The Dynamic Duo

“He’s fast becoming the Premier League’s most feared hit man. He’s the new darling of Stamford Bridge.”

Then again

“He’s tearing Premier League defences apart. Another massive assist for Chelsea.”

How I loved these words as they boomed out of the speakers of a TV in a bar I was seated, with my bottle of Guinness medium stout watching Chelsea decimate Swansea. The commentator’s words mirrored just what every Chelsea fan was feeling at that moment. Indeed Costa is to be feared and Fabregas is ripping defences apart like Hulk Hogan rips his Hulkmania singlet’s.

I have been very sceptical about Costa right from his days in Atletico Madrid. I wasn’t too sure I wanted a spitfire striker whose face looked like the mobsters in B-rated movies. Always hounding defenders and picking fights. Ask me again right now and I’m singing a different tune “I don’t care”. He hasn’t performed any Suarez-like act yet but believe me I’ll turn a blind eye. 7 goals in 4 matches with rumours of being unfit and injured? What happens when he’s fully fit? I’m sure every Chelsea fan is trying to understand how we put up with Torres.

There’s one player who has been immensely responsible for Costa’s goals. Cesc Fabregas. His move to Stamford Bridge came as a surprise and goes to show how much football has moved from sentimentality. This was a player who in February had told Mourinho to “shut up and mind his business”. He also added

“If we have to get motivated by Mourinho’s comments we shouldn’t be playing football”

Well its water under the bridge and Cesc’s assists has done well to keep Chelsea at the summit. Why Arsene Wenger didn’t re-sign Cesc is a puzzler. Good for Chelsea bad for Wenger. Fabregas has slotted perfectly into the Chelsea system spreading passes like butter on bread (6 assists in 4 games). I think I quite agree with Mourinho that Barcelona didn’t use him the right way. Let’s hope that he keeps this form and who knows he just might become a Chelsea favourite just like Costa already is. KTBFFH

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  1. says

    Nice Article….

    Ps show some respect to Torres. You the writer nor us the readers are “Professional Footballers” Costa and Fabragas are amazing there for everyone to see. I wonder what you’ll write about if Costa starts to struggle?? We all excited that chelsea are doing well, I personally despise Man Utd and Liverpool but I respect their players. Even the athletes at say QPR deserve to be respected. This Torres hate speech just shows that some people don’t understand sport! KTBFFH

    1. Anonymous says

      There’s no hate. Just saying we were patient with Torres.

  2. miles says

    I will always love Torres. I’m kinda sad to see him leave (not very sad). He always gave his all tho at times it wasn’t enough and I hope he makes it to at least the next world cup. Will give him an A for determination and effort. Costa work is actually made easier by fabregas. This current chelsea team is so flexible. Against top teams, jose uses a midfield of fabregas, matic and ramires with probably hazard and willian on the wings for counter attack. Against teams that wish to defend, jose wld use fab and matic wwith an attacking 3 of oscar, hazard and probably schurrle cos he is a fine finisher way better at it than willian. But only one thing is missing: academy players. We need to give youth a chance, we can’t be put in the same category as man city. Baker, ake, loftus cheek, feruz, chalobah, ginkel. These lads must play for chelsea at some point. P.S any of yu saw lukaku’s goal…WOW

  3. Martin, Norway. says

    Nice sketch, our powerful duo.

  4. Vaakmeisster says

    If those two continue this way, I’ll just die… I can’t wait for every Chelsea game. Can we play everyday?

  5. Zyte says

    @ younous,pls no body insulted torres,but rather torres insultd cfc & d fans by his failur 2 deliver goals.opposing fans hav told me severaly dat cfc kils the career of strikers citing torres & schevchenko.i respect him,but is nice 2 see dat costa has provd 2 the world dat cfc is not a grav yard 4 strikers.even remy deliverd instantly.i keep my fingers crosd til we lift the epl trophy.ktbffh.

  6. star evansoh says

    i think its nice to see this guys perform well, let not mind the past buh present and future. Torres got his time and its long gone.

  7. Oluwanbebitatijo says

    Arsene Wenger will soon regret for not signing him again on Sunday 5th Oct 2014.
    I’ll predict [[chelseafc]] 5-0 [[arsenalfc]]

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