The Positives and Negatives of losing Pep Guardiola to Bayern Munich

The Positives and Negatives of losing Pep Guardiola to Bayern Munich
The Positives and Negatives of losing Pep Guardiola to Bayern Munich

Pep Guardiola is a man that for sure has revolutionized the idea of good football. His renowned Tika-Taka football is craved and adored by one too many individuals all around the footballing universe. Found and developed by the La Masia, Pep Guardiola is Barcelona in and out. He understands the quality of the academy products of the club and used it to impressive effectiveness. Pep has also effectively lifted Barcelona to a height that many consider them to be a level above any other team in Europe. So it can only be understandable that Roman wanted Pep to take over reign at Chelsea.

Unfortunately for Roman Abramovich, on the 16th January, Bayern Munich confirmed the former Barcelona boss as the new Bayern Munich manager, effective after the current season ends. Pep Guardiola signed a three year contract with the German giants. So what does this mean for Chelsea, is the loss of the Spaniard tactician a curse or a blessing for the London giants?

The Negatives of Losing Pep Guardiola to Bayern Munich:

1) Pep Guardiola is a man who only bought players that were a necessity. He hardly bought players just for the sake of buying. The rest of the team was usually build from the La Masia, which provided him with excellent quality players.

2) If that would be the same approach by the Spaniard, the kinds of Nathan Ake, Patrick Bamford, PVA, Chalobah, Loftus Cheek, Lucas Piazon, Islam Feruz, Billy and Conor Clifford, Lalkovic and many other could had been the new face of Chelsea.

3) The idea of maybe one day seeing a full Chelsea Academy products lining up for Chelsea is a dream I would have really loved to see.

4) And then, of course, he would had implemented the ‘Beautiful Football’ technique in Chelsea that Roman Abramovich had always wanted to see.

The Positives of Losing Pep Guardiola to Bayern Munich:

1) Pep Guardiola’s football philosophy lied in his idea of pass, pass and pass. He never once opted to change this strategy, not against the best teams. He only wanted his team to play with more possession, with more passes and with more beauty.

2) No Plan B: Against Chelsea, he clearly understood that the pass – possession tactic wasn’t working against the rather defensively concentrating Chelsea side. Still, he never once asked his players to change their playing style, and deliver more crosses into the box. And everyone knows what the outcome of that match was.

3) A team build to run smooth: Moreover, the team of Barcelona had a spirit of unity among themselves. They were buttery smooth, and I always believed that the team could perform well, even if the manager decides to take a day off on a match day. So that doesn’t mean that Pep’s philosophy will work with every team. Chelsea are currently in a transition period, and even with the kinds of Hazard, Mata, Oscar, Moses, Marin and others impressively gelling together well, they are not the natural leaders on the pitch. And that is a matter of concern as the manager’s role is clearly important.

4) Chelsea is not Barcelona: The plusses of Guardiola at Barcelona was that the players idolized him as a legend for the club. This gave them an extra moral edge when it came to trusting the Spaniards judgments. Chelsea is not at the same wavelength, he is just another man who would had attempted to manage the club, and maybe his ideas wouldn’t be of much impact on the players.

5) Messi – Iniesta – Xavi factor: Guardiola’s team had been built around these three players. And with each of them at their peak, it cannot be easily underlined as to whether the Barcelona progress was owing to Pep’s brilliance or these trio’s magic.

6) Lastly, bringing in Pep Guardiola means he will try to raid Barca’s youth academy for new players, wouldn’t that mean it would be an insult to our own academy? Would be a whole different story if he would have managed to utilize our academy to the same efficiency.

Call me over-optimistic, but I always like to look at the positives at every event and so maybe I would had purposely ignored a few points. But you never know, maybe Pep Guardiola and Chelsea FC was never meant to be a part of each other, and that is what the benefit of both parties lied in.

Do let me know what you guys think below.

  1. emmysheg says

    Pep should not come to chelsea they will sack him after 8months

  2. Zane says

    Agree with everything Shaurya. I never once considered him as the Chelsea type anyway. He’s known for buying players in the transfer market and they usually turned out to be flops. With Roman’s deep pockets,it would have been disasterous. When I see this young Chelsea side in transition,I see a Real Madrid kind of look. Strong and tall strikers (Only Ba though,Torres isn’t that type but I think Chelsea will add more of Ba’s type),pacey wingers with pockets full of skill and playmakers in the middle. The wingers Hazard and Moses are players I feel I can compare to Ronaldo and Di Maria. Mata is Chelsea’s Ozil who sits behind a striker. The double is still a problem for me now but I believe Josh and Kevin can compete for the regista’s role. Who better than The Special One to manage this squad.

    1. Zane says

      Sorry. The double PIVOT is a problem for me.

    2. Shaurya CFC says

      Yea! Another positive is that now that Pepe is booked the stage is set for Roman to sign Mourinho! 🙂

    3. fahmicfc360 says

      I had the same opinion since we won the champions league with 4-2-3-1! Come back home, Jose! we really need the “Special One”

  3. Anonymous says

    I dont even like him, he met world class players when he sign for barca.

  4. Chelsea4ever says

    I am far more than Happy that Pep joined Bayern München rather than Chelsea ….who wants to coach a team that just after losing 3 or 4 lost matches could make him lost his job….If RDM was still Coaching this team than Pep could have thought about the Chelsea’s Post…but Roman is insane….. now he dont have any others Coaches after Rafa….GOd Save Chelsea!!!!!!!

  5. Vaibhav Kumble says

    Its the best news I’ve heard today. Not that I would not have liked to see what he would bring to the table. . But more to the fact that it seems that the special one will be back to where his heart belongs . CHELSEA!!!!

    1. Shaurya CFC says

      #BeingPositive eh 😉 I like it! #CFCFamily

      1. Vaibhav Kumble says

        It would be like a perfect happy ending.. or a new beginning as they say in bollywood 🙂

  6. feri says

    i think jose mourinho is better.

  7. chande says

    i agreed with others that jose mourinho is a heart of chelseafc coz you have to bring coach who loves the team and give the prayer comfiden of playing i think jose mourinho is best for uor team

  8. Snowhite Obi says

    Yeah…I agree with the writer,cos naturally,Spanish Coach are too sentimental and they don’t have that natural LOVE for Chelsea. So,its pointless to bring-in such Coach.
    I’ve said it before now,that I prefare Morinho to Pep,cos Morinho has that natural Love for Chelsea,so it will make him work harder. These are one of the reasons I was EXTREMELY sad over the sack of Di Matteo…cos he has that natural love for the Club. Oh,,its a big mistake by R.A.
    I have looked closely at Chelsea and I discovered that getting Morinho,is not the solution to our problem…but BUYING the right Players for the Team. Take a close look at Chelsea’s Bench…we are suppposed to have at least two or three World-Players on bench,who can change game,just like our yesterday’s game. I still insist,that Willian is a MUST BUY for Chelsea,if we must challenge for trophies,and we dont have enough time. The season will soon end,and still no positive sign. Willian will give us that Fire-Power up front and more options.
    Finally,Chelsea board should try and finalise on Lampard issure,so he could settle. Chelsea should buy Fellaini…our midfield is not strong enough and thats why we could not win yesterday’s match at home. Rafa should have change Lampard and Mata on time. Bring in Ivanovic for Lampard,then push Luiz to midfield. And bring in Bertrand for Mata,so Bertrand could help Cole at the left-side. While,Ramires will help Azpilecuta.

  9. Snowhite Obi says

    Chelsea Board should also try and trash Torres’ issue,I dont know what is wrong with that guy…its either he sit-up or go.
    I love Torres,but I think its high time we stop counting on him,cos as far as am concern,Chelsea have ONLY ONE striker,which is Ba.
    Above all,Rafa should use his old style against Arsenal. Azpilecuta,Cahill,Ivanovich and Cole.
    David Luiz and Ramires.(PIVOT)
    Oscar, Mata and Hazard.
    (PIVOT),David Luiz and Lampard.
    Ramires, Mata and Hazard.
    Oscar should not play,while Lampard is playing. And Lampard should not play,while Oscar is playing…it kills or Game. Oscar/Lampard are not good at playing together.
    Terry should not play at all against Arsenal,he cant stand there Speed,and Terry always make silly mistakes whenever we are playing Arsenal.

  10. karun says

    Barcelona never needed a manager, they needed a philosopher and for-seer to see the underlying talent that was already there and believe in their trades. Barcelona were never tactically sound, if any team had more than a quarter of the possession they had then, teams could have easily opened them up and their flaws would have fallen under the microscope. The only thing to Barcelona was possession. Ultimately It was down to the players, xavi, iniesta, messi and their ability to keep the ball,that made them into the force they are. All these facts go to show that pep is more of a philosopher than a tactical genius. And we dont want that, do we.
    Finally the stars are aligned perfectly for jose-roman part two.

    1. Vaibhav Kumble says

      Hell yeah 🙂

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