The race for a Top 4 finish


It’s Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal all battling for a top 4 finish – which means Champions League for 2 of the 3 teams. Chelsea sit 2 points behind Spurs for 3rd and 5 points above Arsenal for 4th. With all that in mind, it’s going be a very tight end to the season as all 3 teams look to secure a spot in the Champions League and one will have to settle for Europa League football (maybe even less).

Here are the remaining schedules for all 3 sides :

Chelsea –

West Ham (H)
Southampton (A)
Sunderland (H)
Tottenham Hotspur (H)
Liverpool (A)
Swansea City (H)
Manchester United (A)
Aston Villa (A)
Everton (H)

*Fulham (A) was rescheduled due to FA Cup, could be played after West Ham*

Tottenham Hotspur –

Liverpool (A)
Fulham (H)
Swansea (A)
Everton (H)
Chelsea (A)
Man City (H)
Wigan (A)
Southampton (H)
Stoke (A)
Sunderland (H)

Arsenal –

Swansea (A)
Reading (H)
Norwich (H)
Everton (H)
Fulham (A)
Manchester Utd (H)
Wigan (H)
Newcastle (A)

All 3 teams have tough matches coming up. There’s no doubt about that. However, who has the easiest schedule? Chelsea and Tottenham have 2 matches against Top 4 opponents. Arsenal have 1. The away matches are certainly important as well :

Chelsea have Southampton, Liverpool, United, Fulham and Villa away. Fulham, Villa and So’ton being winnable in my mind and Liverpool/United being very hard matches.

Tottenham have Liverpool, Swansea, Chelsea, Wigan and Stoke away. 4 of those being very tough matches and the Wigan one being winnable.

Arsenal have Swansea, West Brom, Fulham, QPR and Newcastle away. Swansea, WBA, QPR and Newcastle being very tough and Fulham being considered as winnable.

Arsenal have the most ground to make up. 5 points to get to 4th while Chelsea sit comfortably at 4th and are 2 points below Spurs for 3rd. The Tottenham v Chelsea match at Stamford Bridge will be a huge decider for 3rd position (which is the last guarenteed spot for CL, 4th plays a playoff tie). Tottenham have hit some form in recent weeks, however it is evident this is due to one man. Gareth Bale is in the form of his life, and an injury to him or a dip in form would be critical in AVB’s hopes of positioning themselves in the top four. Given Bale retains his form, Spurs should be safe. Arsenal seem to be grinding out results, with a late winner against a very average Villa team worrying their fans. Being 7  points behind Spurs (f0r 3rd) after the NLD and 5 behind Chelsea, which hinders their chances dramatically. Must win games will come thick and fast for Wenger’s men. Their goal difference is the worst and Chelsea have the best. I believe that we have a strong enough squad to finish third, and if we become more clinical we will have nothing to worry about. Like I said, Spurs-Chelsea will be the deciding match while the away matches will be key.

How will it finish?

1) United

2) City

3) Chelsea

4) Spurs

5) Arsenal.

The reason why I think Chelsea will finish 3rd with Spurs 4th and Arsenal 5th is because :

  1. Gareth Bale’s form can’t continue forever
  2. Chelsea have the easier schedule (IMO)
  3. Arsenal are barely picking up wins and are simply too far behind and will not catch up

What do you think? Who will get 3rd and 4th? Let me know in the comments!

  1. ArabicMikel says

    I think Chelsea 3 and Liverpool will be 4 I have big feeling of that

    1. thespecial1 says

      Liverpool 4th? am I still on Earth?

  2. Anonymous says

    Chelsea achieving 3rd position depends on the support of her fans,now more than ever.We have a strong squad and can win crucial games with the right atmosphere and Support.I think Arsenal has the easiest upcoming fixtures,then Totteham and then Chelsea.Remember,even losing 2 games from the remaining fixtures can take us to 5th.Please,support BENITEZ AND THE TEAM so as to achieve our aim

  3. Neri says

    It is not as straightforward as you depict it to be. It would only look favorable to happen like this, if we can get maximum points in games before the London derby with Tottenham.

    We must take maximum points against those winnable teams including Tottenham at home and probably play to draw at both anfield and OT.

  4. Neri says

    Everton, Swansea and Liverpool are also outside berth for fourth position too.

  5. brightonbobo says

    chelsea in top three

  6. Snowhite Obi says

    I believe Chelsea will finish 3rd,cos we’ve got a Good-Squard and we are good Away.
    With God on our side,we have little to worry about. Our biggest match will be against Tothenham. We should all Pray for the team and Manager(Rafa),not to lose any match till the end of the season.
    Looking at Chelsea, Tothenham and Arsenal from the way they play,I think Chelsea and Tothenham deserve to play in next season’s UCL.

  7. Anonymous says

    we are on 52 points right now… with ten games to go…
    if chelsea manages to get 18 points out of their remaining 30, chelsea will fins on 70points . I
    think that will be enough to finish in top four. because I don’t see arsenal getting more then 23 points from their remaining games…

    which means chelsea have to manage 18 points some how, though i must admit chelsea have some tough games ahead. liverpool and man u away will be very tough. liverpool are really playing some pretty football and scoring for fun. everton will be tough game. but i still think chelsea have the quality to get those all important 18 points…

  8. silvia noemi maridon says

    my dear people I am a woman and do not understand anything about football but Chelsea live on their games and just looked totally excited and hopefully I first came out third quarter love my blues from Argentina would love to see his jersey being in the stadium one day but I have no money kisses chelsea hopefully one day I pay the tickets to go

  9. Silvia Luna Maridon says

    te amo Chelsea vamos te quiero campeon se que podemos mis blues desde argentina

  10. Zane says

    I think it’s tough to predict a spot in the top 4 with Tottenham being in pretty good form. It is crucial that we win against them at home but at the same time being consistant with positive results.

    We simply have to win our games against West Ham,Southampton,Sunderland,Swansea,Villa and Everton. United will be difficult and in recent seasons,we have been poor at Anfield. Well Spurs are scarying me at the moment but they’re beatable.

    If only AVB had the chance to manage our current side! I think we would have been flying!

  11. The Blues! says

    You look the last 6 fixtures of the three teams. I think Chelsea Must grab at least a 16 out of those 18. If we can do that,we can surely finish third.

  12. Anonymous says

    tottenham third chelsea 4th and arsean 5th cos mata’s form is also n
    ot gonna last forever

  13. huawei89 says

    I believe chelsea would be 3rd and spurs in number 4.

    1. Kamila says

      these players are rerutning from long term injuries, cant just thrust them into a match where kiks were flying, its risky, and we all know wenger is a catious person. Still Edu was injured later, the injury could have been much worse,had he started the game.And the way our midfield was collapsing dont think he woud hav had much service to score.

  14. CFC says


    west ham home (win)
    southampton away (win)
    sunderland home (win)
    tottenham home (draw)
    liverpool away (draw)
    swansea home (win)
    man u away (loss)
    aston villa away (win)
    everton home (draw)

    total points from remaining fixtures= 18 points



    fulham home (win)
    swansea away (draw)
    everton home (draw)
    chelsea away (draw)
    man city home (loss)
    wigan away (win)
    southampton home (win)
    stoke away ( draw)
    sunderland home (win)

    total points from remaining fixtures=16 points



    swansaea away ( draw)
    reading home win
    west brom away win
    norwich home win
    evertyon home draw
    fulham away win
    man utd home loss
    qpr away draw
    wigan home win
    newcastle away loss

    total points from remaining fixtures= 18 points



  15. Bitto raphael says

    Chelsea and arsenal bcoz of injury woes

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