Things are beginning to look good

Chelsea with late goals from Hazard and Willian were able to take all three points at Carrow Road which means that Chelsea now go into the international break on a high at the third spot 2 points behind the league leaders Arsenal.

Demba Ba was the Chelsea’s best player of the first half it has to be said. The Senegalese forward put in a very good performance upfront and provided the lovely lay off for Oscar to open the scoring for Chelsea. He continued to hold the ball and link up well with the midfield but wasn’t able to take his chances to score and put daylight between Chelsea and Norwich. We can blame his rustiness or lack of first team football but you have to take your chances Demba!

The heat map below shows Ba’s positioning vs Norwich. He would drop down and help the midfield and then go into the box and take chances on goal something we were missing lately. He wasn’t isolated from the midfield either like he was for most parts of last season.


Sky Pundit and Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher called it a very Drogba like performance, making runs behind the defense laying off, creating space and shooting.

“His performance was Drogba-esque at times in the sense that he was really putting himself about and was quite brave.”

Being compared to Drogba is a massive complement it has to be said but there is still a lot of word to be done if he is to be compared to the legend in any way possible.

So the question still remains where will the goals come from? The answer is simple if most part of last season and the season so far is anything to go by. Chelsea is heavily relying on midfield for goals. The likes of Oscar, Mata, Hazard, Schurrle and Willian will be needed to chip in their share to help Chelsea mount a title challenge this season. In the meantime the strikers need to find their scoring touch and utilize the chances the midfield creates for them. There are massive signs of improvement going by the recent performances of Torres and now Ba’s performance yesterday.

Frank Lampard despite criticism from a fraction of supporters once again put in a star performance. His passes picked out Ba who was able to hold up and involved others in the game. Pass Success Rate of 88% once again showed that Frank has still has it in him to play at the very top level. Playing in a deeper role yet was able to create space and pick up his passes from long ranges.


Skipper John Terry might be getting old but his performances are getting better and better. Missing last season with Injuries this season we have seen a rejuvenated John Terry, the same old Captain, Leader, Legend. Terry made 12 out of 12 clearances vs Norwich and won 5/6 aerial duels marking Ricky van Wolfswinkel and nullifying the Norwich threat to a large extend.

This article won’t be complete without mentioning that wonder goal from Willian. It was a thunderous effort. We’ll need more from him as the season progress that’s for sure.

Things are starting to look better, slowly but surely as the season takes its shape. Mata is back in the side, our strikers are providing encouragement (goals will come), our midfielders are scoring, Jose is happy and we are back to the winning ways.

Let’s just hope all our players come fit after the international break and we can build on our recent form after the qualifiers and move up the ladder.

Up The Chels!

  1. Kevin Macaringue says

    This is something that many people don’t get about Frank Lampard’s new role: He is sort of being used to recycle lose balls and help Oscar bring it up-field. He is often the first guy available for the back four to pass to, and he brings it up a bit which allows our full-backs to press on and gives us a numerical advantage in the opponent’s half. Its a very important job, and Mourinho seems to trust his most experienced campaigner, so I don’t know why people keep bashing him.

    And to say something else, our defense has been truly stellar this season. Last season we conceded so many goals from crosses deep into and just outside our box, with nobody ever defending those, but nowadays, we always have a man ready to block a shot from outside the box or to calmly collect the ball in our box without having any wild clearances. Mourinho has really galvanized every single player in this squad, as anyone could see by Ba’s performance.

  2. carlosnafigueira says

    Is it me or since Mikel has been taking out of the team we look like beating everyone. With Mikel we looked like we were giving everyone to much respect by playing too cautious back and sideways without the fast breaks forward. Ramires is showing Mikel how it’s done in a team that the main objective is to win. Mikel simply hasn’t got the pace and stamina to go back and forward like that and Chelsea loses out on goals scored. Let’s save mikel for the Barcas and Bayern Munichs in case we have to play all defending. The rest of the year let’s go out and beat these minors. This one is for Mikel fans, to think about Chelseas interest above Mikels

    1. Anonymous says

      I agree. Mikel kills our game: too slow with back pass and sideways without the fast breaks forward.

  3. JAYDE says

    Mikel again. coming from Lampard’s fans. Tick tock … ticking. Time will tell.

  4. Anonymous says

    Playing with slow players makes Chelsea team look like playing with 10 or 9 players insteady of 11! Does Jose play with 10 or 11 players? Plz, learn attaking is also defencing! Chel up!

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