messi score against him unlike Cech, he has proved himself worthy of all the praise he is getting. Courtois has amazing potential to become the best goalkeeper in the world and I do hope he stays at Chelsea and achieve’s that potential, he is also normally in goal for Belgium with Courtois having to challenge to other young goalkeepers for that jersey. Like Cech he has amazing reflexes and makes sure he is heard by his teammates infront of him. This season though comparing the stats Courtois has been better that Cech this season in the league but add in Europe and Cup games Cech is better. With Courtois becoming our 1st choice keeper when Cech leaves we will be having a man who is commanding, quick reflexes and a great pair of safe hands he will certainly be a solid keeper for us in the near future and more than likely hold that position for 10 years at least if he stays.

Kevin De Bruyne

The Belgium winger/attacking midfielder is plying his trade for Werder Breman in the Bundesliga and has been doing extremely well in Germany amassing 25 appearances with 6 goals and 8 assists to his name, has been a player who is one of the first names one the sarting 11 list for Breman. He has great vision, passing ability and technical ability in his arsenal but not that much pace even though he is a winger he has the ability to see a move before it has happened and with his play style of simple but effective passes and movement he’s earned a lot of praise in Germany. I watch highlights of the German league and De Bruyne is the centre to all attacks made by Breman. I watched the game of Werder Breman vs Bayern Munich at the Allianz arena and De Bruyne was done the left side for Breman against Lahm one of the best RBs in the world and for most of the match De Bruyne was beating Lahm and beating him well, but Breman did lose 6-1 to Bayern that day but De Bruyne did show a lot of promise and did score Bremans only goal. What De Bruyne brings to the team is a wide playmaker who can pick a pass and with the correct coaching could learn how to dictate the tempo and play of a game. This player should certainly have a future at Chelsea as he has the potential to go far.

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  1. Irokotola michael says

    I wish we call lukaka and de bruyne to add more flair and power into the team. The other belgian will have to wait for their time to come. Thou Tc has ripe enough to be having starting plays in blue jersey but Pc is there for atleast 7 to 8 years for us. So he will have to have a lot of patience or be get sold at a higher price and that will be a good market for us. Well in our attack we need reinforcement either we purchase wilfred at a cheaper price or falcao at another world shaking price. Giving lamps one year extension and bringing in JM ALSO adding a central MF.,plus giving omeruo chance at the central back. With that we will beat hell out of any team.

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