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  1. Order Msj Valium says


    1. Buy Xanax Today says

      🙂 cheers!

  2. dozie says

    I continue to say it, these stupid editors here has something against John Mikel Obi. Was he not among that squad of 2009/2010. Let me say it, what has been the condition of Chelsea since he left for African cup of Nation (AFCON)?, How has the defence being exposed? How many goals have u conceeded as a lack of weak DM since he left for AFCON? Check the possesion and accurate passes statistics before and after he left for Afcon. Before he left, chelsea accurate passes is far above Arsenal, Man u, Man city and Tothenham. But now, all the above clubs have jumped us even Swansea. Look at Mikel performance at the AFCON, He hid Yaya Toure, Sissokn and Keita when he mate each of them. At the tournament, even BBC cofirmed him as the best performed player. Continue to hate him while he progress. Mischief fans

    1. Buy Xanax Today says

      Oi Genuis, don’t you realize that this article is about the players who aren’t currently with Chelsea. Last time I checked, Mikel was with Chelsea only. And Yes we do realize he is one of our most important players!

      1. dozie says

        sorry for using such words on you.

    2. Mate, read before you comment. The editor here is talking about the players who left after the 2009-10 season.

  3. Anonymous says

    Why you people have forgotten(ungrateful) the bull Michael Essien

    1. Buy Xanax Today says

      I will never forget Essien, he was my favorite player. Just didn’t include him because he has just left on loan to Real Madrid, and will be back to Chelsea FC soon.

  4. Lovers says

    Tanx fo telling the trueth. All these player listed are no longer with Chelsea. @HE SHOULD HAVE MENTION Lampard, Terry,j Cole,& Goakeeper P .C

  5. Gabriel Gideon says

    I miss anelka the most,onlike torres he was a good pair with didier drogba,and he scored some very important goal for the blue’s,i wish him goodluck@juventus…

    1. Buy Xanax Today says

      finalllyyyy someone noticed the last sentence I wrote in the article…

      yeas, he was awesome for us!!!

  6. shafri says

    miss drogba, anelka, ballack n alex much…

    1. Buy Xanax Today says

      we all do! They were our heroes!!!

  7. SHAD says

    am crying thanks a lot for reminding about them!
    i thought everyone was so after torres/hazard mata
    that everyone ahs forgotten them!
    but no!
    it nice to see that!
    i miss them! 🙁

    1. Buy Xanax Today says

      we can never forget them!!!

  8. bikram says

    man , was a great article , even though you did exaggerated about the traits of many of them but i get that , i truly get that for a true chelsea blue to be ..!!!!

    also , should have mentioned names like glen johnson , scott parker , all great chelsea players that got away ….

    1. Buy Xanax Today says

      ty mate, but I was looking at the players of our 2009-10 squad.

  9. Buy Xanax 2Mg Canada says

    We were just invincible. One of our greatest and consistent seasons. Drogba and Anelka partnership. Oh! i miss that.

    1. Buy Xanax Today says

      that surely was a delicious and amazing partnership, miss both of them.

  10. soni joy says

    Ballack – bandless captain of blues ….

    1. Buy Xanax Today says

      yess he was!!!

  11. King24 says

    God I miss that season. We made every team in the league tremble at the sound of our name. We were so powerful and ruthless that even the Top 4 couldn’t stop us at their home grounds. This wouldn’t have happened without the players mentioned in the article. Let’s not forget the nuclear bomb we dropped at Old Trafford against ManUre en route to winning the title with a record 103 goals scored.

    1. Buy Xanax Today says

      couldnt put it forth any better..!!!

  12. Umair Khan says

    Drogba,Anelka pair is missing now for chelsea…althogh we hav best attakng midfildrs but not strikers nd we need it…ANd i hopw lampard,terry,cole and cech will stay at chelsea for ma alon long time :’)

  13. Maximum says

    Great article. We all should be remembered of our past heroes. Thanx for doing just that.

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