The future of "My Life, My Chelsea story "

A lot of you know me at 360 as the guy who analyses Chelsea’s games, but I was also the author of a serialized fictional story.  I have published 4 parts of it so far, for which I have received very positive feedback. The problem I’ve faced is consistency in the publishing. Even though I have written the story on paper to publish as many as 30-35 parts, I fail to find the time and commitment to publish it on the site.

So I’ve decided to convert it into an e-book. A book with what I hope will go over at-least 150 pages and will be written in simple English so that it could be read by the multicultural fan base Chelsea holds. The genre of the book at this moment is sport and sci-fi. Yes sci fi, I’ve got you guys thinking now, haven’t I? Anyways the structure and layout has been decided. I just need time to get them all written down, which I shall once my holidays pop up again.

I shall in no way be selling the book. It shall be free and open for all to download. Depending on its success , there shall be as little as 10% chance of me actually selling the book. Even then though, there shall be a free version for those who won’t be able to pay for it.  I have no vision of producing a hard copy and publishing it.

As of now, I have a designer, but I’m still looking for another one. A designer who is adept enough at programs such as Photoshop and such and who is interested in helping me out with the book can contact me on my twitter , which can be found at –

For more info feel free to contact me on the same account !

  1. T-MIGHTY says

    Hello, My name is Tolulope from Nigeria (a Chelsea fan). In response to you request, l think l can assist you in achieving your goal. l am a Computer Graphic Artist, though, am an Art teacher at present, l have made so many graphic works for individual.

    1. Sherry Philips says

      Ping me on twitter, or email me at

  2. John kinno says

    I hope that chelsea will still be come a king of england…….

  3. Jeff says

    good effort and drive

  4. sunepa1990 says

    I hope that Chelsea
    will still be come a king of England…

  5. eniola says

    hey mate. i come on here most times just to check if you had posted a new story of the fiction. i am a big admirer and i applaud the path you want to take on it. i think its brilliant.

    good luck man, and i hope it will be a success. KTBFFH!

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