The end of the old guard?

I kind of noticed most of you probably guessed that I was gonna report about Lampard leaving the club soon. But no, this is different. This does not only concern him, it concerns the players who stayed in the club since Jose left back in 2007. It concerns the type of players who we always watched when we grew up as a chelsea fan.


Cole, Lampard gone. Cech to fight for his place and next season could be Terry's last
Cole, Lampard gone. Cech to fight for his place and next season could be Terry’s last

Ashley Cole confirmed a few weeks ago that he would not be signing a contract and that he will be moving on after 8 amazing years. Now, its Frank. According to latest I should say rumour:

Lampard was an idol to me, a football icon. I grew up watching players like him score amazing goals and contribute so much to the club. Its hard to see players who have done so much for the club for so many years, leave at a time like this. Its when you get attached to things but find hard to let it go.

And yes, Lampard’s leaving as I have just confirmed, he will not be getting a contract.


Mourinho with Lampard and Terry hugging



Frank Lampard leaves the club, having made 648 apperances (3rd all time highest appearance for Chelsea), 211 goals( Club’s highest goalscorer). Here is a link to all of his goals for the club.

The saddest day in football for me. Who knows how long Cech and Terry will last?

  1. Anonymous says

    Its a very sad time for chelsea. I cld never imagine lampard leaving. But if yu look at it critically, its best for the club. Him being around only took up valuable playing time from ginkel and baker(probably). As much as I love lampard, I think its for the best. He shd go to new york so that he can play 90 mins every match and just enjoy football instead of being at chelsea and not being able to get single minute. All the best lamps. Now I can’t see anybody who is gonna be a future captain for blues. With luiz and mata gone, no one seems to have that terry captaincy spirit aside cahill (and he’s 27). Ktbffh.

  2. carlosnafigueira says

    The real Chelsea supporters know what it means a player like Frank Lampard saying good bye to the club he (probably more than anyone) else helped to create the History. His over 200 goals, Assists and above all his work rate that made him to be a defender and a striker in any given game cannot and will not be replaced. Many of the new Chelsea supporters ( simply Mourinho followers) will not understand the fuss as they didn’t live and witness every moment of this player through his Chelsea and England career. Surely he and our great Captain, one day he will return to the club as a mentor and if only one player will understand the game through Frank Lampard’s and John Terry’s eyes.. The club will be the winner.

  3. ismaila ibrahim says

    thats life…its veri emotional though-buh wen time changes, its neccessary things also change to allow progression. Am dreamin of a time wen they come back, may be not as players, buh be at the touchline nd direct affairs on the pitch…LONG LIV DA LEGENDS, LONG LIV CHELSEA, LONG LIV DA FANS!!!

  4. Zyte says

    @ carlosna spot on.super frankie’s exit was a shock 2 me.his goals,asist,commitment & personality wil be hard 2 replac.yes many rate xavi,iniesta,alonso,pirlo,scholes & steven g as great midfielders,but super frankie remains the only & best scoring midfielder wit 20goal a season mark.he is simply the best.
    But my consolation is dat after g.zola came the super frankie who supasd him,so i expect another greater midfielder 2 rise in our ranks be counted among these great cfc legends.g.zolasuper frankie who is the next cfc legend? Coming soon.ktbffh at new york we expect u 2 come back oneday.up lamp.up cfc,up al cfc faitfuls.

  5. donvic says

    Ohhhh my world,,wat can i say,,super frankie,fantastic midfielder.i remember all ur mazy runs,,ur long range of passes,,ur fierce shootin ability nd dat wonderful pass to ramires both home nd away against barcelona in 2012.ur commitment nd love for cfc..u r simply d best lampie…wish u all d very best of luck in ur new club..u ar a blue tru nd tru..u hav bin a faithful servant to cfc nd we fanx will always kip u in our heart..all hail super frankie

  6. Neri Abayomi says

    Frank ” Torpedo” Lampard bows out.
    Chelsea Legend.
    Legendary Goal scoring Midfielder the would ever see.
    Thanks for the joyous times, Frank the great, we love you.
    Forever Blue. Roman’s General march on.

  7. Pranav Chandrasekar says

    When Mourinho came to Chelsea in 2004 these players like Lampard , Terry and Cech were young. Now in 2014 in our transition period he is building a side for the next 10 years. We have to give Van Ginkel a chance to play next to Matic in midfield. This is what Mourinho is trying to do that is why Lamps and Cole are leaving at this age and he will bring in young replacements for the future. Next year Terry will move on and may well play somewhere else or retire as he is on a 1 year contract, And when Cahill turns 30 which is in a years time we can use our fantastic youth and play kalas and Zouma in defence. Mourinho has deliberately bought young players as he has knows who is retiring and who will move on. Romelu Lukaku and Courtois , THorgan Hazard, Piazon will be given a chance next season the only position we will improve in this transfer window is a new left back which could be Luke Shaw or Filipe Luis, a new striker which is already done and guaranteed to be Costa ad Lukaku and Bamford as the substitute strikers. When Matic gets old we can get Pogba which I think is a realistic target. Courtois will be the first team goalkeeper next year it is certain , Cech has a shoulder injury which is like a knee injury for a midlfielder , he wont be himself after that injury that simple.

  8. ae says

    Thank you very much for sharing.
    I am fan clubs Chelsea
    I Love this since 2005

  9. Reese says

    Lampard will be the last player who wear number 8 shirt with Chelsea. Agree?
    He’s a great player, truly legendary. No.8 should always be his identity.

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