The future of youngsters at Chelsea

Let us not wish away this stinking problem at Chelsea; the frustrations of our young players. It is on record that Kakuta would wish to move away from Chelsea (preferably Vitesse) due to the unfavorable reception he receives at the club. According to him, Vitesse recognizes,  encourages and supports young talent; something which is apparently insufficient at Chelsea. If you missed his outburst, here is an extract

“I don’t dream about Chelsea anymore. Iused to, now I know better.”

“I hope I can join a club like Vitesse next season, where I can play every week.”

“Chelsea have far too many players. at my age I need to play regularly but if I go back I’ll just get 10 minutes a month and I don’t want that.”

According to me, that is a cry, not only from one youngster at the club but the whole lot of them. It is a cry for help for something that is working out horribly wrong against them. It is a cry that signifies the kind of management our youngsters receive at the club. So far, we have managed to suck the confidence levels out of these youngsters and it is something that should not be encouraged.

Before we blindly attack Kakuta, let us try to critically analyse his criticism. By doing so, I would like to pose a few questions for you to ponder about:

  • Do our young players get game time? How often?
  • Can a player develop without game time?

It is so obvious and regrettable that we prefer the “ready made” players rather than developing our own. A costly affair we love to love. We forget that prior to us noticing their talent, someone somewhere spent time, effort and resources nurturing and developing them to our liking. Some of the old players at Chelsea and some of the players we have successfully recruited, during both summer and winter transfer periods, are not any better than the young players present at the club. You doubt me? Help answer the following questions.

  • Is Ba any better than Lukaku?
  • Is Marin any better than Kakuta?
  • Is Benayoun any better than Josh McEachran?

Their development boils down to how we manage these youngsters. Most of the time we have managed to stall their development rather than polishing their skills. Remember the Josh under Carlo? Now compare to what is left of him. Same to Lukaku. The Lukaku of last season is not the  same impressive Lukaku we are seeing this season. What changed? Management? You guessed right.

If this trend persists, our ability to attract the best available youngsters in the world would gradually diminish and we will be left with the expensive and greedy players to fight for with the other teams despising youth development in their clubs. With the FFP coming into effect, a dark cloud looms at the Bridge. Let us hope for the better.


  1. Aderibigbe Sulaiman Adefemi says

    This issue you just raised has always been what that i have sleepless night about.Hope everything turns out well for us.

    1. sngala says

      My prayer too. Hope our next manager would give them the consideration they deserve.

  2. The King says


    1. sngala says

      Bayern on a Chelsea blog?

  3. oj currency says

    Realistically,There is no way we can keep the 23 players that are on loan at Stamford bridge and expect them to be playing 90 mins always. The better option is bring back some like lukaku,courtois kdb and pva and josh to SW6,take omeruo bruma and kakuta to loan to epl teams and if they want to sell must insert first option buyback clause in their contract.

    1. sngala says

      The main concern is how we develop the youngsters as a team. Building their confidence as Chelsea Players.

  4. flngalCFC says

    even though its true, chelsea is a big club and that’s the risk players have to take to be associated with.The higher the targets the high the quality player real has only one regular youngsters varane because he is class.If their progress would have been superb on loan like courtoir to give the club headache then may be we will consider bt for now they have to earn the roman army jersey and it shouldnt be given to them because they are our youngsters.AMEN!!

    1. kelechi Nkwocha says

      God bless your soul because you spoke my mind.

      1. sngala says

        God bless you too. Appreciated.

  5. Vaibhav Kumble says

    U stated the most obvious problem we face at Chelsea. The other two being constant changing of managers and spending huge on few players… Although I feel we have taken care of the big spending part ( Our summer spending this time was very satisfying), we have to manage the other two points else the third will keep happening every year

  6. Bitto raphael says

    Lukaku is better than ba, marin is better than kakuta, mc eachran is better benayoun(KDB is the best)

  7. kelechi Nkwocha says

    Lukaku is not better than Ba and Mc Eachran is not better than Marin. I dont think we should lower our standard just because we want our youth to develop. Varene upped his game at Madrid. thats why they are using him. Kakuta should talk when he is better than Hazard, Oscar and Moses. The chelsea board have not gotten it right some of the time. but they have gotten it right most of the time. thats why we have so many trophies in our Cabernet..

    1. sngala says

      We all have different opinions but one thing that stands out is the confident levels these youngsters get from other respected teams.

  8. sngala says

    Thank you for reading my post. More informative posts to follow. Let’s keep it Chelsea360 always

  9. King24 says

    Pellegrini would be my ideal manager to integrate the youngsters. The work he has done and is doing at Malaga is incredible and he propelled Isco onto the world stage. Pellegrini has a lot of faith in youngsters and gives them chances eg. Isco, Piazon. Zola would be my favourite choice but he’s inexperienced and we don’t want another Di Matteo like problem for another club legend.

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