The Friday Quiz: Christmas Special

This week Justin Cormick has a present for all Chelsea FC 360 fans, a Friday Quiz Christmas Special. Which Chelsea players, past or present, are found beneath the following Santa hats and beards?

Answers to last week’s Special One quotes quiz:

  1. Didier Drogba
  2. Claude Makelele, after he was recalled for international football after his retirement
  3. Accuses Arsene Wenger of obsessing over Chelsea
  4. Michael Essien, after Mourinho was asked who he would let look after his children. Watch it here
  5. Frank Lampard, who in return said this, “I have never had a manager who, while I’m standing in the shower cleaning my balls, tells me I’m the best player in the world. He did that. I’ll never forget it.”
  6. Insisting Steve Sidwell was not brought on a free-transfer to make the numbers. Sidwell remained at Chelsea for one season.
  7. Commenting on constant interference by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich
  8. John Terry, the quote continues, “But when you say, decision of England manager, I’m not England manager, and decision of Chelsea owner and I’m not Chelsea owner. I was Chelsea manager and for that time he played absolutely fantastic and was a great leader for the team. England manager, I could be but didn’t want. I decided at the last moment not to be, and Chelsea owner, impossible, I have no chance.” Watch it here
  9. Ricardo Carbalho, after he disagreed with Mourinho’s methods
  10. Accuses Lionel Messi of simulation during a Champions League match with Chelsea
The Friday Quiz will be back next week, until then have a Happy Christmas, from the team at Chelsea FC 360
  1. oladele tosin says

    Didier drogba

  2. kelvin says

    I love all of u guys.Kiss kiss

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