The Enigma called Luiz

What is Luiz’s best position? In the defence or defensive midfield role? I’m sure many a Chelsea fan would scratch their head when posed with this question.

Presumably brought in as a long term replacement for John Terry he hasn’t lived up to the hype. Expectations were great when he was signed in Jan 2011 and he started quite well under Ancelotti with some swashbuckling performances against Manchester Utd and Manchester City. It was the next season with AVB in charge I saw some glimpses of his error prone nature. Though there was redemption for him in the Champions league final where he put up a wonderful performance alongside the whole team

Fast-forward to year 2013 when Benitez moved him to playing as defensive midfielder and it paid dividends but still there was always this fear of Luiz being caught out of position. The most erratic of his performances always comes when Chelsea is losing or not in firm grasp of a game. I wince anytime Luiz is with the ball or without it because he either takes an unnecessary shot or goes for an ill timed tackle borne out of frustration. Infact he was overwhelmed and outplayed in the Europa finals against Benfica playing as a DM.

This season has been no different and it is just sheer luck that we have a coach like Mourinho who has zero tolerance for such errors. Initially Mourinho claimed Luiz’s position was with the back four but with intial errors from Luiz in that position this season he(Mou) has moved Luiz to DM mostly in matches against the top 4 and it has been effective especially when he’s paired with Matic.

Which is why I think come next season Luiz has to either improve his play at central defence or risk playing as DM in top 4 matches alone, thus reducing himself to a fringe player. Mikel may or may not leave especially after witnessing the partnership of Luiz and Matic fail woefully against Palace with the latter losing possession 24 times(something that wouldn’t happen with Mikel), and also similar possession loss against Villa. Ginkel is already on the road to fitness. Romeu returns too(he may be loaned or sold). Nathan Ake and Nathaniel Chalobah are prospects to be considered. Only time will tell what role Luiz will be cast finally.

  1. hassassin says

    sell mikel and buy rasmus elm or rakitic…never luiz….one bad day doesnt mean he’s a flop…what about his display vs liverpool and city? one word. world class….its coz of him we were dominant in the midfield along with matic… look at his long balls…mikel only dream of it in practice sessions… mikel is good but not upto the level of luiz…

  2. Cani says

    Luiz is and toress is our main problem… He is not good any where, I hope beyern are still ready to pay the 35mill for him so he can leave my beloved chelsea…
    Matic on the other hand is great was just off on saturday but I know he his a great player

  3. Anonymous says

    what about Matic who also played nothing that day is he also a flop?

  4. Lamin Nabie Kamara says

    you should not sell Luiz, he is one of the player that i love in love in the team.

  5. Mason Cole says

    I personally prefer the Luiz-Matic combo in midfield to any other DM combo. However, with MVG showing huge promise (I was there against Basel and he outshone everyone) and the likes of Chalobah and McEachran in our ranks, if Barca or Bayern were to offer £40m…take the money and run!

  6. themelancholicsoul says

    Luiz shouldn’t be sold, no. He’s takes chances, he always does. He tries to attempt something and fails at times. That doesn’t make him a flop. Jose can mold him exactly to his needs. About the striker problem, Torres is trying, we can see him trying but there is no chance that he can regain himself. He’s lost his confidence entirely and he won’t be regaining it, not in this career. We need someone who can finish off the game. Our midfield has ample strength and they can create chances but we don’t have anymore who can put the finishing touches towards the goal. We definitely need a Falcao or a Costa.

  7. Gbasha.bitto says

    Luiz shouldn’t be sold, FOR me he’s our next captain

  8. Adu Gyamfi says

    luiz plays better than mikel and 35 year old Lampard DON’T even think of leting him go and regret latter like u have in Sturidge

  9. Adelanwa says

    we need striker luwiz is not er problem but striker nd matic need 2 be corrected blue 4 life

  10. Zyte says

    luiz is okay,but is not tacticaly better dan mikel in dm.if mikel can add mobility 2 his game,den luiz wont hav any chance against him in dm.if we can get 40mil plus we can sel him,but if not he can remain at cfc.i stil belief luiz wil soon bcom a great defender.he has the potential,but lacks disciplin & positional awarenes,but jose can guide him.ktbffh.

    1. Caelyn says

      Your answer lifts the intgilleence of the debate.

  11. Aliyu Mohammed says

    With a good offer sell luiz and let’s buy a proper midfielder who can pass the ball whether long or short.

  12. miles says

    Luiz is good enough for cfc. This is my major problem with cfc fans. Every problem that is faced-‘lets buy, let’s sell’. Abrahimovic’s money is becoming a problem. That’s why oda fan’s call us a plastic team, a team with no soul. Let’s build ppl. If mceachran were a anoda club, he wld start. We have piazon, ppl are still saying let’s buy a #10. See chalobah, ppl saying let’s buy a defender. Dese boys are world Class. The way liverpool are doing their business shd be admired. its not. Everything we buy. Only 2 players shd come in, in the transfer window, a striker and a left back. Azpi moves to rb. Shaw plus Van aholt holds d lb spot. we can’t throw money at problems. Up blues. Ktbffh

  13. Zyte says

    By scoring own goal in the second half & loosn posesion 2 psg dat lead 2 the 1st goal against psg.luiz lacks tactical & positional awarenes & discipline 2 be our dm.if he wil play in the pivot,he should be the one atackn cos he just plays the game 4 fun.

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